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    Twelve Gauge Valentine
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    Twelve Gauge Valentine is:
    Jon Green - Vocals
    Josh Fife - Guitar
    Jake Campbell - Guitar
    Jonathon Cooper - Bass
    Michael Watson - Drums

    Former Members:
    Josh White- Guitar
    Josh Gross- Guitar
    Jonathon Webster- Drums
    Kyle Snellenberger- Guitar

    Despite the negative connotation of the word, isolation can be a beautiful thing.

    Case in point: Twelve Gauge Valentine, from little towns near Monroe in Louisiana, just a little bit south of the Arkansas border. "We don't have any bands around here and there isn't too much to do for fun, except play music," explains bass player Jonathon Cooper, one of the three Jons in the band (the fourth guy also has a name that starts with "J").

    Boredom gave birth to creative fire, with the Louisiana boys' laid-back attitude giving way itself to a full-time, full-on band with something unique to say.

    "(Guitarist) Josh (White) and I have been in bands together since we were kids," Cooper continues. "We picked up [drummer] Jonathan [Webster] along the way, and we got Jon [Green] in the band just as he was starting to get interested in being a singer."

    The guys played screamo under a different name before shifting gears into a decidedly heavy metal infused brand of hardcore. "Twelve Gauge Valentine was the most cliche hardcore name we could come up with because we weren't expecting to pursue anything," Cooper laughs. "And then the name stuck."

    The band found their way on the buzzed-about Exclamationaire EP, hashing out and exploring what would become their musical identity as they developed into the rock n' roll monster with a brutal underbelly they are today. "It was pretty much a collection of songs written while we were trying to figure out our sound," Cooper says.

    Salt Lake City's Sound Vs. Silence label supported them early on. Then, after the band demoed three tracks in Nashville with producer Jeremiah Scott (Showdown, Living Sacrifice), they caught the attention of Solid State. The band teamed up with Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Eighteen Visions) in early 2006 to craft their album.

    "Shock Value," Twelve Gauge Valentine's Solid State debut, is chock full of delicious rock posturing, positive and uplifting messages, and heavy jams sure to please people weaned on classic styles as much as the average mosh-pit frequenting bruisers.

    Imagine the Southern friend metallic hardcore of Norma Jean and the similarly erratic chaos of Every Time I Die colliding with the butt-kicking rock of AC/DC. Add to that an image that is at once lacking in pretension, self-consciousness, "darkness" or tough guy attitudes, and you get Twelve Gauge Valentine. What's the most shocking thing about Twelve Gauge Valentine's "Shock Value?" Perhaps that behind the furious stomping metal n' roll, there's a group of guys full of humor, grace and good vibes.

    "You can pursue rock n' roll without having to live the so-called rock n' roll 'lifestyle,'" Cooper says, with typical good-natured charm. "We want to have a good time, have a positive message, and share our music." Kids who swear by AC/DC with equal appreciation for modern day mosh, but don't wear makeup or jerseys? Truly shocking!

    The band formed under the original lineup of Jonathon Cooper on bass, Josh White on guitar, Josh Gross on guitar, Jonathon Webster on drums, and Jon Green on vocals. This lineup recorded the Exclamationaire album in 2005. In 2006 Josh Gross left and the band recorded Shock Value as a 4-piece with White doing both guitar tracks. Shortly after the release of this album another guitarist was added with no information given other than his name being Kyle Snellenberger. In the start of 2007 Kyle, Josh White, and Jonathon Webster parted from the band, and thus Josh Fife (Jon Green's younger brother) was brought on board as guitarist. New Orleans based Michael Watson replaced Webster, and Florida based Jake Campbell had been pulled in on second guitar.

    The band moved to Tampa Bay, Florida in Fall 2007 with plans to write a new album, but in November 2007 they announced that they would be disbanding after a short farewell tour.

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