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Behind The Musik (A Boy Named Jonah) by KJ-52  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Behind The Musik" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album Behind The Musik (A Boy Named Jonah)

June 6th1975
In Miami Florida was the place I first arrived
My parents smiled as I opened my blues eyes
Cuz they was newly married and I was their first child
My pop was from Jersey my mom was from Miami
They met in the bed stuy Brooklyn NYC
At Art College and yes they was hippies
So I guess that makes me child of the sixties
But anyways we didn't stay we moved to plant city
Then to Lakeland then to Miami then to Ybor city
Living in the hood where things are never ever pretty
The only white kid smack dab in the inner city
My playground is a parking lot plus a back ally
At times I would wake up in the dark with no electricity
On top of that we were struggling cause we got no money
And going through this inside it's killing me

On and on on and on
You love goes on
On and on on and on

I was about 6 when all this was goin on
Things began to change everything I knew was up and gone
They separated on the weekends I would see my mom
Still living with my pops in my hood but not for too long
When I was nine they divorced and I was moving on
To the suburbs with my mom cause courts said it was wrong
For me to be living in the hood with dad so I'm up and gone
Mom remarried and had a baby we living in my grandmas home
We living in a neighborhood that's middle class
But I felt poor because of some things I didn't have
Time passed we moved out but still thing aint right
I'm slipping fast at home all I do is fight and yell
My grades start to crash plus I ran away twice
And almost got shot by the cops one single night
I started high school and party all the time
But little did I know what was gonna happen to my life

On and on on and on
You love goes on
On and on on and on

At 15 had a talk with my cousin got me thinking
Was there more to life than girls partying and drinking
I picked up his bible and started reading revelations
For some reason I was crying when I reach the ending
Now God was working on me and this was the beginning
The first time in a long while that I started praying I had to move again and again and say goodbye to everyone/
My dad and my friends was once again all up and gone
Brand new school by myself sitting all alone
Feeling like a fool every single day I 'm coming home
But I would listen every night in my bedroom to Gospel radio preach about Christ and just then soon
I gave my life to him everything became new
I was born again I've never been the same dude
Ya took my sin and my guilt and let them blame you
And on and on though the years you always came through

On and on on and on
Your love goes on
On and on on and on

It was November and the year was 1995
I still remember the very first date with my wife
And I was on my own doing shows part time
Twenty years old just trying to make something of my life
I moved away home when I was only eighteen
Broke as a joke making music trying to chase a dream
And everybody seems to think I'm crazy except for me
But God was there every time to supply my needs
I went on staff at a church in the inner city
Writing rhymes in my spare time for my CD
I mailed my demo to a label named Gotee
And out of nowhere Todd Collins up and called me
He said he heard my junk and plus he wanted to sign me
My heart jumped and plus I want to cry and scream
But all I did was hung up the phone quietly and thinked God how he always provided for me

On and on on and on
Your Love goes on
On and on on and on

+ Entry lasted edited by 1grlbnd on 09.16.07


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