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    Kemper Crabb
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    No one would mistake Kemper Crabb for a modern man, and this is to his credit. You might mistake him for a medieval man born 700 years too late. His musical stylings are enough to evidence that fact. You might also mistake him for a Renaissance man. His breadth of knowledge and variety of skills are enough to evidence that fact. You might also mistake him for a postmodern Christian. His distaste for the philosophical errors of the modern era is enough to evidence that fact. He fits all of these categories and none of them at the same time. He is, in fact, a Christian man whose theological perspective is at once historical and contemporary. His musical career has been varied and impressive. He has been a member of bands such as ArkAngel, RadioHalo and, for a short while, Caedmon¹s Call. His 1982 solo album The Vigil is still a sensation amongst those in the know. It is an album inspired by battle preparation rituals for knights during the Middle Ages and is a favorite for musicians such as Kerry Livgren (Kansas) and Rick Wakeman (Yes). In fact, Stevie Ray Vaughn during his appearance on MTV Unplugged disclosed that The Vigil was his favorite album. More recently in 1995 Kemper recorded A Medieval Christmas, a collection of medieval Christmas songs and hymns. The popularity of this album has spawned many invitations for Kemper and his friends to perform Christmas concerts. Currently he is a member of the band Atomic Opera (Gospel Cola) and works on solo projects as well. He travels widely across Europe, Asia and America to perform. Not only has Kemper dedicated his life to the pursuit of God's glory through his music he also heeds the call to teach God's word to the flock. In a style reminiscent of ages past Kemper teaches with conviction and intensity, and he refuses to tickle ears. He is one of a rare breed of teachers whose teachings are uncompromising and thoroughly biblical. Whether he is talking about the Church, apologetics or expounding on a book of the Bible, Kemper's teachings are sure never to waste your time. Kemper was ordained to the priesthood in the Reformed Episcopal Church and is currently is a priest in the Community of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC). He helped pastor Christ Church in Houston with the likes of George Grant for several years. Though he is ordained in the CEEC, consistent with his belief that the Church is catholic he lends his talents to whatever local community of believers is in need of a teacher and musician. He currently lends his support to St. John the Divine Episcopal Church (ECUSA) which is located in the heart of Houston, TX. He leads the worship music at the eleven o'clock contemporary service and teaches a Wednesday night Bible Study. Kemper is a native Texan who was raised in San Antonio and currently resides in the Houston area with his wife Shanna. He is a proud father of one and a grandfather of three beautiful grandchildren. He has also nurtured many spiritual children with whom he has shared his wisdom and insight. Kemper is an artist-priest whose demeanor is warm and engaging; his presence sage-like, his teaching profound, his love of God and the Church staggering; and his dedication to the aesthetic life zealous. He is truly an extraordinary man, and those whose lives are touched by his will never be the same.

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