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"Catch Me If You Can ft. Andy Mineo" Lyrics [edit]
by Tedashii | from the album Below Paradise

[Verse 1 - Tedashii]
You ainít got it like that
Sorry Iím the one that gotta drop it like that
People play a part now you gotta act
I ainít going for it you can stop it where itís at
Faith ends well
They pretend well
But that never ends well
Never ends well
Please, excuse my escape
Who can I run to when everybody fake
I ainít usually impatient but I just couldnít wait
Really wasnít sure how much more I could take
Frontiní, like they really off something
When they really nothin, everybody stuntin
Like they in the movie but they not in the credit
Dyin to be remembered
(Forget Ďem)

[Hook Ė Andy Mineo]
Is this a fantasy, land
I donít think I know where I am
But then again (who really knows)
Is this a fantasy, land
I donít think I know where I am
But then again
Why donít you catch me if you can
Catch me if you can
Why donít you catch me if you can
Catch me if you can
(Until then)

[Verse 2 - Tedashii]
Mister, he the keeper
Chief chiefa with cheeba under your seata
Keeper, you keepa
Model diva like Rama Decomacita
Keep the deceive a diva that kiss just below your sneakers
(I donít believe you people!)
Low down dirty
So clown worthy
I take you as a joke Iím not trying to provoke just shock
As I watch people come to us not
And the crowd goes wild while a smile still in shock
We run to the place with familiar faces
Cope with my pain and conceal in anguish
I burryin my soul like in the garden naked
Aware of my flaws and itís hard to take it
My image in the mirror itís hard to face it
We all lost perfection we chose to replace it
Tryin to remember but somebody erased it
Now all I know is Iím tryin to escape it
Picture perfect art till itís hung kinda odd
Framed in my pain and itís hung kinda off
Tryna get it straight but I canít Ďcause itís hard
Hidin in the bushes I donít want to get caught


[Outro - Tedashii]
People claim I broke laws but who really knows
Chippin' Paint with this Shawshank who really knows
People claim I broke laws but who really knows (who really knows)
(Why donít you catch me if you can)

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