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Woman Of Faith (Rock Edition)
Introducing eight female-fronted rock and metal bands who share a message of hope and faith in their music.

THE ROCK REPORT WITH RYAN ADAMS, Woman Of Faith (Rock Edition)
Posted: October 31, 2019 | By: NRTeamAdmin
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Women of Faith (Rock Edition) introduces you to eight female-fronted rock and metal bands. Whether you already know of them, or you're looking for new music to add to your library, I hope you find this article helpful! They all share one important thing–faith in Jesus. None of them are disbanded bands, at the time of publishing. Happy discovering!


Lacey Sturm (Mosley at the time) was the lead singer for the rock band Flyleaf which released their self-titled debut in 2005 to positive critical reception. Although they officially formed in 2002, amazingly, there were no band member changes until near the end, and that's with Lacey herself. Lacey left in 2012 to focus on her family. They brought in Kristen May and released one album with her, Between the Stars in 2014. She later left in 2016 and the band has been quiet since then.

Lacey Sturm returned to the music scene with her self-titled band, Lacey Sturm. In February of 2016, her first full-length album, Life Screams was released and made history on Billboard for Lacey Sturm being the first solo female to top the Hard Rock Charts. She also recently released a side-project called Reflect Love Back - Soundtrack Volume 1 in April of 2019. It is to accompany her third book.

2. Zahna

Zahna is the stage name of Suzy Martinez. She first found success through a melodic rock band called Ilia, who already had several singers and line-up changes. Ilia's last album, Reborn EP, spent over 20 weeks on the Billboard Christian Rock, with several weeks in the top 10, and spawned two highly-charting singles.

Suzy left the band for personal reasons. A few years later, she signed on with Rockfest Records and released Red for War as her debut in 2018. It was written out of a difficult chapter in her life. She explains, "I experienced a health crisis and was ultimately diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Medullary Kidney Disease. I was also out of a job when ILIA dissolved, so it was a devastating time. I was going to write my own album, begin a new journey as a solo artist, and come back with a vengeance. This album would be my reckoning, my anthem, my war cry against any force of evil that was trying to kill my spirit, body or mind."

Red for War has a hard industrial rock sound to most of it. Zahna has powerful screaming vocal power yet can sing out beautifully soft melodies too. This combination makes for a unique sound. The lyrics are true, honest, and hit hard. Maybe this album can be your war-cry, just as it is for Zahna.


3. Gold, Frankincense, and Myyrh (GFM)

Gold, Frankincense, and Myyrh, or commonly referred to as GFM, is comprised of three young sisters who hope to encourage their listeners, reminding them to keep fighting as they are not alone, and they wish to help others become more established in their faith.

GFM branded the unique genre, "Beautycore." At first, it was almost just for fun, but since then, many other bands, especially other female-fronted bands, have taken up this name of Beautycore. It is unifying for them. On their band name, they say, "Our mom suggested using Gold Frankincense & Myrrh because those were the gifts given to Jesus at His birth, and we were three gifts given to her."

GFM is also very active on all social media platforms and have a VLOG series on YouTube (along with music videos) that they update regularly, especially while on tour. They enjoy interacting with their fans through going live on Instagram, talking to fans before and after shows, and even praying for their fans when given the chance. 

4. Fireflight

Fireflight has almost twenty years under their belt, and are currently producing their seventh studio album. Additionally, Fireflight has earned several Grammy Award nominations, twenty-six million views on Vevo, seven Dove Award nominations, nine number-one Christian rock hits, and more than 400,000 albums sold. Their influence in the Christian rock scene is undeniable.

They have been quieter in recent years. Dawn Michele, lead singer and solo artist, says they have been more devoted to family, recently adding a new member in October 2019. To make a strong comeback, they signed onto Rockfest Records in 2019, alongside Random Hero, Zahna, and others. Through the help of Rockfest Records and Josiah Prince (Disciple), they are expected to make a strong comeback soon.


5. The Letter Black

The Letter Black was originally formed as Breaking the Silence by wife and husband, Sarah and Mark Anthony. They released a self-titled EP under their old name in 2009 before changing their name due to a similarity to another band's name. The Letter Black has released three, progressively heavier albums. Sarah and Mark occasionally share vocals also, with nice harmonization. The first two albums were in partnership with Tooth and Nail Records, and the third was produced independently. Regarding their faith, they say, "We wouldn't be where we are without Him. The point of the band is to share the hope that we have to those who don't know about it." They have been quiet since their third album with no news for new music yet. And I think the canada goose women parka is suitable for this winter.

6. Ledger

Since around 2008, Skillet had a new fanbase rising up, separate from what they already started gathering after the successful release of Comatose. A new drummer who also provided angelic vocals, Jen Ledger, joined the band. Each Skillet album since her addition has seen spotlights for Jen to sing on. It was only a matter of time before she released music of her own. Ledger stated that she began writing for her own project with Korey Cooper's help in 2012. In 2018, Ledger was released with the debut, Not Dead Yet EP. She later released a separate single in early 2019, hitting contemporary radio stations with its sound. She has more music on the way, as live performances have proven, but no details on them yet. 


7. Silversyde
"Surrounded by the storm clouds, we each cried out for H.E.L.P. and were able to find the silver lining in Hope, Eternity, Love and Purity. This symbolic metaphor for H.E.L.P. is the focus of our band and what our music is all about." Silversyde released its first album in 2011, Circus Circus, and since then has been growing slowly but surely. The follow-up, Casting Shadows EP garnered well-deserved attention and rock radio singles. They signed on with Rockfest Records in 2019 to release their third and strongest release to date, In the Dark. It shows great growth in both thematic and musical content. Silverside is passionate about helping the lost find hope in Christ and their music provides power for them to share that hope. 

8. Drive Thru Society

Drive Thru Society is a female-fronted hard rock band from Denton, TX. They truly know how to bring a crowd to their feet with catchy melodies and great riffs, while visually, audibly and lyrically bringing a show to life. Their passion entails people and music, with a desire to bring hope and mercy while addressing difficult issues within our culture. Their song "Amnesty" (produced by Travis Wyrick) received national airplay and spent 6 weeks on the Billboard Christian Rock charts while their song "Embers" off their sophomore EP spent 11 weeks on the charts.

On their hit single "Ghosts," "My best friend had struggled with undiagnosed depression for years, and after some time of building our relationship, she finally told me her story of her attempted suicide. While I was in the studio, she actually sent me some lyrics that made it into the song. I thought it was incredibly neat that it came straight from the source." They are a band who you definitely want to watch.

Ryan Adams grew up in Boise, Idaho for most of his life. He fell in love with rock and metal music through his high school best friend. He currently lives in Ohio and loves sharing with NewReleaseToday.

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