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Songs of Blessing
NRT's Selena Schulz shares music for those walking through a storm

Posted: October 27, 2022 | By: SelenaSchulz_NRT
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I find it ironic that I'm writing this article and right out my window, the trees are swaying, the wind is howling, and the rain is gushing down. There's a hurricane passing over me, but isn't there always? In my scenario, it's happening literally. But figuratively, hurricanes consistently bombard our lives with challenges. We feel as if we're being blown away by the forceful gusts of winds of this world, pelted with opinions from all points of view. Then, we have peace, the eye of the storm, a temporary respite before the rain picks up again. 

That second round is when the despair seeps into our minds. This is the point where we doubt God the most. We already lived through one hurricane, why another one? But, despite the doubts more forceful winds will come.

It's times like these when I see people I care about feeling defeated. And it's when I wish I could show them a radar map of their life. As in, "Look how far you've come in comparison to the amount you have left to go." Of course, this isn't possible in the real sense.

But several artists have figured out how to condense this hope into a song. Some songs speak of blessings for listeners. And some speak of the Lord's blessings for everyone. A few songs about the Lord's blessings are what I offer you in this article.

At the end of the day, I can't save those weakening hearts from the hurricane. But Jesus can, and that's the blessing to latch onto forever. 

"In Jesus' Name (God Of Possible)" by Katy Nichole

Contemporary artist Katy Nichole recently broke into the Christian music scene with her instant hit, "In Jesus' Name (God Of Impossible," not only because of her stellar vocals but because of how passionately she sings the lyrics: "I pray for your healing/That circumstances would change." There's a sense of true belief; she cares about those listening and it shows. 

This song is the definition of an anthem for me. It's able to take so many different forms for people in doubt inside and outside the Christian community. When all else fails, it's a prayer that will save. It's a prayer that keeps the light of one's soul shining bright in the darkness. So, with confidence, "I pray that a breakthrough would happen today/I pray for miracles over your life in Jesus' name." Would you believe me if I said that your life's circumstances are going to change? Jesus covers us in blessing; He heals in the middle of the most treacherous storm.

Favorite lyric: "I pray that the fear inside would flee in Jesus' name/I pray that a breakthrough would happen today/I pray for miracles over your life in Jesus' name, in Jesus' name."


"The Blessing" by Kari Jobe

"The Blessing," sung by popular worship artist Kari Jobe, has been a worship staple since its release two years ago. The diversity within the song, between the verses and the chorus, the bridge, and the tags, makes for a listening experience like no other. More than that though, the message is clear: "He is for you." Even when it doesn't feel like it. Even when you don't want Him to be. "He is for you." In every season, He is for you. "In your weeping and rejoicing, He is for you."

God breathed life into us; He didn't make that decision lightly, nor will He abandon that creation. No, "He is for you." You're His creation, and He's your purpose. He'll always be with you and healing penetrates through that statement; there's a blessing woven into every layer of this song. 

Favorite lyric: "The Lord bless you/And keep you/Make His face shine upon you/And be gracious to you."


"Counting Every Blessing" by Rend Collective 

This upbeat jam, sung by alternative Christian band Rend Collective, contrasts with the last featured song but has the same messages: God's goodness and His desire to lavish His children with an overabundance of blessings. Beyond any adjectives, He is Lord. 

The song's title speaks to me because of the times when I thought I couldn't find anything to be grateful for. It was the dark nights and dreaded mornings that I scribbled one good thing on a piece of paper. Scribbled one good thing: that's all I made myself do.

Some days I jotted down one good thing and some days there were more. But every day, there was Jesus. I encourage you to try this tactic of counting your blessings because there's always more than meets the eye. Then, even when it feels like there's not, there's Jesus: "Through every storm and gale," there He is. He always is, and oh Lord, "You are good to me."

Favorite lyric: "You were there in the valley of shadows/You were there in the depth of my sorrows/You're my strength, my hope for tomorrow/I've been blessed beyond all measure."


"Feels Like a Blessing" by Benjamin William Hastings and JUDAH

Something would have been wrong if I wrote an article about blessing and left this song out. Aside from my respect for Benjamin Hastings as a worship leader, I admire his vulnerability, because he dares to work out his faith in the form of music. For example, this song is a celebration of how far he's come on his faith journey. And after following his journey for nearly a year, it's something that resonates with me. 

I pray that you latch onto the heavenly joy presented in this song and never let go. The lyrics "I've been bleeding out from my anxiety/But it feels like a blessing falling on me" hit me hard. It proves that God works in the most disparate of situations. There is adequate worldly reason to doubt during the downpour, but there is even more evidence that He'll come through in the end.

The melody's highlight came for me in the bridge when Benjamin sings "Both love and pain have their place in the heart/So don't curse at the light while you learn from the dark." I don't think any elaboration I provide will do those lines justice, so I ask you to read the lyrics and listen to the song. You never know what God may reveal to you in three minutes; the fresh sound might change your perspective as it did mine. 

Favorite lyric: "Both love and pain have their place in the heart/So don't curse at the light while you learn from the dark/O, life be long, so, when death sets us free/It feels like a blessing falling on me."


"How Deep Is The Love" by Hillsong Young & Free

I found "How Deep Is Your Love" by Hillsong Young & Free on accident. I pressed play on the tune while on the hunt for one last song about blessing. I was searching for songs with "blessing" in the title, anything that spoke of us receiving a blessing from the Lord. But God is a Father who deserves more; the smooth voices in this song offer Him praise and that gratitude is the perfect note with which to finish off this article. 

There's nothing wrong with praying for a change in circumstances, especially when its reversal would result in a greater revival for Jesus. But I believe that we are given situations for a reason. How are we ever going to spread the Word of God if we pray every opportunity away? We're not.

So instead, we must rest in the promise of God and His past blessings. "I'll never forget all You've done," the worship team sings in the song. Is this question true for you? His blessings are vast and His love, of course, is deep. He won't put us in the fire alone, and I encourage you with that today because I know how scarring those fires can be.

Amid the pain, remember the purpose. God's love is deep, so we must acknowledge that purpose alongside our cries for change. His blessing overflows onto us, so let's sing about that while blessing Him today. "No valley out dives Your depths of devotion/You lay me down in green pastures/So I'll rest beside Your still waters."

Favorite lyric: "The deepest of seas and furthest horizons/Can't even begin to speak of Your kindness/While I ran so far in rebellion/Still You gave Your life without question."


Selena Schulz is NRT’s youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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