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    Lindy Cofer
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    The road between her hometown of Edmond, OK and current home in Los Angeles, CA was not a direct one. Driven by a passion to see the lost saved radically impacted by the love of Jesus, Lindy Cofer moved to Kona, HI in 2007 to serve Youth With A Mission. A year later when she was asked to lead worship at age 19 for a large YWAM gathering, her ‘yes’ turned into far more than a one­ time opportunity. These worship times would spark spontaneous songs bearing the message of what has become the passion of Lindy’s life — Missions. It was the beginning of a new chapter of her life’s calling. As a missionary she would lead people to encounter God, only now, she would do so through music.

    From YWAM Kona, Lindy was launched to be a missionary to the United States. She, along with YWAM missionaries Andy Byrd and Brian Brennt, formed the Circuit Riders, a missions ministry focused on leading a generation to Christ. Their pioneering years began on the college campuses of America. Hundreds of campuses are reached each year through the music of Lindy Cofer and the Circuit Riders. 7 bands comprised of more than 60 musicians tour the United States each year, playing songs written by Lindy Cofer and other members of the Circuit Riders. The result? Hundreds of salvations and countless lives forever impacted by the gospel. “We love music and we love what we get to do, but we’re most excited about people finding God for the first time. That’s our sweet spot!”

    As awareness of Lindy Cofer’s passion for Jesus has grown, many doors for her and the Circuit Riders have flung open.  Lindy has lead worship at some of the largest Christian gatherings of our day including: Jesus Culture Conferences, Azusa Now at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and more. Her message not only resonates with missionaries, but also with leaders of the largest church movements in the world today.  Even Jesus Culture founder and director Banning Liebscher called Lindy “one of the most authentic and powerful worship leaders I know.”

    “Regardless of which venue we would play – whether 20 people in a college cafeteria, or a packed stadium on the campus of USC, these songs would catch fire.  These spontaneous songs have become the anthems for our movement.  We knew it was time to record them so they could spread beyond the venues they were played in.”

    As she examined her favorite work by other worship artists, Cofer noticed Gabriel Wilson’s name over and over again. Wilson, a Portland Oregon native, has produced albums for many of today’s foremost worship artists including John Mark McMillan and Bethel Music, and is known for helping artists craft songs that resonate with listeners around the world. With his industry experience and Cofer’s vibrant songwriting and vocal style, the heart of Lindy Cofer and the Circuit Riders was finally crafted into top-notch song form.  Finally, her first album was born.

    “Every Nation” was recorded with a live audience in Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The live performances capture Cofer’s’ passion to spur on the global missions movement. The album features songs “Take Courage” and “Another Wave,” synth­rock anthemic benedictions to awaken listeners to God’s heart to change the world. “Every Nation (Every Soul)” builds with audience­-friendly melodies and crisp guitar layers, and lyrically draws from the powerful imagery of Revelation as it declares, “We have overcome by the blood of the Lamb. Jesus… You’re worth it all, every nation and every soul.”

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