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"Open Your Eyes" Lyrics [edit]
by Rapture Ruckus | from the album Open Your Eyes

Sweet sixteen with big dreams
As beautiful as a beauty queen
World at her fingertips it would seem
But another world lived that goes unseen
Behind the darkness and behind the screens
The echoing of her silent screams
Tear drops forward rain down like streams
She buries her face up in a magazine
She can't believe this is happening
She gave everything that she had to him
When she told him she was having his kid
He turned his back and ran away and hid
And now she’s got nowhere to go
Daddy walked out on her years ago
So I guess that’s how things go
In a world where nobody knows
Now daddy's all alone
And he's too proud to pick up the phone
Sitting in his arm chair on his own
Drinking and smoking his heart to stone
Reminiscing on the days of old
He built a house he couldn't build a home
He built four walls round a heart of stone
Now he's slipping to the back of the blackest hole

Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe
Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe

Across the globe to a dusty road
Where a little boy sits all alone
He's far from home walked through night
Searching for a ray of light
A spark of hope and glimpse of chance
As he holds up both his hand
He lifts them high up to the sky
And as he cries he asks out why
Mom and dad both died of AIDS
He's nine years old with two kids to raise
He's got no time to play
Hasn't had food since yesterday
And as his life just slips away
Again he prays for just one more day
Prays his fears away
Please God wipe my tears away

Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe
Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe

You wanna be in a place where you feel like you can call home
Somewhere there is no hatred, no wrong doing, no harm
Confess I live my life to the fullest, no stopping me
Even if my past tries to break me down, I'm breaking free
Oh you gotta fight for your destiny
Let go of all your doubts and your disbelief
Today is your pursuit of happiness, so please don't rest
Open your eyes and see, and you will find you're free

Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe
Open your eyes and dream
Open your eyes and believe

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