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  • "Accountability Partner (feat. Aleix Jones & Ambusy)" from Psalms of David II
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  • "Against Us" from Against Us
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  • "Against Us (Lyric Video)" from Against Us
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  • "Hood Villains" from Slingshot David: The Album
    Views 908 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "I'm Not Perfect" from 3s Up EP
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  • "Jason Geter" from Free Lunch and Sallie Mae
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  • "Jay, 50 And Weezy!" from Psalms Of David
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  • "My Bruddas" from Finding Balance
    Views 148 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "My Student Got Murdered" from 3s Up EP
    Views 885 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "New Orleans Freestyle Prod By Jaymison Beverly" from Psalms of David II
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  • "One Man Army Remix (feat. Tre Virdure)" from Psalms Of David
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  • "Shut Up And Grind (#SUAG) [Prod. By Flight School]" from Psalms Of David
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  • "The Garden Of Eden (feat. Kennedi Rayne)" from Psalms Of David
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  • "Walking Revolution Prod. By Foreign Allegiance" from Psalms of David II
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  • "Writers Block" from Psalms Of David
    Views 1065 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "You Stupid Fool [Prod. By DJ Scrim]" from Psalms Of David
    Views 1282 Views | Comments 0 Comments

    Latest News
    Dee-1 Releases Major Label Debut Album 'Slingshot David'
    (Saturday, November 18, 2017)
    Dee-1 to Unveil Highly-Anticipated New Album 'Slingshot David' November 10th
    (Sunday, October 15, 2017)
    ​Dee-1 Partners With Sallie Mae For Another Year
    (Friday, September 01, 2017)
    ​Dee-1 and Sallie Mae Partnership Spawns Tour and Giveaway
    (Thursday, October 20, 2016)
    RCA Inspiration Launches New Website
    (Wednesday, June 22, 2016)
    TobyMac Receives Rich Mullins Impact Award
    (Saturday, September 12, 2015)
    Dee-1 Announces Tour Dates
    (Monday, June 29, 2015)
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    The equation is simple. Soul + swag x New Orleans = Dee-1. He has created his own lane in Hip-Hop by making music that motivates anyone on a mission to win the game of life. He is the voice of those underdogs who grind with a purpose.

    After graduating from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree, Dee-1 taught middle school in Baton Rouge by day to help fund his musical dream. After two years of being "Mr. Augustine" by day and "Dee-1" by night, he finally decided that his passion for hip-hop was too strong to ignore. Armed with righteousness, realness, and the strong desire to be relevant, Dee-1 set his sights on becoming the type of rapper his students could be proud of. Sleepless nights being a full-time teacher and part-time rapper were now replaced by sleepless nights being a "full-time dream chaser," as chronicled in hiscourageous song, "The Announcement." from his I Hope They Hear Me Vol 1 mixtape.

    In March 2011, Dee-1 released the mixtape, "I Hope They Hear Me Vol 2" packed with 18 high energy joints that has already reached thousands. This was a life changing mixtape for Dee-1 as several singles received extensive radio play and regular airplay on MTV Jams. Most notably was his single "Jay, 50, and Weezy," which created a huge internet buzz that allowed him to take his career and music to the next level. Dee-1's latest project, "The Focus Tape," (hosted by legendary Dj Mannie Fresh) was released on October 9, 2012, followed by "Psalms of David," (featuring the hit song "Work" ft Lecrae) which was released on February 20th, 2013 have both reached over 100,000 people worldwide each. Dee-1 is gearing up now for "Psalms of David II" set to release in October of 2013.

    You haven't witnessed Dee-1's true star power until you have seen him live in concert. He is known for giving jaw-dropping, crowd-surfing performances and electrifying audiences whenever he hits the stage. As Dee-1 says, "It feels way better to actually win over an audience rather than just brag on how good I am. I'd rather prove it to you." Since 2011, Dee-1 has been on five successful nationwide tours, the "Grind and Hustle Tour," the "Too Focused to Fail Tour," the "Ridin All By Ourselves Tour," the "The Heist Tour," and the "Higher Learning Tour."

    Dee-1's artistry is more than just music; it's a lifestyle and a frame of mind that he calls "mission vision." Dee's nickname "The One Man Army" embodies this mission, "Everyone has a mission, and everyone is their own One Man or One Woman Army."

    Dee-1 recognizes that his music resonates with people because it's authentic, "That's why people from the hood all the way to the classroom feel it." His message extends well beyond the stereotype of the traditional rapper, because as he says, "real recognizes real." All of this progress has left die-hard Dee-1 fans asking, "What's next?" No one knows for sure, but as his fan base continues to grow, Dee-1 has his eye on the prize and is positioning himself to become Hip-Hop's next great superstar.

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