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Anthem Song [edit]
by Aaron Gillespie | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 08, 2011

Aaron Gillespie is a name widely recognized by many…as being apart of Underoath and The Almost. Now closing a chapter of his music career with Underoath and starting a new chapter with his worship project Anthem Song, Aaron is able to express the cry of his heart. Aaron co-wrote with Paul Baloche, Delirious, and a few others to bring you a worship album that is from the heart, but with an edgy pop vibe.

Track Listing
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01. All Things
02. Hosanna
03. Washed Away
04. Earnestly I Seek Thee
05. We Were Made For You
06. I Will Worship You
07. Anthem Song
08. You Are Jesus
09. You Are My Everything
10. Your Song Goes On Forever
11. I Am Your Cup

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Not enough stars to rate this | Posted February 10, 2012
 Prepare yourself, not for this review, but for this album. Because of you let it, it WILL change you. I've always loved Aaron and when I found out about His solo album, I could not wait! I knew itd be amazing before it even came out. How? Because Aaron is such a talented on fire man of God. So there is no way he could create something terrible! This man has so much announcing on his life. He has such a bright future ahead of h. Oh back to the album! Haha. I listened to it for like everyday for eight months straight. I even got my family listening and singing to it! We were made for you would have to be the most amazing track, but the rest follow right behind it. I love every song off the album. This album is more amazing than he even knows. What I know is that I thnk God for this album because it has affected my life HUGELY. I'm still just as in love with the songs as I have ever been. Yes, I'm in love with the album haha. It's so different from anything else. It's so pure and just amazing. Prepare yourself for its awesomeness. Just buy it. You won't regret it. 

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great album | Posted May 19, 2011
never thought that Aaron would make such a great worship album. he was in the Underoath (metal core) and still with the Almost (punk rock) and suddenly a one great worship album! that's just amazing! Aaron, you're amazing! this is one of the best worship album in my life!

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gizmodad (75)

Excellent worship album! | Posted March 28, 2011
Since joining Underoath over ten years ago, Aaron Gillespie has been full of success, from forming his side project The Almost and producing the hit single "Hands", to now producing his debut solo worship album. Anthem Song is 11 songs of straightforward, upbeat worship tunes that encourage us to sing praises to our almighty God.

The album kicks off in superb fashion with "All Things", an upbeat reminder that God is in control and that he holds the world in his hands. Aaron has humbly described this song as a "U2 rip off" as the delay effected guitar work is incredibly similar to that of U2's hit "Pride (In The Name Of Love)". The lyrics of the chorus were outstanding. "No life, no death/Could keep you away...No light, no depth/Could keep you away..." The following song "Hosanna", written by worship leader Paul Baloche, stands out for its rocking upbeat and worshipful chorus, "Hosanna, hosanna/You are the God who saves us, worthy of all praises/...Come have your way among us, we welcome You here Lord Jesus." 

"Washed Away" is a excellently arranged track. with a beautiful piano line and an encouraging message describing a desire to be closer to God and feel his loving grace. This song then immediately leads into the slow and gentle acoustic-driven track "Earnestly I Seek Thee", co-written with Stu Garrard from Delirious?.  Aaron's voice shines brightly in this song, as it eventually builds up into a passionate chorus with amazing lyrics. "None by You and You alone/Take my life and make it your own/In my offering build you home/Earnestly I seek thee."

The first single "We Were Made For You" follows, singing about how we were made to have a relationship with God.  "I Will Worship You" is a very powerful acoustic-driven track that talks about worshiping God through any circumstances that we might be going through in life. It is easily my favourite song off Anthem Song. Starting off on the slower side of things with some gentle acoustic strumming, the song then builds up into an incredibly passionate bridge with Aaron's vocals during the lyrics "Hallelujah, our God reigns!" showing off just how much talent he possesses.

The title track "Anthem Song" leans on the quicker side of things, as it talks about how God has given each of us an "anthem" to sing, and encourages us to share our song of truth, live and love with the world. "Hear it rise, our hearts they cry/Your anthem song, it goes on and on." "You Are Jesus" is a touching song where Aaron humbles himself before the Lord sining that Jesus is everything he needs to be satisfied in this life. "You are Jesus, You are Jesus/You are everything I need/You are holy, I am dirty/in You I am made clean...". "You Are My Everything" emphasizes a similar message to the preceding track as it describes how Jesus' love is everything we need when our world comes crashing down.

"Your Song Goes On Forever" ties in with the album's theme as it sings about how God's "song" will go on for all eternity. "Your song goes on forever/I will sing my part with all my heart/Your song goes on forever/I will bless Your name/I will sing Your praise." The closing song "I Am Your Cup" is a raw acoustic track that describes a prayer from Aaron where he asks God to fill his cup with His almighty love. "I am Your cup/Come fill me with Your love/My heart's in Your hands/It's broken for You...". This song closed the album in spectacular fashion and leaves the listener with an excellent idea of what Aaron Gillespie was trying to communicate with Anthem Song.

Overall, Anthem Song was a very enjoyable listen and one that gave me a surprise. I've never been a fan of The Almost and Underoath, and my knowledge of Aaron Gillespie was limited. Although Aaron doesn't bring anything new to the table regarding sound and lyrics, I am very pleased with what I've heard. 
Aaron's passionate voice and the album's simple yet remarkable theme were very endearing.This project is full of upbeat worship tracks that really reminded me to take some time out and simply praise God for who He is, and to keep singing the "anthem song" that God has given me.

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Too many covers, but pretty good! :) | Posted March 26, 2011
I find that covers are usually annoying and repetitive, especially as there are several of them on this album.  That being said, "We Were Made For You" is definetively a standout song.  I am happy that he is no longer on the screamo band Underoath!  I really do not like that band!  A good thing that now I can finally understand what he sings!  :)

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justink (115)

Pleasantly Surprised | Posted March 26, 2011
I was pleasantly surprised by this CD. I really wasn't expecting what I heard- hahaha. It was actually good! I could understand him! We Were Made for You is a great song the rest of the album was good too. 

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More Than I hoped for! | Posted March 26, 2011
 This is a great worship album that I highly recommend people checking out! "We Were Made For You" is one of the best worship songs I have ever heard. But that's not the only great track. This album as a whole is full of gems and it will be well your time to grab this and spend time worshipping God!

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Amazing | Posted March 26, 2011
this album is awesome! lifts me up 

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Go buy it | Posted March 25, 2011
 I only just got this album and haven't really worn into yet, but I can tell you that immediately, the music, the lyrics, Aaron's voice, just sucked me into a deeper place.  This is a really heartfelt creative piece of art that really defies what worship albums have become over the years which is basically expected and substandard.  Aaron was doing worship music in Underoath, what Aaron has done in the past, for example the likes of "Amazing Because It Is," and "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape", I mean this music has always been apart of what he does, and this album is a natural progression of that and an intimate conversation with Jesus not a lucrative career thing.  It's great music, sincere and beautiful.

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great album | Posted March 21, 2011
 my sons showed me this album. we listen to it in the car a lot. i really like aaron.

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bplego (25)

great album | Posted March 18, 2011
 this guy has a true heart for the Lord and if you haven't heard this album, you'll love his worship music.

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