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Dance Or Die With A Vengence by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5)  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Ghostride the Whip" Lyrics [edit]
by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5) | from the album Dance Or Die With A Vengence

Is this,
Is this the begginin of the song?
Oh, wait.
I knew dat.
It Ghost ridas. Yeah Yeah. It Ghostrides. Yeah. Whoah!

I'm ghostridin'
Yeah I'm buckwildin'
Move out the way
Cuz there ain't nobody drivin'

Ghostride the whip
Yeah I'm dancin' on the hood
Ghostride the whip
Shawty knows I'm lookin' good

I'm ghostridin'
I whip it straight out an'
Stun like a G
Cuz there ainít no way to hide it

Ghostride the whip
Gonna take it for a stroll
Ghostride the whip
Walkiní, walkiní, walk and roll

If you trippiní on yourself
You be chasiní that whip
Donít do it like that shawty
Do it like this
You get you'self killed
If you donít do it right
Throw it down into coast to
Step to the side

Watch it roll on
Watch me campaign
Ghostride around the world
Yeah, I make my own lanes
Droppiní right in on a one ton wave
Yeah Iím surfiní on the hood of my Chevrolet

Ride low (Ride low) first class (First class)
Nobody sittiní Ďhind my dash (My dash)
Donít drive (Don't drive) too fast (Too fast)
You ainít showiní out unless you got whiplash-lash-lash

Watch out, I hear the 5-0
Ghost bustas, here come the po-po
You think you can catch this
But I know that you wonít
Like Houdini, you see me now you donít

Nuh-uh, nuh-uh
Where they at, where they go?
Nuh-uh, nuh-uh
Disappeared like a ghost
Kick back on the windshield
Feeliní so nice
This is how we do it


Woo-woo Ghostride the whip
Yeah Iím ridiní that whip
Iím straight ridiní
Ainít nobody driviní
Street ridiní

Chop top (Chop top) shaved doo's (Shaved doo's)
Canít stop lookiní at my 24's
Bet you were wishiní that you could shine like this
You canít even hate on me cuz you donít exist

Make room for the Captain
I need clear sailiní
Hands off the whip
'Less you doin' detailin'
Screaminí like a banshee
When I pop that clutch
E'rrybody hear me comin'
Cuz I rattle that trunk

Girls cominí atcha
Donít let the ghost catch ya
Nippiní at your heels
Driviní outta control
Even though you try to
You never do like I do
You wanna ghostride
Cause I make 'em say, "Woah!"

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