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  • "Problem (feat. Propaganda & Canon) " from Keep Up EP
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    Whether we grow up in stable homes in the suburbs or crime-ridden projects in the inner city, many of us struggle with acceptance. We want to fit in, but we can't find our place in society. Chad Jones is no exception. But, fortunately, God's grace helped lead him down the path towards self-discovery, repentance and even that ever-elusive acceptance.

    Adopted and raised Catholic in Grand Rapids, MI, Chad's childhood was far from normal. With 11 new siblings, Chad soon found it hard to not only make sense of his surroundings but finding his place within an already established family also proved difficult over the years. Yet, Chad began focusing on perfecting the rap skills he'd begun experimenting with in middle school, which soon lead to an offer for a record deal. Plus, the basketball and acting scholarship opportunities he was being considered for made it clear: Chad Jones was finally arriving. Yet, he never quite arrived, at least not where he planned to. Having squandered all his opportunities, Chad found himself attending a New Years Eve service of all places. With nothing to lose, it was there that Chad surrendered his life to Jesus, the High Priest.

    After his redemption, Chad attended a Christian rap concert and was overwhelmed by the amount of young, black talented men who were also serious about the Lord. After going through a bootcamp period, Chad joined a group and began performing all over California. He later connected with Derek Minor and was encouraged to pursue a career in music. Since then, he has released Soul Food, under the name Conviction, and also been featured on Pro's PSA mixtapes as well as Redemption, Brothatone's Mic Check and other notable albums.

    Chad now resides in Memphis, TN with his family and serves at Fellowship Memphis. Opting to leave his stage name behind, Chad Jones aims to let his artistry simply reflect how he lives daily. Inspired by his untraditional background, Chad has a unique take on life and a hunger to communicate it on his upcoming project and in the years to come.

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    shweet | Posted September 28, 2014
    Chad is a great artist. He's pretty funny and a great dude. Saw him at a full RMG show in Nashville and he did great. It was a packed place of about 600 people and he really got the place jumping and going crazy. He had a short set so I can't wait until he gas more music and can do a much longer set. Overall as an artist she judging his music I say 8/10. Videos I gotta say 9/10 cause his problem video is pretty funny the concept is super funny esp she they are looking for Prooaganda. Finally just overall show performance I give him a 10/10 as I said dude knows how to get the crowd going and rap along with him. Not only does he rap during his shows but he takes time to read a little word and pray as well which is a big plus for me when an artist can make I about more than just their music and the money they are making.

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