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  • "All Else Is Worthless" from Caleb Crino EP
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  • "Lead the Way" from Caleb Crino EP
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    Caleb Crino
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    For rising singer-songwriter Caleb Crino, music is a product of a life surrendered to God. His debut self-titled album Caleb Crino is reflective of that surrender, full of pop-influenced gems delivered by smooth vocals that all reflect back on a trustworthy God.

    The set of songs comprising Caleb Crino's debut were created in partnership with producer Justin Amundrud (Fleurie, Cody Carnes, Local Sound). Together the two refined a sound that draws from Caleb's childhood heroes (artists like Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman) as well as current pop icons (Charlie Puth, LANY). Every song was crafted with personal passion and attention to detail, with Caleb even producing one track, "On My Side," himself.

    "Lead the Way" serves as a thematic cornerstone, singing from a place of surrender in the face of life's unknowns. "I understand that no matter how hard I try, my attempts to bring myself to where I need to be will largely be useless," Caleb Crino admits. "It's only through entering into a close walk with God and relying on Him to direct me that I'll ever be able to fulfill the call He has on my life."

    On "Helpless," that theme of total reliance on God becomes even more personal. Caleb wrote the song when his younger brother was facing a seemingly impossible health challenge. After a day of family fasting and prayer, Caleb remembers the breakthrough they experienced: "In those hard moments, we turned it over to God and realized that even though we may be powerless in a situation, we are never helpless, because He is with us!"

    Songs like this have been a lifetime in the making. Caleb Crino's journey into music began at just 6 years old when his mom encouraged him to join a children's choir. Learning to play the piano followed later at the age of 13, rapidly growing into experimenting with songwriting-- all of which culminated in moving to Nashville in 2014 to study as part of Belmont University's prestigious songwriting program.

    But at the end of the day, Caleb's musical momentum is always driven by the mission. "My music exists to try to bring listeners closer to their Creator, both in understanding who He is and walking with Him daily," the singer shares. "Because He delights in every detail of our lives (Psalm 37:23), He will be with us leading the way, helping us even when life gets hard. We can always rely on Him, and His love for us knows no end." 

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