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    Beyond Vision
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              Beyond Vision hails from Nanaimo, BC, Canada, and is the solo music project from Christopher Adam. On June 1st, 2013, he had a vision of what he needed to do, and thus, Beyond Vision was born. Created with a purpose of sharing God's glory and love with a world that desperately needs it, Beyond Vision is not just another band trying to make it big. Chris is just out to create music that he loves while accomplishing the goal of spreading the word of God. He hopes that Beyond Vision provides an enjoyable and meaningful experience for those who take the time to listen.

              “The meaning of Beyond Vision has taken on a couple different interpretations. It started as an oppositional phrase against those who always say they need to see to believe. People believe in the wind, because they can feel it and see its effects on the world around them, but they can't physically see it with their eyes. This in many ways is like God. We can not physically see him, unless he reveals himself to us in such a way. But we can feel him, and see his effects on the world and people around us. But this meaning has shifted after I was prayed for, what was said changed the meaning of Beyond Vision for me personally. I now interpret the name as God has his own plan for our lives. A plan that out weighs and goes way beyond our own vision for our lives. I had a plan of what I wanted to do, but to an extent those plans have shifted according to what God is calling me to do.” - Chris Adam

              Beyond Vision's debut EP, “He Is All,” was released on November 26th, 2013. This first EP was to get Beyond Vision started, and it was comprised of a few original songs, as well as demo tracks. From that point, Chris started to work on his debut album under Beyond Vision. The debut album entitled “War Cry,” was set to release in the fall of 2014, but due to delays was postponed. Chris had created 7 tracks that were finished and ready to be released. From these tracks the, “Fire Is Coming,” EP was created. “Fire Is Coming,” was released on November 25th, 2014 to mark the 1 year anniversary since the debut EP was released. With anticipation growing for the full length album, Chris kept pushing towards his dream. On April 21st, 2015, nearly a year and a half since production started, Chris accomplished part of this dream. “War Cry,” was released to high praise from fans. On the 5th of May, 2015, Chris's dream was fully realized when he woke up and found a case of CDs outside his door. 100 physical copies of War Cry.

              Chris gives all the glory to God, for without Him, Beyond Vision would not exist, or have a reason for existing. Chris hopes that Beyond Vision would be a mold breaking project, a project that will not follow the standard of the music industry and create new ways to spread the message of Jesus. Whether it is by providing encouraging music for Christians, or a meaningful change for non believers. Beyond Vision longs to follow the guidance of Holy Spirit to change lives.

              Check out to purchase or stream “War Cry,” or download a free copy of Beyond Vision's first two EPs. “War Cry,” is also available for purchase at all major digital retailers such as Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, CD Baby, and Xbox Music. Physical copies are also available at Bandcamp, and are available to ship any where in the world.

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