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Release The Panic (Deluxe Edition) by RED Release The Panic (Deluxe Edition) by RED

My 6 year old daughter loves RED. She loves them because I love them and listen to them regularly at home and in the car. It's important to me that my kids listen to good music with positive lyrics. I surround them with it and make sure they are listening to Christian music when I have control of the air waves. They are not fans of Bieber or One Direction. They are fans of RED, TobyMac, Thousand Foot Krutch, Building 429 ...

Release the Panic (I don't have the deluxe edition, so my review is really for the regular album) hits that threshold of scream-y music, more than their other albums, that I really don't prefer. And for that reason my 8 year old says she is not a fan of RED, because they scream too much. However, for me there is enough balance between the scream and the singing that I don't feel overwhelmed by it, and I don't feel I'm being screamed at... too much.

Right now, my favorite songs are Perfect Life and Hold Me Now, but I can't really say I have a least favorite song. The girls and I enjoyed watching the video for Release the Panic with the extension of the story from Feed the Machine.

We finally got to see them at Winter Jam. I enjoyed it very much, but their set was way too short!!




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A new favorite | Posted November-21-2012
Nine Lashes' World We View is one of the most unique sounding rock albums I've heard in a long time. The very first track, "Anthem of the Lonely," takes a stand for Christ... even if that means to stand alone. Something this band makes no bones about. Their heart is to share God's love. No question. This world needs a little more of that. My daughters and I really like "Get Back." When this song comes on, we sing along, and sometimes I'll hear them just start singing it on their own. And they often ask me to play it again. "Adrenaline" features guest vocals from Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan. It's a fast, almost chaotic anthem. And I love it. "Our Darkest Day" features guest vocals from Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark. Now normally I don't care much for screamed vocals, but there's enough of the smooth Nine Lashes melodies that I totally miss the screamed bridge or background vocals. It's not enough scream to make me want to skip the track. It's still a good song and I guess it's appropriate that Clark screams "through the darkest days I will scream your name aloud." I enjoy listening from front to back, top to bottom. World We View will stay at the top of my favorite rock albums list for a long time.

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LOVE | Posted November-21-2012
LOVE Thousand Foot Krutch, The End Is Where We Begin. It's energetic and rocking - or as TFK might say, it RAWKS - and really fun to listen to, yet with powerful lyrics.

When my daughter opened up the CD booklet and saw the words BE THE CHANGE written over and over on the cover, she asked me what that means. I had a chance to talk to her about being the one to make a difference when we see something wrong. We can't just sit back and do nothing. We have to take action and be the change. A theme that runs through this record.

As my young daughters sing along, and request this album on their own MP3 players, I love that they have this music. It's the kind of music they like, the kind of music they listen to on the pop radio station, and something that their friends can listen to. But I don't have to cringe at the lyrics or messages being spoken to my child's heart.

Thank you TFK.

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Ashes Remain What I've Become | Posted November-30-2011
It's been my experience that most albums have one or two songs that are just okay... but I can't say that for "What I've Become" from Ashes Remain. I'm loving every single song. My favortie has to be "Right Here." Such an awesome message.

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