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Open Your Eyes [edit]
by Rapture Ruckus | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 27, 2011

With the success of Rapture Ruckus’ “debut” self-titled 6 song album, his move to the States, and touring all over the US…we are excited to announce the release of Rapture Ruckus’ new album Open Your Eyes. Get ready to get your groove on with this New Zealanders pop rock/hip-hop music. Now based out of Nashville, TN the reputation of Rapture Ruckus is growing almost as fast as their fan-base as they tour throughout the States. Attending a Rapture Ruckus concert highlights one of the truly special things about this group - their ability to break through restraints or barriers and really engage with people. Dring is the band’s creative mastermind and is known for his perfectionism. Every element of their live show has been carefully considered. As a result you are treated to a dynamic performance where every light, special effect, graphic or lyric draws you in and allows you to really hear the messages being delivered. That, says Dring, is the ultimate goal.

So what is Rapture Ruckus? Big stadium-ready choruses. Raw honesty and passion. Songs that are captivating audiences all around the globe.

Track Listing
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01. This Little Light
02. Going Home
03. The Air That I Breathe
04. Tonight
05. Open Your Eyes
06. All Things New
07. Break The Line
08. Back To Earth
09. Hold On
10. Still Climbing
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Rapture Ruckus "Open Your Eyes" Review | Posted September 24, 2011

Acheiving great success from their 6-song debut EP, hip-hop group from New Zeeland Rapture Ruckus release their debut record on BEC Recordings September 27, 2011 entitled Open Your Eyes. Fronted by Brad Dring, this album is sure to be a pleasure to all fans of hip-hop/rap mixed with techno/electronica.

Album opener and first single "This Little Light" kicks off the album with a pumping track about living on fire for Jesus. The song's energy that pretty much can't be captured on the rest of the album is what makes it my favorite off the album. "Going Home" follows with a little bit of dull energy. The message, however is about partying everywhere we go because of the fact that death is not the end for us as believers. "The Air That I Breathe" is a worshipful track talking about how God is what we need desperately need and he is "the air that I breathe."

"Tonight" is another highlight off the album and I believe originally on the 6-song EP. The song talks about not waiting to shine our light, but letting your light shine this night, right here, right now. Title track "Open Your Eyes" is an upbeat but emotional track, describing a girl who is living in an abuseive home and a 9-year old boy whose parents died of AIDs and has to take care of three kids. The song encourageous them to "open your eyes and believe" in the hope that is God. "All Things New" is about how God will make his mercies new every day.

"Break The Line" is an extremely enjoyable track about forgetting what is behind us and "breaking the line" of fear that keeps us from sharing God with our friends and family. "Back To Earth" is about being so lost in God's presence that we are lost and out of reallity. "Hold On" is a song about (like all other songs with this title) when all hope is gone, God will be there when you need it.

Final album closer "Still Climbing" is a long track about when hard times and trials come smashing down on us, God is always by our side.

Overall, Rapture Ruckus' debut album Open Your Eyes an incredible album, and these three are an artist to look out for in 2011/2012. Their strong lyrics, pumping anthems, auto-tuned vocals and epic soundscopes, are what make this one of my top 10 albums of 2011. I reccomend you check this album out if you are a hip-hop fan.

Rating: **********10/10

Top 3 Songs:
1. This Little Light
2. Tonight
3. Break The Line

Feel free to comment this review so I can make my album reviews the best they can be.

God Bless!

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username2 (375)

5/5 | Posted September 22, 2011
Rapture Ruckus really made a name for themselves over the past year.  They released a self-titled EP to critical and fan acclaim.  Now their first full-length album on a major label drops and it continues the sound that was introduced on the EP.  For those who don't know, Rapture Ruckus's sound is a mix of hip-hop and techno.  

Open Your Eyes contains much to be appreciated, from the terrific lyrics to the funky techno beats.  This is one album that dares to be different and does so extremely well.  With this album, I think the band will have a whole bunch of new fans eagerly awaiting what they have in store for us next.  Count me among them.

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Beanie17 (52)

Fun, Inspirational CD | Posted April 22, 2014
This album is very fun and inspirational. The lyrics are clever and truthful, offering hope and encouragment while also provide fun songs to dance to. My favorite songs are This Little Light, and Back to Earth. Both songs are fun to dance to and positive.

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Very cool! | Posted September 25, 2011
Just when the first song started playing, I loved it! I was so excited to hear the news from New Release Tuesday that Rapture Ruckus was coming out with a new CD ! Like I said, it's very cool! Thank you! :)

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Great album! | Posted September 21, 2011
Rapture Ruckus MADE me enjoy hip-hop and rap. I used to hate it, and now I like it. The album was pretty much upbeat the whole time and my foot was tapping to the beat most of the album long. This is great for fans of tobyMac!

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rapture ruckus | Posted September 21, 2011
awesome album if you electronic has a good beat and the electronic is awesome and i would buy this album and would recommend this to anyone is into electronic. i would like to say that these guys are very good and they have a good beat with their music

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Rapture Rukus | Posted September 20, 2011
 This is album is fresh. Great lyrics with tight beats that flow and allow you to expand your horizons with the Spirit of God Most High. Love it! I grew up on old school rap and techno and have found that this is the new sound of a new era and get excited when I hear it on the radio. 

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