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    Latest News
    Life Center Worship releases 'Debut EP'
    (Friday, March 01, 2019)
    Life Center Worship
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    Life Center Worship is a community of singers, songwriters, and musicians pursuing the Presence of God. Through music and most importantly their lives, they desire to reach the world as they create a place for God to come and for people to encounter His Love.

    Life Center Worship comes out of an amazing local church called Life Center Ministries International. Life Center is a multi-generational home to passionate pursuers of God's presence. It is a church that believes in the power of God's love and that an encounter with this love can change a life forever. From this church what often seems impossible becomes possible, time and time again. Their church's mission is to experience the Love of God and give it away.

    Life Center Worship carries this faith in every lyric and in every song. This Debut EP marks the first time worship leaders David Leach, Ricardo White, Nathan Horst, and Jon & Tiffany Aitken have come together to write and record. Though each of them have already released EPs and albums independently in the past, this team has been leading worship together and building the local church for years. This project and many more to come are a decade in the making. Each one of these songs has been birthed out of the local church, their own pursuit of God's Presence, and their family community. This team is truly something special.

    Randy Clark, the pastor of Life Center Church says: "I am excited about Life Center Worship and the new album. They have their own sound and amazing lyrics."

    Jesus is the message that transforms us. Jesus is the song inside us.

    But don't take their word for it, here is what others are saying about Life Center Worship:

    DEREK JOHNSON (JESUS CULTURE): "Life Center Worship carries an authentic passion for Christ that's on display in the way they worship, in the songs they have created and the family they have crafted them in. I'm so excited about these songs to finally be shared with the world!"
    BANNING LIEBSCHER: "There are few movements that carry both the ability to write songs that ignite a deeper passion for Jesus but also an anointing to bring people into encounters with the presence of God. Life Center Worship is one of those movements. They have been a source of strength and a place for deep encounters with God in my own personal life. The passion for the presence of God and purity in their worship is evident and invites us into a deeper place of devotion to Jesus."

    RICK PINO: "My friends over at Life Center Worship are putting out songs and music that connect the listener to the heart of God in a beautiful and unique way! I love them!

    The DEBUT EP from Life Center Worship is available worldwide wherever digital music is consumed.

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