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01 . (Disc 1) Keep On Blessing Me
02 . Strange Land
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03 . I'm Gonna Let My Love Flow
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04 . You Can Depend On Jesus
05 . Only What You Do for Christ Will Last
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06 . What Will You Say
07 . When Jesus Sings
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08 . Perilous Times
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09 . Jesus Cares
10 . (Disc 2-1) So Good to Know (The Savior)
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11 . (2-2) Waiting to Hear from You
12 . (2-3) Don't Worry
13 . (2-4) Save Me Now
14 . (2-5) Will You Be Ready?
15 . (2-6) Lord Jesus Help Me
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16 . (2-7) Let's Not Crucify Him Again
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17 . (2-8) More Than You'll Ever Know
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18 . (2-9) Take Your Burdens (To the Lord)
19 . (2-10) A Praise For You
20 . (3-1) Back In the Saddle
21 . (3-2) Ordinary Just Won't Do
22 . (3-3) If My People
23 . (3-4) Heart Of Mine
24 . (3-5) A Life That Shows
25 . (3-6) No More Loneliness
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26 . (3-7) There's No Excuse
27 . (3-8) It Was You
28 . (3-9) Here I Am (More Than a Conqueror)
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29 . (3-10) There's No Excuse (Reprise)



"(2-10) A Praise For You" Lyrics [edit]
by Commissioned | from the album Mega 3 Collection

Above all the mountains that sit on fruited plains,
Above all the heavens we glorify your name,
We lift you up and freely give you praise,

You fill our cup and lengthen all our days,
Lord we praise you and glorify you.

When we consider the heavens, the work of thine own hands,
We proclaim your greatness, tell it throughout the land,
Tell of your love and how you do judge right,
Your faithfulness lasts morning, noon, and night

You have angels that do nothing but glorify your name,
And now we do the same.

Holy, holy Lord,
Holy Lord you are.
We do praise you Lord,
With our whole heart,
How wondrous are thy ways.

Lord we praise your name because you are who you are,
We lift you up above the heavens high,
Lord we glorify you and we know this by far,
There's no place we can hide from your all-seeing eye,

We cannot compare no one there's no one like you,
No one that we've seen in all our days,
No one can do for us the things that you do,
So we taking this time to give you all the praise.

Your name is holy - not to be taken light,
Mountains tremble at the sight of you,
Your works are perfect, marvelous in our sight,
When we think about all power, we are thinking of you!

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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