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  • "I've Seen What He Can Do" from Hand To The Plow
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    Marty Raybon
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    Marty Raybon is considered to possess one the purest natural country voices in the music business. Throughout his epic journey that spans nearly three decades, he has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. But the journey that means the most to Marty Raybon is the one that began on March 15, 1991. During the height of his Country music career, he found himself consumed in the darker side of the music business and completely swallowed up in alcohol abuse. After coming off a road trip one day, Marty got together with some buddies drinking and partying. He woke up on the couch and realized it was four days later. He couldn’t believe it had been out that long and honestly felt like he was going to die. He felt so bad, he thought a drink might help him feel a little better, but then he finally took a good look at himself and had the nerve to ask himself, “If I died right now would I go to heaven?” So on that day, Marty Raybon became a Christian. He got face to face with the Lord and made a life-long commitment to be at peace with God.
    As an ordained minister and a graduate of the Liberty Bible College, he now ministers holding revival services and serving as guest speaker at churches around the country sharing his music ministry, but remaining at the same church he has attended for 21 years. Marty has regularly appeared on all the major television networks, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), 700 Club, John Hagee, and more. He has been featured in numerous hit music videos and has circled the globe entertaining millions along the way, always leaving the audience with a clear and lasting impression of himself as a singer of songs.
    During Marty’s impressive career, he has produced a remarkable list of career accomplishments including; multiple number one singles, top selling albums, CMA, ACM, IBMA, and Grammy Awards, along with scores of other accolades. Collectively, his contributions to the recording industry have sold well into the millions and he has performed literally thousands of live concerts at all four corners of the earth.
    As if he wasn’t busy enough, Marty has made a true commitment in his life to reach out and support World Missions and Christian based outreach programs including being actively involved in Compassion International, taking on the task of sponsoring a church building program in Costa Rica and so many more causes.
    Marty Raybon continues his music ministry with his brand new Country Christian album, HAND TO THE PLOW, on Rural Rhythm Christian available in stores and online everywhere. This new release album, HAND TO THE PLOW, includes the beautiful new single release “I’ve Seen What He Can Do” produced by veteran Nashville producer Mark Carman, which is available now as a Digital Single via iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other digital retailers. Also, just released online and per TV/Cable broadcast is the thought provoking, heartwarming and must see music video, “I’ve Seen What He Can Do!” This awe inspiring song and its video truly testify to the majesty, omniscience and the absolute omnipresence of God! 

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    ? | Posted April 27, 2012
    love a bit of country music! Let's hear it featured on album of the week!

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    sparkyou (97)
    cool | Posted April 25, 2012
    cant wait to hear it!

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    tura8010 (195)
    Wonderful | Posted April 20, 2012
    You are a wonderful singer.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    sharklet (159)
    :) | Posted April 17, 2012
    Nice country sound.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    . | Posted April 12, 2012
    Nice voice.

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    what a guy | Posted April 11, 2012
    never heard of him

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    DNA (26)
    lol | Posted April 09, 2012

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    elina (46)
    um | Posted April 05, 2012
    Never have heard of them...

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Tina | Posted April 03, 2012
    i love the guitar you use

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    bull42 (384)
    Marty | Posted April 02, 2012
    You have an excellent voice.I love to hear you sing.

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