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Weights & Measures [edit]
by Hyland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 03, 2011

In the same city where Bob Dylan, Prince and even those scrappy garage rockers The Replacements all got their start, another standout rock íní roll act, Hyland, has been quickly making a name for itself in Minneapolis and beyond.

Comprised of frontman Jon Lewis, guitarist Mitch Hansen, keyboardist Ben Early and drummer Steve Weigel, Hyland serves up eclectic anthems reminiscent of Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin. But instead of the same tired sex, drugs and rock íní roll routine, Hylandís songs were born out of the real-life joys and struggles on the journey of faith.

Exploring faith, hope and love through the lens of their art, thereís ultimately something for everyone when listening Hyland's debut album Weight & Measures.

Track Listing
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01. Jumping The Gun
02. The One That Got Away
03. Taking The Scenic Route
04. Crying Out
05. This Love Is Free
06. Fireworks
07. Coast To Coast
08. Heart To Life
09. Til Death
10. Downhill
11. Desperate Man
12. Never

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TCMRB (44)

Hyland: Weights and Measures | Posted September 13, 2011
Going into this blog I wanted to find some bands that I had never heard of and review their music. Hyland is one of those bands. I had heard their song "This Love is Free" on the radio, but I had never heard any of their other stuff before. Then I found out that Weights and Measures was their first album. Then I found out that they are Tooth & Nail Records newest addition. Tooth & Nail has produced some of my favorite bands like The Almost, Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static, Aaron Gillespie, Family Force 5, and Sent By Ravens. I was very excited to download this album and start listening to it.

The first time I listened to the album I absolutely loved it. After listening to it three times I started to nothing something about the album though: most of the songs sound almost exactly the same. Each song has its own little flare, but most of the songs sound really similar.

The two songs that really stuck out to me were "This Love is Free" and "Fireworks." "This Love is Free" is a nice worship type song with a rockish feel to it; and it is probably the most emotion-filled song on the album. The song compares to "Hero" by Abandon (see the previous review on them). The album really paints the picture of our Savior and His love for us. Singer Jon Lewis says in the song, "Love is leading me, holding nail-scarred hands, forgetting where I'm from or who I've been. Love has carried me on His broken back, to a place where I can finally see this love is free."

"Fireworks" stuck out to me mainly because of the chorus. Jon talks about disguising sing to make it look better, which is the fireworks (a way to disguise it). He says, "I'm tired of this lust disguised as love," which is one of my favorite lines on the album. The song is also very emotion-filled. It is a little bit more edgy than "This Love is Free," but it is almost as emotion-filled.

Hyland does a good job of mixing it up with fast paced songs and slow paced songs. They went from a song that makes you want to get up and just dance around ("Fireworks"), to a song that could put you to sleep (in a good way) because it is so mellow ("Coast to Coast"). However, all the fast paced songs pretty much sound the same, and all the slow paced songs sound pretty much the same.

By the time the CD reached the last song "Never" (appropriately named for the last song on the album) I was not ready for it to be over with. The CD has something about it that I cannot describe. It had so much emotion throughout the whole project. I cannot wait to see what else they put out in the future. I just hope their next CD will have more diversity as far as the sound of the songs.

Favorite Song: This Love is Free

Favorite Lyrics: "How many times can I fail you before you say your through, that you've had enough. A thousand times have I fallen and still you keep calling, you never give up. You said that you'd never leave me, you'd never forsake me, you'd never let go. You said you'd come to my rescue, that you'd be my refuge, to never lose hope." (From the song "Never")

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Worth A Listen | Posted May 12, 2011
Weights and Measures is Hyland's first album released on Tooth & Nail Records after two independent releases. These guys from Minneapolis, Minnesota are off to a great start! Hyland has an original sound that is a mix of Run Kid Run, Capital Lights, and Stellar Kart. The majority of the songs are about relationships: from purity, to loneliness, to passion. The other songs revolve around a theme of honesty, surrender and God's grace.

