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    Red Coalescence
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    What is the Red coalescence?

    Why red?

    To us it represents the blood that was shed to atone for humanities sin. Grace. Coalescence is the union of diverse things into one body or one form or one group; it's the growing together of separate parts. the formation of rain is caused by molecular coalescence...we are intentional. we want to rain on the parade. we will rain God's good grace by His good grace on the large and ever growing worldwide hiphop community of fellow artists and most importantly the listeners and those who have contributed to the culture and lifestyle of hiphop for so many years. we enjoy this God inspired art form and intend to perpetuate it's existence in a united fashion. we are extremely unorthodox. we do not follow the rules. we cannot be contained or labeled. we believe the choice we have made to best honor our craft and serve our creator is to reinforce His message of salvation through repentance, with excellence. the gospel. and we are excellent in presenting it. ordinary people serving an extraordinary God is who we are.

    We are less apart...but together we are the Red Coalescence.

    Wwho is the Red Coalescence?
    we are inspi(Red). with over 40 years of experience between the entire crew, it was time for us as artists to combine forces under one banner. organically forming in America's southwestern high desert of New Mexico, all the members of the Red Coalescence have one common denominator. our faith in Christ unites our passion to share the creator in our music. we have a strong desire to unite the hiphop community of artists & listeners locally, nationally & globally. with a stage presence to be reckoned with and a live production which commands even the largest variety of spectators, you will be left with no doubt about who the Red Coalescence is.

    Madik the General:
    Romans 8:29 "For whom He foreknew, He also p(Red)estined to be conformed to the image of His Son..."
    There isn't an ounce of quit inside of this passionate producer & emcee. He is the owner of Pro Legend Records & Madik Nnovation Studios in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM. He has built his studio from the ground up as well as his reputation as an artist & professional in the industry. Over the last 15 years, David "Madik" Lucero has trusted God & given his gifts & talents back to Him & for that he has truly been elevated to "one of a kind" status. Madik Nnovation Studios is Grand Central Station for the Red Coalescence. All of the members have been recording artists here at one point or another, it only made sense for an all star team to be born & led from here. Expanding his production services to now include a video production department, his skills as a finely tuned hiphop music producer has developed over the years into the ability to cross over into many different genres of music & video production; R&B, pop, dance, & alternative rock including contemporary. This proud husband & strong entrepreneur has been an active member & the producer of the groups, 10th Element & most recently The Alumni, where a number 1 spot on CHR was found in The Alumni's hit single "perfect man". Digging deep & finding the courage to reinvent himself as an artist & producer over the years, only means that spawning a super group of emcees was his next move. Madik is most commonly known for his contagious hooks & the unconventional method in which they are delivered along with engineering & producing a crisp, clean sound every listener hungers for. The only thing you can expect from him is the unexpected. A standard of excellence has been post marked to you by Madik, & his desire to honor God is the fuel that drives him.

    Psalm 45:1 "My heart is stir(Red) by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer."

    This classic emcee is a true rooted hiphop head. Studious he was. What started at a young age in Santa Fe, NM was his love for music & the exposure of it in his life. As he grew and developed, attacking open mics, talent shows & the like, his first desire was to put skills on display & make a name for himself. What came was something else entirely. It was his wife Amanda & the birth of his first son Jayden. Then in the midst of his campaign to be large he became "emcee interrupted". He encountered a call to repentance & was led down a different path, one he never imagined. Since then he has put Christ on full display releasing 3 studio albums, a mixtape & sharing the stage with some of hiphop's heavy hitters as well as appearing in a number of festivals including standing tall on many tours across the country. Having previously enlisted Madik to engineer the recording of his first album "the foundation", they were familiar & he has also worked with fellow members Mic Knight & Mitchell Seeds. When a team captain gets ready to choose his team, Illusent might very well be a first rounder on any squad. With the birth of Shawn his second son, soon after came the Red Coalescence. Illusent is best known for his smooth, laid back delivery & his ability to show you what the truth of the matter is. What you can undoubtedly expect from him is the consistency you deserve, that of which many artists are simply lacking. Illusent seamlessly & shamelessly blends his classic hiphop style with his brothers in arms from the Red.

    Acts 26:8 "Why should it be judged a thing inc(Red)ible in your sight if God raises the dead?"

    It was a brave new world for Utica, NY born son of a preacher Omit when his family relocated to NM when he was only 16 years old. He would undergo major changes. Finding a home at his local 180 youth night he was able to be influenced & then be influential. After plenty of poor decisions and finding himself in bad situations over & again, he knew that he would have to shape up & get his life straightened out. He surrendered. He decided to use his bad choices & his gift to emcee as a platform to reach out & help guide others out of the same quick sand he had fallen into. Realizing the potential to reach people through the avenue of hiphop music, in 1998 he formed the group Eulogistic Alliance with Docc. A model of patience & humility among his peers, his 3 sons Gabriel, Caleb & Isaiah couldn't have a better role model. He & his wife Raquel currently reside in Albuquerque, NM. Offering a freestyle side of life, he is one of the most humorous & witty emcees you will ever cross paths with, he doesn't take himself too seriously. Make no mistake, he takes his intense love for the art of hiphop extremely serious & will protect it at all costs. An engineer & producer in his own rite, Omit will make you rewind his punch lines. He brings to the table what a live interactive hiphop show requires for any audience to appreciate what it is that he does. He is a supreme artist when it comes to a personal connection with the listener, live or other wise. He's definitely incredible.

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