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01 . Old As Religion



"Old As Religion" Lyrics [edit]
by John Reuben | from the album Old As Religion - Single

Thereís a chance to unite or a chance to divide
You could promote peace or choose to pick a fight
But hurling insults is just more ammunition
Mouth full of anger hatred needs a champion
Adrenaline rushing crush the competition
Behind a fog machine with a finger pointed up to heaven Stand in front of millions fueled by adulation This is where the godís stay this is where the godís play Get praise pedestal hold sway Like master like slave when youíre hungry for fame And that power you crave is an unquenchable thirst Back down-to-earth to be the center of the universe It's the brightest narcissist Who find the art in it Create the chaos and know how to market it Loud getting louder Arrogant getting prouder Looking for a promotion and the position of power
Profit for false prophets get the people excited
There's a fire to be ignited so light it and take flight Step up to the pulpit what a beautiful disguise Even angels get jealous and crave the spotlight That's a tough pill to swallow when figuring out who to follow One thing we're good at is making ourselves idols Find your disciples, push your own gospel Then try to reconcile the root of all kinds of evil, well Kingdoms come and kingdoms crumble Everyone's got a number everyone gets humbled Some bridges worth torching some hands worth forcing Some shrines worth destroying Some things are that important
Formed in the image of the corrupted and bloated
American religious with a different set of motives
You made the rules broke them then rewrote them and the Spirit of the sovereign gets reduced to a slogan
Itís as old as religion
Money power institution
Mind control manipulation
And lately been thinking different about the devil
Lately thinking different about the devil

Obscured truth banner of righteousness
Borrowed Godís name to justify your position
Foolish obedience demands full submission
What man isn't flawed what system isn't human
Celebrate the winners ignore the victims
No friends on the inside or victories to believe in
corporate crooks sophisticated demons
patriotic bullies pledge your allegiance
Home of the elite land of the naive
we live in empires built on greed
Justice only seems to be for the wealthy
In the age of transparency weíll all see
Pull back your skin to show you how thick it is
Either be shaped by it or shape the consensus
Politics and Jesus never made much sense
Maybe he was just a little too idealistic
Itís as old as religion
Money power institution
Mind control manipulation
And lately been thinking different about the devil
Lately thinking different about the devil

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