The album starts off with a burst of energy, and ends with a ballad of thankfulness. In between, there are heart-piercing truths and refreshing originality. In the song "Fireworks," my favorite line is “I’ve had quite enough of this lust disguised as love”

The best songs on Weights and Measures are "Crying Out," "Coast to Coast," "This Love Is Free," and "Fireworks." The chorus of "This Love Is Free" really sticks out in my mind: “Love has carried me on His broken back / To a place where I can finally see / This love is free”

Another highlight on the album is at the end of "Crying Out" when the anthem is sung: “We’re crying out for freedom / We’re singing glory and grace”

Closing Thoughts:
Overall the vocals are strong, the lyrics are meaningful and the beats are catchy. I had never listened to Hyland before Weights and Measures and now I will be sure to listen to all their future releases. I'm excited to watch this band's career as it develops. I love the honesty that they have and the way that the truth they stand for is conveyed through the lyrics. I really enjoyed this album and it is definitely worth checking out!

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username2 (378)

4/5 | Posted November 28, 2011
At first listen, you'd think that Hyland is just another band who plays the same old pop-punk music that other bands like Run Kid Run, Hawk Nelson, or Stellar Kart play.  While I feel that assumption is partially true, what makes this band stand out is how much passion they put into their debut album.  It may sound generic but the lyrics are where the passion mostly lies.  There are songs about love, life, and spirituality that resonate well with the population.

While it may sound generic, Weights and Measures contains great lyrics that should speak to many people. 

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Momma67 (24)

I like it | Posted June 19, 2011
I have been listening to a couple of the preview songs off of this new album, and they sound really good. I have never been a big fan of rock music, but these guys could easily change that. I like what they are doing.

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GReat BAnd | Posted June 18, 2011
 There is a very small amount or Christian rock bands that are good and this is one of them. I would definitely say give them a good listen, favourite song is 'Jumping the gun'!!! Please listen to their songs, they are  a really worthy band, I think they really touch something with their lyrics and the sound is just generally awesome!

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Great Album | Posted June 13, 2011
Hyland's new album is incredible. It's got a mix of music and each song will end with you singing along and wanting to hit repeat. The One That Got Away, Crying Out, and Desperate Man are probably my three favorite songs on the record but all of the songs are very good. BUY THIS CD!!!! You'll ♥ it.

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chaiann (22)

Weights & Measures | Posted June 11, 2011
This was a really good cd. They were part boy-band, part rock and even had some more mellow songs yet it all sounded cohesive and nothing seemed out of place. They sound like Stellar Kart meets Anberlin which are two GREAT artists. Great album with a great message!

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Amazing | Posted April 25, 2011
I truly loved listening to this release on NRT this week. The release is full of variety and quality songs and varies between relationship songs and ones focused on Christ. I think this would be a great release to check out for anyone who enjoys modern rock. Many of the songs reminded me initially of Anberlin...possibly due to the vocal delivery.

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wencdj (34)

A Well Balanced Offering | Posted April 25, 2011
Tooth and Nail does it again, and I don't know how they do it. Weights & Measures, the debut release by Hyland, continues the trend of picking, if not outright superstars, at least moderate successes.

Weights and Measures is enjoyable rock (or power-pop) in the vein of Bleach or FM Static. They slip comfortably between relationships and more overtly Christian tunes (This Love is Free, and You Never Give Up, and Desperate Man are examples of the latter). Personally, that is what I think Christian Music should be, not overly preachy, but at the same time, not simply clean secular lyrics. The Chimes in You Never Give Up are a mystery. It happens each time.

I think 4 stars is a fair rating for this CD. It may not get nominated for a Dove or Grammy (or Even a Platinum Vinyl Award) but it is more than most expect with a debut. There are no rough patches or places where inexperience is obvious. And since bands improve their sound with years, thing should really get good in the years to come.

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Hyland. | Posted April 24, 2011
What I've heard of this album is fantastic. I got a free download of their song "Jumping The Gun", and I absolutely love it. Slightly Switchfoot-ish. ;) Which is awesome. These guys are great - Can't wait to get this album! I'm sure it'll be great. God bless!

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