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    Divine Intervention
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    Divine Intervention is:

    Greg Burgess (Guitar, Vocals)
    Michael Randazzo (Drums)
    Nieko Randazzo (Guitar)
    Josh Edington (Bass)

    Divine Intervention originated in Palmetto, Fl during the '02-'03 school year while co-founders Michael Randazzo and Greg Burgess were in Middle School under the name 20 Below. After much thought to what that name actually meant, the band soon changed it's name to Divine Intervention, a name that would seem to have stuck forever.

    After many years of practicing/playing worship songs for their home church, Palmetto Church of the Nazarene, DI started writing songs of their own. "We thought it was time to start making a name for ourselves as musicians and not just kids who like to 'jam'. '', says front-man Greg Burgess. "None of our first songs were really good, or even had words" laughs drummer Michael Randazzo, "but we've come a long way, and we still have a long way to go."

    As the DI got older, so did Michael's younger brother Nieko. Noticing his interest in DI, Nieko was asked to join the band in late 2007 along with Greg and Michael's long time friend from Venice, FL, Nick Polk. Divine Intervention's dynamic duo seemed to become a quartet overnight, although up to this time, DI had not played outside of the walls of PNC. This was until good friend and fellow musician Clayton Schmidt asked DI to play at A May Sing, a special showcase of five bands at Clayton's church in May of 2008.

    Divine Intervention took the stage as the closing band before intermission and also played during the worship set. To DI, this was a very groundbreaking night. This was their first concert and also the night that Greg would first meet his fiancée of now. "We rocked that night! Although listening to the recording, it was terrible. But to us it was the greatest concert we had ever played, because it was the only one we had!" comments Greg about DI's memorable first concert, "We'll never forget it! It's where we started! We have so many friends and supporters from that one night that will be with us even after we're a band."

    After Divine Intervention's 2008 debut performance, more chances to play began to sprout up everywhere. By the end of the year, DI had established their name to the local church community by playing benefit concerts and worship for PNC's PSP Youth Group. It wasn't before long, DI became the full-time worship team for PNC's Sunday morning service.

    In October of 2009, Nick Polk(bass) shared that God was putting it on his heart to leave the band and take him into another direction. DI soon appointed Josh Edington as their new bassist. An easy choice since he had been traveling with the band as part of the crew for some time and filling in as a bassist when needed. Ironically, the same day Josh was appointed as the newest member of DI, the members of DI attended a Switchfoot concert at the Tropicana Dome in Tampa, FL.

    This was no ordinary Switchfoot Concert, playing after a Florida Tuskers game, this night was full of DI's two favorite things. Music and Football. During the football game, Nieko(guitar) and Josh(bass) left the group of friends DI was with to try and meet Switchfoot without telling the rest of the guys. After returning, they explained to Michael and Greg that they had not only met the guys from Switchfoot, but Switchfoot had also granted their request of playing a song with them on stage!! In just a matter of minutes, Divine Intervention would be on stage with it's all-time greatest influence! And playing their instruments to top it off!

    Sure enough, when it came to the bridge of the song "Stars", Jon Foreman(lead singer, guitarist for SF) put down his guitar to ask the crowd filling an entire football field if a local band could finish the song for them. Before they new it, DI was on stage, armed with Switchfoot's musical weapons, and ready to rock the house. A moment in time that will never be forgotten as a turning point in the history of Divine Intervention.

    Playing with Switchfoot that night has forever since inspired Divine Intervention to pursue even the highest of goals. "That was our goal, or at least my goal for this band from the get-go was to eventually, somehow be on stage with our musical idol, Switchfoot. We reached it so early in our careers, we don't even have any music out yet. No one even knows how we sound unless they've been to a show." states Greg Burgess. "I played my idol's guitar and he has no idea what my name is. How do we take this amazing feeling and turn it into a lasting impression on the world around us?" This question and many others like it are constantly weighed in the minds of the members of Divine Intervention.

    DI has always taken it's Christian root and applied it to it's music. Although they aren't labeled a Christian Alternative band or just an Alternative band, DI writes their songs for a higher purpose. Greg Burgess explains, "We aren't writing music to make money, or even to get famous. We're writing music because we love to do it, and our songs have a message for everybody, not just Christians. We want everyone to hear our music and not let it be constrained to a box." DI continues on working towards their goal of having their voice heard in today's world. Their first EP album is set to come out this fall. "We're putting our heart and faith into our music, and with that, we cannot fail."

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    Greg, josh, and nieko will be leading worship tonight at Palmetto Nazarene! 6pm! See you there!
    Posted by @DIBand on 12.12.10 | View Tweet
    Greg will be recording a solo ep soon! Possibly itunes worthy. Stay tuned....
    Posted by @DIBand on 12.06.10 | View Tweet
    RT @annnnaaaa: w/ the exception of rascal flatts, all country music is good for is butchering songs that could potentially be good were ...
    Posted by @DIBand on 11.30.10 | View Tweet
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We thank you so much for your support!!
    Posted by @DIBand on 11.25.10 | View Tweet
    RT @RobtheShannon: Santa! OMG! I know him! #elf
    Posted by @DIBand on 11.25.10 | View Tweet

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