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    (Monday, September 04, 2023)
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    (Sunday, July 30, 2023)
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    (Wednesday, January 18, 2023)
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    (Tuesday, November 09, 2021)
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    (Monday, December 14, 2020)
    Patrick Mayberry
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    Journeying with Jesus is a lot like navigating the Wild, Wild West. Blazing new frontiers full of terrifying detours, we walk by faith, not by sight. And oftentimes that means we find ourselves traversing unexpected territory, unable to see what's up ahead. The path is rarely predictable, but it's always far better than what we could ever conceive on our own. And that's the secret Patrick Mayberry has uncovered on Wild Faith (Centricity Music), his first full-length album and an invitation to bravely explore the great unknown.

    Mayberry first entered the scene in 2021 with his debut single, "Breakthrough Miracle Power," a song recorded by Passion that marked a full-circle moment for the new artist, who first felt called to music while attending a Passion Conference as a college student. 

    It was the sophomore single "Holy Spirit Come," however, that gradually became Mayberry's breakthrough hit as radio stations introduced the then unknown worship leader to listeners across the country, and churches began leading the song around the globe. A tour with Cory Asbury and a multi-artist jaunt with Crowder, We The Kingdom and Anne Wilson followed, putting the father of four on the road for the first time. He soon won over crowds with his easy sense of humor, charismatic stage presence, and thoughtful brand of poetic

    Now, on the heels of an initial six-track EP, Mayberry unveils a complete LP that gives fans a further glimpse into his courageous heart. On Wild Faith, he expands his repertoire by effortlessly straddling the line between congregational friendly selections and personal observations, all artfully crafted and intentionally threaded together to take listeners on a life-changing expedition -- one song at a time.

    The album's theme of unbridled belief captures the essence of a book that inspired Mayberry -- Brennan Manning's The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus. "It struck such a nerve with me because it painted this picture of faith as being this wild pioneer spirit where you're on the trail; your hands are dirty; your wagon has arrows shot through it; it's a hard, rugged life," Mayberry explains. "God is the wagon boss, and He says when we move and when we don't move. Jesus is the scout who runs up ahead and reports back, and the Holy Spirit is the wild, wily buffalo hunter, who always shows up with fresh meat for the day."

    Mayberry was reminded of Manning's metaphor when he looked out across the wide open vistas of Wyoming while on tour. When he returned home to Franklin, Tenn., he wheeled his upright piano out onto his back deck and wrote the surprisingly intimate title-cut with Bede Benjamin-Korporaal and Kalley Heiligenthal. "We've domesticated our faith so much that we've taken the wild adventure out of it," Mayberry contends of the soft and soaring "Wild Faith," which also features guest vocals from Heiligenthal. "This whole past season of my life has been marked by stepping out in wild faith. I think the Lord was like, 'You thought this song was for other people, but this song is for you, buddy.' I'm asking God to guide my steps, and I'll just keep taking 'em."

    Along the way he's praying Psalm 23, asking God to "Lead On Good Shepherd," the name of an upbeat track that started with a Grand Ole Opry-worthy spirit and morphed into a foot stomping rock groove, turning the peaceful passage into a roaring celebration. "Psalm 23 always gets used as a comforting Scripture at funerals when I think it's just such a comforting verse for life. This Good Shepherd promises to walk alongside us every single step of the way -- providing for us, protecting us, telling us to rest, leading us by still waters," Mayberry says. "God's track record has proven He's a good and faithful shepherd, so I'm going to keep following, step by step. I'm going to trust Him, so lead on, Good Shepherd."

    While his take on David's 23rd psalm is tailor-made for high-energy worship gatherings, not all tracks on Wild Faith are created equal. Some are meant for communal spaces; others are handcrafted for individual reflection. Offerings like the introspective "A Million Times" hint at Mayberry's ability to detour into personal storytelling. Meanwhile, his reimagined version of popular favorite "Give Me Jesus" paints him as a modern-day hymn writer, showcasing his ability as a nimble lyricist.

    Elsewhere, the record's lead single, "Easy to Praise," plucks its way along a sparse piano before exploding into an instantly memorable, feel-good chorus primed for Sunday morning setlists. "I wanted to write a big joy-filled party song that felt like Crowder's live show," Mayberry shares of his former tourmate and the anthem he penned with his previous "Holy Spirit Come" collaborators, Bede Benjamin-Korporaal and Nick Herbert. "Happiness is an emotion that rises and falls, but joy is not a fleeting emotion. Joy is a deeper thing. 

    It lives in the sorrow. It's sustained, ultimately, by Jesus. I pray that this song is just an overwhelming joy bomb in people's cars or AirPods or wherever they listen."

    Wild Faith carefully holds the tension of both sorrow and joy, meeting listeners in the depths of their humanity. "I want to write songs for real people, and I believe these are real songs that invite real humans with real emotions to experience a really real God," Mayberry says of the project. "I think following Jesus is crazy. It is an absolute adventure with incredibly high highs and low lows. And if you're not experiencing all that, then I would invite you to press in deeper."

    The 10-song collection also swings the doors wide open for those who are, perhaps, walking circles in the wilderness. For the weary traveler, Wild Faith acts as a compass guiding them home, while encouraging every sojourner with the truth that they're never alone. "I'm just trying to write songs that can serve a Sunday worship experience, but can maybe push a little deeper into the human experience. My wife and I love hospitality, and I think that's why I love worship leading so much, because it's an opportunity for me to be hospitable, especially to people who are a little bit uncomfortable or are maybe new to church or new to faith," Mayberry asserts. "We're not all country club professional Christians -- nobody is. We're humans with deep needs and wounds and things we long for and insecurities, and those are the people who are sitting in our churches."

    Mayberry's LP sets a large table for everyone. With untamed melodies and astute lyrics, Wild Faith beckons the wounded and healed alike into the experience of a lifetime. "Anyone who has put their faith in Jesus is a son or daughter of the God of the Universe, who intimately knows them and cares about every little detail of their lives. Your biggest plans and wildest dreams for your life? God's are likely wilder, bigger and crazier," he says. "Following God can be scary, but I promise, following Him is always going to be deeper and richer and better."

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