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01 . No Plan B (Remix)
02 . Let It Roll (Remix)
03 . Put Like That (Remix)
04 . I See You (Previously Unreleased)
05 . Keys To The Kingdom (Brand New Track)



"Put Like That (Remix)" Lyrics [edit]
by Group 1 Crew | from the album No Plan B - EP

We like boom boom bang to the biggity buck
The buck stops here clearly we running amuck
But don't sweat my little red corvette
Is keepin' us all set to jet when they ready to forfeit
The new kings of the hill we don't play
Our savior he linked us with a major
And flavor we got Latino it's in our blood
Lace the track with adobo you know it's good
It's group 1 we rock the party
Saved and we sanctified now watch me
Now Susanna don't you cry for me
We on they mind like a prophecy now come and get it y'all

Don't stop, baby don't quit
We came to rock the block and move it
It's non-stop with the heat that we drop we like
Goin' get it homy goin' goin' get it homy
Don't stop baby don't quit
We got the skills and we goin' use it
We make it crunk till the sun come up
We like, goin' get it homy goin' goin' get it homy

The streets quietly anticipate a new fate
To a culture that they used to love but now grown to hate
We showin' face and runnin' at fast pace to
Unlock a wrath this industry has to face
We've studied the maze from an eagle's eye
Soared over the stormed like stealth planes in war times
Hard times hardened our skin and each time we rise
Stronger then before and walk like giants of a modern time
Signed or unsigned we rock mics to survive
Entering an era where hip-hop has crossed the line
From street corners to show time to divine
Chosen before God chose to create time
I, sprint against the hands of the clock
Adrenaline pumpin' fast crew always ready to rock
We walk what we talk built or house on the rock
And watch how we spark a light in the midst of dark

We got the people shakin', shakin'
When you hear it there aint no mistaken -like woah
We be that crew that make you go
Nutty for the rest of our show- we like woah

They so shocked when we rock
And do what nobody else could do
It's true- we the few good men
Plus a chick that's sick and so classy
What have we here I fear, she's too nasty
Pass me the mic I write for all my ladies
So crazy our faith is so amazing
And cultivating a new breed of sisters
And hit the button so you could get the picture
Fix the status quo with our mixture
Straight hit ya with words that paint scriptures
Soon enough we'll be runnin' the game
From the fame of my Daddy's name
It's all over

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