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  • "Christ Our King" from Kingdom
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  • "Psalm 93 (Interlude)" from Kingdom
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  • "The Sweetest Sound" from Village Lights EP
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  • "The Sweetest Sound" from Kingdom
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  • "Unbroken Family" from Village Lights EP
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    Village Lights Release Debut Full-Length Album
    (Friday, November 19, 2021)
    Village Lights Releases New Single
    (Friday, August 06, 2021)
    Village Lights
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    Village Lights is a worship collective of three individual artists who came together to create a space for community. We are passionate about justice and creating a space where all are welcome to come and encounter God.

    "Village Lights is family. Village Lights is community. It’s a place for people from different parts of the world and different perspectives to come together and be united in worshiping our God. A space for healing, a space for fellowship. There’s a seat at the table for everyone, all are welcome." -Ricky Vazquez

    "The concept of a village is foreign to us here in America. We don’t even refer to our smallest cities as villages. My parents are both from Nigeria and the word village was always used to describe the towns they grew up in. My mom told me that the village was a place that she felt safe, it was a place where strangers were welcome and a place where every dining table was open to all. At night time everyone would gather in the village center and pray, sing, tell stories and celebrate with one another. The village seemed less like a small town and more like a large extended family living in close proximity to one another, it was about connection and community. 

    "I think our churches sometimes can feel disconnected. Sunday can tend to become more about obligation or personal spirituality rather than a communal experience of Gods goodness. Village Nights wants to capture that everywhere we go. We want to eat with you, laugh with you, sing and pray with you and hopefully inspire you to start turning our churches into villages." -Ike Ndolo

    "I’ve always had a desire to be a part of a worship community. For me, village lights is a place where I feel safe and encouraged to share my voice. A village is healthiest when everyone in it has a voice that can be heard. Whether you’re a member of the community or a wayward traveler, a good village is a place of refuge and encouragement for people on a journey. When someone is wandering through the darkness, searching for kindred spirits, I hope they’ll come across our songs, like coming across the lights of a village. I hope that they’ll feel a sense of home. I hope they’ll know they’ve found a community seeking one thing: the heart of Jesus." -Sarah Kroger

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