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The Heart And Its Hope [edit]
by SHINEBRIGHT | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 22, 2009

Shine Bright Baby's first full length album garnered them great reviews, with a fun, alternative rock sound.

Track Listing
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01. Deadbolt
02. Heartbreak!
03. We Were Made To
04. 1000 Ideals of Man
05. I'm Temporary

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The Heart And Its Hope | Posted July 28, 2013
I absolutely love these guys! I always have one of their songs stuck in my head! They remind me a lot of Paramore, and I was surprised that they sounded this great being so young.Definitely buy this cd, you won't regret it!

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nice! | Posted July 17, 2013

I love your stuff! You should really check these guys out! They are great! Listen to their stuff! They love Jesus and that is the most important thing! Take a listen to this stuff and buy and comment and share and like and everything!!!

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The Heart And Its Hope | Posted February 01, 2011
Shine Bright Baby is a new and coming up band out of Orrville, Ohio. Posed to perform at Creation 2011, I'm sure people will want to know how their music stands up. This is a review of their first album which was released in 2009.

"Deadbolt" starts things off with a fast electric guitar intro, which immediately catches your attention. As Emily starts singing, you notice she sounds a lot like Hayley Williams of Paramore. She can hold her own however. "Deadbolt" is a great song about supporting a friend in a hard time, and giving a great message of hope and love. Midway through, the song slows a bit, and Emily and one of the male members (he has a decent voice, he just sounds a little deadpan) sing of how they've been through hard times. The song speeds back up and Emily ends the song with the plea, "You can give up on me, but don't give up on love." I really enjoy this track, both lyrically and musically. If you're new to Shine Bright Baby, I advise you to at least give this song a chance. You can download the acoustic version of this song FREE on their Pure Volume.

The second track is called, "Heartbreak!" It's another rocker, an again has a strong intro. It has a very Paramore-esque feel. The lyrics speak of someone who has been put down and broken. The Chorus says, "Who told you that you’re not good enough? Who filled your head with lies and undermined everything you are? Who told you that there’s something wrong? There’s nothing wrong with the way you are." This song is great lyrically, but I feel the music is a bit generic, like I've heard it before. That does not mean it's not an excellent song, however.

"We Were Made To" is next, and slows things down some, but it's definitely not a ballad. I enjoyed the verses on this song, but the chorus seems a bit cookie cutter. The chorus feels like it should be on a Hillsong album. Otherwise, I found this song to be strong vocally, lyrically, and musically. Emily has a very strong, beautiful voice.

Next to last on the album is "1000 Ideals of Man". It starts of with a retro feeling intro, which I really like. I found this song to be a favorite! A song of how we can be stuck in the "ideals of man", but yet we long for more. This song mixed things up a bit, throwing a hint of male screaming into the beginning of the second verse. I definitely didn't expect that! This song is also filled with thought provoking lyrics such as "My soul is aching for something more glorious than what I see. Another smudged page is turning with a salty stain. Crooked and depraved is such an awful state…I’m left jaded in the wake of one thousand ideals of man, but none of them can stand beneath the pressure!" This song experimented a bit, and we are given a great song full of thought provoking lyrics, strong vocals and music.

"I'm Temporary" is the closer, and the only ballad on the album. It starts off with the story of wrestling an angel, but before the angel left, she wanted to know if she was strong enough to do God's will. It's a beautiful, almost modern retelling of when Jacob wrestled an angel. I know it's long, but I want to include these lyrics in my review. The 2nd verse says, "The leaves rustled on the ground, and I found myself afraid. It’s not lack of faith, I swear. But today, I feel so inadequate. And maybe today I’ll wander but I am never lost. I’ll walk through the flames if it refines my heart, that’s so untamed. The impact causes these grave clothes to fall… so I can now be whole. As Israel who cried, “I have seen the face of God! I have seen the face of God!” Whoa…". Beautiful, amazing song. I love the Biblical nature of this song. Not the most experimental ballad I've ever heard, but this is an amazing song.

Overall, Shine Bright Baby is a band that can be easily compared to Paramore, but with Biblical lyrics and a bit of a different sound. If I did have to compare them with another band though, it would be Paramore.

This album is full of great lyrics and strong vocals. I just find the music to be not quite as breaking the mold, but I can overlook that.It's definitely a strong debut, and if I can go to Creation this year, I will definitely try to see them.

I would recommend this cd to anyone looking for a good, Christian alternative to Paramore or Evanescence.

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