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"Lay Your Troubles Down" Lyrics [edit]
by Commissioned | from the album The Commissioned Reunion Live

You've been running around in circles trying to find your way
Seems like the world is on your shoulders you are falling
With a mind full of complications you have yet to face

And in the midst of all this chaos Your love is calling
There you are crying silent tears, oh held as a prisoner of your fears inside
Round and round we go where's it gonna stop who knows? who understands, your distress?
You don't have to live a life of hopelessness
If you lay your troubles down
you'll find He's very easy
There's a new joy to be found, a life of liberty yeah
And when tears fill your eyes, let his gladness be your pillow
There are brighter days and peaceful nights and it all begins when you lay your troubles down.
Go 'head and say "Oh what a shame, troubles never seem to cease."
but instead of going crazy you can have perfect peace.
Desperately searching for one sign, look deep inside and you will find He is waiting there
Round and round we go where you gonna stop? God knows and understands, where you are
He has a perfect love for your fainting heart
If you lay your troubles down
You'll find He's very easy there a new joy to be found
A life of liberty
and when tears fill your eyes let His gladness be your pillow there are brighter days and peaceful nights and they all begin when you may your troubles down
Gather up all of your sad days wave them all goodbye
Everyone of those heartaches will leave forever and ever hey hey
Give Him all of your sorrows, He will make you glad
Just cast your cares on Him, He'll bring your dark days to an end and the sun will shine again
and you know that you can make it cause you laid your troubles down
Lay your troubles down, c'mon and lay your trouble down (repeat 5x)

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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