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    Even as a young band, Tim Be Told has already made a name for themselves in the music scene. Their cool blend of pop, blues and soul with musical and lyrical depth is pushing them quickly into the limelight. Their self produced album, "Getting By" (released on October 25th) was received with so much enthusiasm that even engineers from multi-platinum mastering facility, 'Frankford Wayne' (artists include Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige), said it was a great album and asked for a copy of the CD. The band has already played at a number of venues in Virginia including "Jammin' Java" (voted one of the top ten music venues in the D.C. area), "Tuttle Lounge" (where artists like Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz have also played) and "Iota Club and Cafe" (with The War and Alex Mejias). In the fall, the band opened up for Sparky's Flaw at the University of Virginia amphitheater which helped them to gain much needed exposure. They recently finished headlining a show at the renowned "Knitting Factory" in New York City where audience members labeled the group as one of the best live bands they had seen in a long time.

    TBT began with a phone call between front man Tim Ouyang and guitarist Andrew Chae in the Spring of 2006. Andrew had recently graduated from Wheaton College and was working in California while Tim was studying architecture at the University of Virginia. Andrew moved to Charlottesville that fall to pursue music together with Tim and his friend Luan Nguyen, a fellow student at the University of Virginia. The band spent the first few months playing together and developing their unique sound. They began recording their first album in May of 2007 with drummer, Jim Barredo. In August, the guys met bassist, Parker Stanley, at the Jammin' Java show. The three quickly realized that Jim and Parker were the two missing pieces to the puzzle. Parker joined the band as the bass player, and Jim, who is pursuing a career in Finance unofficially signed on to play the drums on tour. Parker and Jim were whisked into the studio to put some finishing touches on the album before sending it off to be replicated. The band went straight to work promoting their upcoming album, booking shows, and building a fan base.

    Tim Be Told creates music that rejects pop mainstream mentalities and embraces human experience. With so many musicians and artists looking to entertain and achieve monetary success, the guys in Tim Be Told are looking to give listeners the opportunity hear melodies that move and lyrics that leave lasting impressions. "This band will singlehandedly start the revolution that will save popular music from its decaying and dying state." And as one fan put it, their music is "infallible."

    "I write about God, about love, disappointment, disbelief, faith, and hope," says Ouyang of his songwriting. "The goal is to use experiences from my life to tell a greater story of human experience that everyone can relate to; and perhaps help find some peace and resolve in a world that is often chaotic and lonely." TBT's energetic and moving live performances, which feature their songwriting prowess, soaring vocals, epic guitars, and catchy grooves, have earned them a legion of fans across the nation. Creating music infused with hope, heart, and raw vulnerability, the band aspires to breathe life and comfort into trying circumstances and inspire change in the way people experience their humanity.

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    Tim Be Told | Posted August 27, 2018
    Tim Be Told is a Contemporary Christian music group that originated in Charlottesville, VA. Their musical style incorporates elements of soul, pop, rock, gospel and blues.www.mcdvoice.com

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    lailanieg (14)
    A great band and group of guys! | Posted May 23, 2010
    I first met Tim Be Told when they performed at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, for an Asian Pacific Student Services Third Tuesday event in mid-January 2010. I did not know or hear about them prior to this event. I work on campus in the same office as APSS so I heard a lot of the publicity for this event. All I knew was that they were a great up and coming band. I attended the event and I am sooo happy I did not miss this event. It was a lounge/small setting performance on campus in our venue called The Living Room. The performance was probably THE BEST live acoustic performance I have heard on campus or off campus for years. The last one was OneRepublic in the same small venue back in September 2007. Tim shared a lot about his life, his music and so did the others. They were just a great group of guys who were really down to earth and grounded. They really have a passion for what they do and strive to make an impact amongst their audiences. Afterwards, I stayed and bought a poster along with 2 CDs. I got all of them signed and I met them. They were really down to earth, friendly, and really thankful for the people that came out. They were also willing to take a ton of pictures with all of us. Their music is very inspiring and I cannot wait to see what else they create. They are an amazing group of guys and I encourage everyone to listen to know their music and get to know them.

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