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    Nick Stanton
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    “There is a disconnect in our souls that reaches out, longing to be loved by something or someone greater than what this world can offer”. Nick Stanton speaks these words quietly, yet passionately, about his quest to prepare this world for a love that completes our soul. He does so through both his music and his voice that reaches out to others like himself who have been wrapped up in a story within a story. “My life mission is to help bridge that disconnect through the music and words that God has placed in my heart”, exclaims Nick Stanton.

    Nick Stanton was raised in Liberty, IN on a cattle and horse farm. With three younger sisters and one older brother, the house was brimming with youth. Nick understood at a young age how a story begins in your life and then directs you through it on different paths. Oppressed by abuse, abandonment and family brokenness, Nick began to find an escape in music, playing his guitar for countless hours in his room. Through the hurt and confusion, he desperately searched for truth and belonging. After becoming a believer in 8th grade, he began to lead worship. With music in his hands, the healing process had begun to take place. "Nick Stanton is an exceptionally gifted musician whose music is filled with heart and passion." -Lee Yoder, Drummer from Circle Slide

    His early music influences lie with Tim McGraw, along with George Strait and Garth Brooks. And more currently Mat Kearney, Jeremy Camp, Need To Breathe, Third Day, Tenth Avenue North, and Shawn McDonald. Combining their musical nuances with the acoustic guitar weaving through the lyrics that pour from his soul has enabled Nick to look up and out. Leading worship has taken him on a journey to reach many hearts for God. This is clearly the path that God has directed this young musician on. "Nick Stanton brought an incredible spiritual presence and humbleness to a stage that is often overpowered by personalities. His professionalism and amazing gifts as a musician and leader attributed to a phenomenal experience for all of our participants”. Ryan Gernand, Program Manager of "That Thing" camp.

    Nick currently lives in Winona Lake, IN and works as the worship leader at Warsaw Community Church. Having the opportunity to lead a large congregation in song has enabled him to utilize his gifts and passion for worship. Through his music on stage as the singer/songwriter, a platform awaits him in which to captivate the audience with a message of truth, change and healing—three words that he is personally familiar with. Each of these words has been part of a journey that has not always been easy. Not always been straight and direct. Even though the years that tell how long he has been on this earth are not many, the wisdom he has learned though, from an early age is filled with the portrayal that he truly wants the Lord to have His way!

    Many men have influenced the heart and mind of the man that Nick Stanton now is. From authors, pastors and speakers such as Rob Bell, John Eldredge C.S. Lewis, Andy Louie Giglio, to name just a few, along with family and mentors Tony Cooper and mentors Jeff Pfeifer and Drew Scholl. He states that these men have spoken both into is life and into his music and have directly affected him. He lists them with pride.

    Nick Stanton has worked for Youth Works in New Orleans, LA and Newport, TN. He has been a worship leader, speaker, and special performer for over 60 churches across the U.S. and Mexico. He has shared the stage with Chris August, Mikeschiar, Chris Sligh, Shawn McDonald, Addison Road, Jon McLaughlin, Dave Elwert, Jessica Sonner and Leah Ashton, just to name a few. He currently has an EP out in the market simply called REST. A word that epitomizes where God has directed him. These all have been honors that he has humbly been part. Through his continued writing and performing, along with the gift of speaking and leading worship, Nick Stanton will both entertain and bring truth to audiences across the nations. All the while, though, Nick Stanton feels a simpler, but higher calling and states, “Jesus brought healing to the broken and sight to the blind all in the name of love, and he commands us to do the same. I want to follow in his footsteps by using the gifts and story that He has given me, knowing that I was once without hope and could not see past my brokenness." Nick Stanton begins a new story, one that mimics his hero, his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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