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Song By Song: Phil King, 'Bless My Soul'
In his own words, the artist shares the inspiration behind his new songs on 'Bless My Soul'

AN EXCLUSIVE SONG-BY-SONG FEATURE, Song By Song: Phil King, 'Bless My Soul'
Posted: July 10, 2024 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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Phil King is a worship leader and singer/songwriter passionate about leading songs that will bring people close to Jesus. In his early 20s, Phil became the worship leader at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas, before taking a position as a worship pastor at Gateway Church. Most recently, Phil moved to Amarillo, Texas, with his wife to join Trinity Fellowship Church.

Even as Phil has been involved in local churches, he continues to write and release songs. His latest project, Bless My Soul, was released earlier this year. The 14-song album features collaborations with artists like Jekalyn Carr, Meredith Andrews, and more.

Here's a breakdown of Phil's new album Bless My Soul--song by song, told in the words of Phil himself.


"Worry" is a big deal for believers to be listening to in a world that is going crazy with so many things to be worried about. I believe we need to hear the words of this song often. Plus, it's fun, uplifting, and catchy. This song is one to turn on and turn up for your friends to hear.


"Every Day"

"Every Day" is a soulful, groovy, and joyful song reminding us that we must steer the ship of our souls no matter what's happening around us. Jekalyn Carr sings on this track, so it's full of her vocal prowess. There are many reminders in this song that King David first penned in the Psalms. He set the example in Scripture to take charge of our soul and its well-being--a common theme in this song.


"Mercy of Jesus"

"Mercy of Jesus" is a sincere and broken cry to Jesus for mercy and forgiveness. The Bible says a broken and contrite heart pleases the Lord in our worship, and the words of this song bear this spirit from the prodigal son's perspective. Guest vocalist Daniel Doss enriches this track with a uniquely soulful depth.


"Psalm 23 (I Am Not Alone)"

"Psalm 23 (I Am Not Alone)" is a beloved song originally released as a call and response by People & Songs a few years ago. Meredith Andrews and I recorded it as a powerful anthem that has made its way around radio. The impact of reassurance found in Psalm 23 and its reach into the hearts of listeners cannot be overstated.


"On These Lips"

"On These Lips" is a joy-filled song that makes you want to jump, shout, and dance as you listen. This song talks about the highs and lows of life and how God is good and faithful through every last bit of what life brings. Get ready to jump when you reach the chorus of this one.


"I'm Gonna Fly"

"I'm Gonna Fly" is for the dreamers holding onto a promise from God that they have not yet seen come to pass. It vividly reminds us that all we go through is only a process God will use to prepare us and allow us to step into His promises. I hope you find great comfort and confidence in the lyrics of this song. 


"He's Way Ahead of You"

"He's Way Ahead of You" is a song you must share with anyone experiencing a tough season. It's an encouragement-loaded track that I am honored to share with Guy Penrod. The song's lyrics, in light of his personal history with Jesus, convey support and affection from the most fatherly voice singing over you as you listen.


"Heaven, Heaven"

"Heaven, Heaven" speaks to the longing of anyone who has endured the loss of a loved one or found themselves in a not-so-great situation while on this side of eternity with Jesus. This song is great for memorial services or even for listening when you need to get your mind off this world and onto what awaits all who call upon the name of the Lord and hope in Him.


"Forgive Us (Our Confession)"

"Forgive Us (Our Confession)" is a sincere plea before the Lord and people on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ for things we have not done right. No one is perfect--even those in full-time ministry. This song offers a model for confessing sin and a humble petition for God's forgiveness. The lyrics ask God to restore all of us to be His pure Bride, without spot or wrinkle. I am honored to share this track with Chris Burns, a worship leader, teacher, apostle, and voice to the Church today. 


"You Are So Beautiful"

"You Are So Beautiful" is a cover of the beloved Billy Preston song made famous by Joe Cocker. On this occasion, as an epilogue to "Forgive Us (Our Confession)," it's sung to the Lord as the perfect example of who we desire to be like. I hope you find this rendition moving and it evokes deep adoration and worship within you as it did to me.


"Nothing's Changed"

"Nothing's Changed" is an anthem about the unchangedness of Jesus Christ--the only rock and the refuge for all who need shelter and salvation. I loved recording this song, especially amid the rapidly changing world that seems to be getting darker and darker. But in the midst of this, the light and draw to Jesus can only get brighter and brighter. That's what this song is all about.


"My Sin, My Sin"

"My Sin, My Sin" centers on the heart of God to forgive us and show us mercy. We don't worship Him and thank Him for no reason--it's because He has been kind and good to us. He paid every one of our debts past, present, and future. This song is a grateful reflection on this Truth. Lindell Cooley lends his legendary voice and heart to this message and includes a special appearance by my mother, Stephanie King.


"I Was Glad"

"I Was Glad" is like joining a Jesus party in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. Lindell Cooley is featured again on this track and it was an absolute blast. You'll want to make sure your dancing shoes are on before you max the volume out on this song.


"Bless My Soul"

I wrote "Bless My Soul" 12 years before recording this album. The track is a soulful rock and blues fusion, bringing life and energy to the lyrics that testify about what Jesus did for me and what he can do for you. If you like rockin' guitar tones and blues riffs that slay, I know you'll thoroughly enjoy it.


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