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Real Life [edit]
by Lincoln Brewster | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 28, 2010

Join chart-topping worship leader Lincoln Brewster as he builds on his success with songs written about life, God, and family. Includes "Best Days," "I Belong to You," "Shout (He's the Saving One)," "Made for More," "Reaching for You," "More Than Amazing," "So Good," "Whom Shall I Fear" (with Kari Jobe), "Loved by You," and the title track.

Track Listing
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01. Best Days
02. Reaching For You
03. More Than Amazing
04. Real Life
05. So Good
06. I Belong To You
07. Whom Shall I Fear (Featuring Kari Jobe)
08. Loved By You
09. Made For More
10. Shout For Joy

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#8 Album Of 2010 | Posted December 21, 2010
One of the most talented guitarists in Christian music is taking his skills once again and using it to amp up his songwriting that has, for the most part, been for the church. Real Life is a dynamic worship release with "Shout For Joy," "Best Days," "Reaching For You" and "So Good" leading the energetic charge. "Reaching For You," "More Than Amazing" and "Whom Shall I Fear" (featuring Kari Jobe) are some of the best worship choruses I've heard all year. But the song that grips me and gets me excited about the album is the title track.

"Real Life" is a great singer/song-writer style song, not meant for Sunday morning at all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this didn't eventually find its way to an audience on country music. The song is a riveting reminder of time gone by and solidifies Lincoln as more than just a worship leader (not that there's any wrong with that at all).

Overall, Real Life is one of Lincoln Brewster's best albums to date. His guitar shines almost as bright as his vocals, and is truly unmatched in Christian music, let alone the worship sub-genre. You don't want to miss this great album by this fantastic artist.

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chjolo (1)

Sounds Familiar | Posted September 14, 2010
Lincoln Brewster is a phenomenal guitarist, musician, worship leader, and worshiper. His extraordinary talent and heart is undeniable. I will always endorse and listen to him.

However, I must say that with this album, I felt like I was listening to Chris Tomlin. ...And Hillsong. ...And Tenth Avenue North, Charlie Hall, The Afters, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, and all the other radio-ready Christian bands that are popular right now. All of the songs sounded way too familiar. I didn't find anything uniquely interesting or interestingly unique. The tempos and feels of all the songs were very similar.

Unfortunately, aside from the occasional cool guitar moments, this album only dumped more filler into the big pot of Contemporary Christian music.

If there is something positive I can say about this CD, it would be that Lincoln seemed to stray from speedy, cliche, guitar spasms in favor of simpler, more melodic solos and riffs. I certainly don't mind fast guitar licks as long as they make sense and are in the right context. However, I enjoy hearing more heartfelt and emotional playing.

This album is by no means BAD, but I certainly would not call it good. It's more of the same stuff I hear on the radio and on Sunday mornings. I'm disappointed, but I will continue to support Mr. Brewster. I pray the best for him.

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Real Music | Posted September 14, 2010
A solid album overall in the vein of previous Lincoln Brewster albums. It sounds more reminiscent of his earlier material. The guitar work is used as an accent almost to a fault. There are bright moments where Mr. Brewster's talent on the single coil really shines. In the context of the worshipful songs it can sound not quite right. Material from the "Live" album seems more at home with the shredding guitar riffs and playfulness not present on "Real Life".

These are modern worship songs, however, and I wish that Lincoln would trade in his relationship with "Hillsong" for something more akin to a rebel's attitude where the music is not so comfortable in a church setting. The choruses are easy to sing and I like the melodies but there is nothing that challenges me in this material.

The lyrics are Christian and all but I think that I will go listen to "Let the praises ring". It is still ringing in my ears despite just hearing "Real Life".

By the way "Amazing is a nice departure for Lincoln and fits his vocal style well.


