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"You Were A House On Fire" Lyrics [edit]
by listener | from the album Wooden Heart

and you were a house on fire, and I couldn't understand why
burn me all down to the ground, you said, the fire is on the inside
flames dancing like ghosts, behind the windows
pain jumping from the walls
you want to keep this private, I can see that
but you can't ask that of me, we've only just met
I said we need hope now more than ever before, do you believe it?
the answer was silence.....I took it as a no
we all want to be normal anyways
we all want to be somewhere else than where we live
but that's not reality, it's just point of view
let's not talk about the weather
and whether or not there's really rain the clouds
unless you want to know if I feel the same as you
it's more measuring up than just wasting time
but time is not on our side, you're burning
rain would only be a temporary fix
and there's just no place right now for cute ironies

We all write songs about life, we just sing them different.
you sing the words but you don't know the song.
and you expect us all to sing along? how selfish
the lengths that we go to, to put so much distance between us is staggering
youíre burning alive with stress and life
both hands in flames trying to hold the fire inside
drop and roll ...repeat line for emphasis.
Iíll repeat it and repeat it until you believe it
you're gonna be ok! say it to me...
the answer is still silence ... Iíll take it as a maybe
I can't decide if I should knock down your door or on it
say the word and Iíll take an axe to your heart or a pin prick
cut right through the dark, let it spill out the contents
on our knees sorting through the remnants
pour out your hate in my hands, Iíll let em slip through my fingers
and this is for you, and this is for the times that we only listen long enough to know the other person weíre talking to has the same opinions we do.
for when weíre burning inside, for when weíre trying to hide that fact
this is for the scalps that we went after, to be only the best dressed
to scrape another notch on our belts, add another feather to our headress
I want to be the bigger man for you, but I canít take this truth
I'm trying to kick the habit here, but these track marks are 100 proof
burn me all down to the ground, you said
Iíll kick through your ashes, hope they sober up my head

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