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Apparitions Of Melody [edit]
by Kids In The Way | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: May 10, 2005

After releasing a five-song EP on its own, Kids in the Way signed with Flicker Records and released Safe from the Losing Fight and soon toured with Pillar, Disciple, and Spoken. Their debut took not just a hard rock approach, but also leaned toward emo and general alternative rock. It may not have been drastically different from any other act in the same melting pot, but it did connect with teens and young adults enough to keep the band active on the road.

Apparitions of Melody, the group's sophomore album, opens in a more progressive direction with "Last Day of 1888," a merging of front man Dave Pelsue's screaming vocals with the dark, guitar-rippling personality of Fugazi. The more spiritually themed "The Seed We've Sown" is loaded with melodies, sounding like a cross between an original blueprint with what might be heard on a Chevelle or Mae album. Additionally insightful is the disc's epic, seven-minute closer "This Could Be the Song That Will Change Your Heart." After beginning like a melancholy ballad, the pacing builds with might into an emotional plea for redemption.

On the downside, the virtually interchangeable "Blind Behind the Wheel" and the title cut both sound like any other emo-screamo band out there. "Safety in the Darkness" and "Even Snakes Have Hearts" are softer in comparison, but could just as well be The Juliana Theory or Number One Gun. And though it was clever to cover Tears For Fears' "Head Over Heels" with barreling punk power instead of '80s pop, it's nowhere near as engaging or memorable as the original. Though the second time around sure does demonstrate some glimpses of improvement, it's moments like these that indicate Kids in the Way are still short of developing their own identity.

Track Listing
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01. Last Day Of 1888
02. Safely In The Darkness
03. Even Snakes Have Hearts
04. Breaking The Legs Of Sheep
05. Apparitions Of Melody
06. The Seeds We've Sown
07. Sad And Guilty Ways
08. Blind Behind The Wheel
09. Burt Rutan
10. Head Over Heels
11. This Could Be The Song That Will Change Your Heart

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Amazing!!! | Posted July 30, 2008
Wow. Thats simply all that I have to say for this album. I have had this album for over 3 years now and it is still my favorite CD!!

This CD is simply amazing from start to finish. There is not one bad song on this CD from start to finish. All of it is amazing!! Dave Pelsues voice and scream through the whole CD is great. I love the fact that this is a very very dark album but it is also an obviously christian CD.

Although I love every detail about this album, My favorite is the lyrics. I admit that when I first heard the lyrics to this CD I was very sceptical about whether or not KITW was really a christian band. But I soon found out, after a little research, that every song on this CD has somethign to do with God ((With the exception of the Tears for Fears cover of "Head over Heels")) For example, the opening song Last Day of 1888 is a very sceptical song that has caused a lot of controversy. But I was soon to find out that that song is actually about the case of the serial killer Jack the Ripper. The moral of the story is about false judgement.

anyways, enough about that. In summery I just wanted to say that this has to be the best album, even to this day, that I have heard in YEARS and it is BY FAR the best KITW album ever to come! I would deffinatly reccommend this album to anyone that likes hard rock or screamo!!!!!

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K.I.T.W. IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted October 29, 2008
K.I.T.W. is one of the BEST emo rock bands the Christian market has had in it's history,IMO! With beautfully composed lyrics and Dave Pelsue's raw voice,Kids In The Way has now developed a pretty decent following in mainstream and chritsian music. This cd is a good example as to why. Apparitions Of Melody is most definitely thier best,so far.Burt Rutan,The Seeds We've Sown,Even Snakes Have Hearts, and Safety In The Darkness are amazing songs!!!!! This is one of my all time fav.s and I can't wait for new stuff from these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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good | Posted June 29, 2008
Good job kids in the way, loved the sound in this one. And i agree with getting the dead letters edition. Dave's voice is jamming also. I would highly recommend getting this cd.

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Apparitions of Melody | Posted March 01, 2008
I thought this was a very interesting album... being a fan of metal and screaming vocals as well as the "emo" rock scene, Kids in the Way mix it up rather nicely... i like the tune of their music and the singer does have a good voice, but there are parts of songs where the high pitched squealing gets to be a little questionable... either way, I like the album enough to keep listening to it.

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Kids In The Way | Posted December 25, 2007
I love this cd it is better than their new one. I like Dave Pelsue's voice, he is a good singer.

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goooddd | Posted August 22, 2007
not as great as advertised still loved it i listen to apparations of melody at least once a day lol go get it if u dont already have it

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ichiben (193)

Apparitions Of Melody | Posted August 18, 2007
Not a bad album. A little too emo for my taste. I'm not a big fan of the vocal style and there are few standout songs. That being said, there also isn't many weak songs and the title track is amazing.

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irocketh (89)

As close to perfect as it gets | Posted March 24, 2008
This is my favorite album from these Kids. DPP screams were perfected on this album and the lyrics torched my heart.

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Kids in the Way | Posted September 09, 2007
I love this CD! My favorite song is Apparitions Of Melody. I would recommend getting the Dead Letters version because like piano89 said, Fiction is a great song!

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