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Octavious Brewsterus | Posted October 04, 2010
As a guitar hobbyist I must preface my remarks by admitting to my admiration for Lincoln's command of the fretboard. His seemingly effortless ability to incorporate so many styles into his worship music are enviable. My first thoughts on the first two songs of this album were "Lincoln is hanging out with Keith Urban and Jeff Carlisi." I like it.
"Best Days" has the modern country rock feel. The upbeat good feeling music paired with upbeat inspirational lyrics make for a decent song but not one I expect to hear at my local Worship service unless its playing on the CD player after Church.
"Reaching for You" Great pick for the first single. The opening hook grabs your attention reminiscent of my favorite southern rock songs, but it quickly changes gear as the first lyrics reveal the true nature of this song. Combining this with his octave jumping vibrato, and trademark lead riffs make this a hit for me.
"More than Amazing" Slam on the brakes and take a hard right...A true worship song. I can see this one being played in local services but not surprising considering the co-author of this song.
"Real Life" Lyrically one of the most introspective songs I've heard from Lincoln and an appropriate placement behind the previous title in the song list.
"So Good" Straighten her out and drop her into third. Classic Brewster sound. I really like the musical drive and lyrical content of this song.
"I Belong to You" The first song on this album not co-written by Lincoln but I can see why it appeals to him. It fits the theme of the album well and sprinkling some Brewster flavoring in the music makes it his.
"Whom Shall I Fear" Down shift and back to worship mode. Ethereal and tastefully phrased I found it hard to type with one hand because the other one kept reaching up in praise. Kari Jobe adds the finishing touch to this song.
"Loved by You" Continuing worship in this song just flows from the previous song.
"Made for More" Another introspective glimpse into the life of Lincoln and I like this side of him. His priorites are in the right place.
"Shout for Joy" Great way to end the album. this song should make the rotation in many contemporary Worship services. It's got Paul Baloche written all over it. Musically playable and lyrically simple but gets the message across.
My only complaint is not the music as much as the production. This is a typical Integrity Music album. It fits the mold of the modern Christian music business a little too much for me. I've seen Lincoln play live and he is much more raw and personal in that venue than he is digitized on a piece of plastic. Overall I applaud the content and I'm waiting for the 28th of September.

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Fantastic | Posted September 25, 2010
What an awesome set of songs from Lincoln Brewster. It's become a normal expectation, but again Lincoln soars high with his new album "Real Life"! I've been awaiting the release of this one for a while and I must say it was worth the wait!

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Another wonderful project by Brewster | Posted September 22, 2010
Next to Phil Keaggy, I consider Lincoln Brewster the finest guitarist in Christian music, but more importantly, Brewster's heart for worship and his love for God rings powerfully in every song he writes. This album continues an excellent combination of fantastic musicianship and heartfelt adoration to our wonderful Savior. I was blown away by the passion and depth of this project and I thank the Lord for the wonderful album that this is. In my opinion, I really was blessed by the wide variety that is offered on this project. To the riveting guitar sounds to the reflective ballad-like songs, this project encompasses a wide variety of expressions in worshiping the Lord. Perhaps the variety is a fitting tribute to the title of this CD which is "Real Life." Life can be an assortment of experiences and emotions and to incorporate this into a worship album is a stroke of genius. After all, our adoration for God should be reflected in all of our life-no matter what season we are going through. In conclusion, this is a wonderful project and I thank the Lord for Lincoln Brewster's effort.

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tomlew (2)

Amazing! | Posted September 21, 2010
This artist continues to amaze me with his songwriting as well as his musical ability with the guitar. He is truly an anointed and gifted singer/songwriter. I highly recommend his newest project to all.

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ruthw7 (55)

Lincoln Brewster, Real Life | Posted September 21, 2010
This is a good album. Lincoln is very clear with the lyrics. Because the lyrics are very clear, I think you pay more attention to the words and phrases. I can see my church singing some of these songs in the near future.

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wencdj (34)

Real Guitar | Posted September 20, 2010
I love guitars. It's not my favorite rock instrument, that would be the synthesizer, but it's a close second. A well executed guitar solo is a thing of beauty. My introduction to Christian Music years ago came via Phil Keaggy, guitarist par excellence. One of my criticisms of modern rock, both in CCM and in the mainstream, is a fear of all things instrumental. Maybe it's the ego of the vocalist, but not every second of the song has to be filled with vocals. By way of example, one of my favorite songs of all time, Sodom, by Swedish Heavy Metal band Jerusalem, is over twelve minutes in length, but over half of it is instrumental metal.

Real Life, the seventh full length CD by Bayside Church worship pastor Lincoln Brewster, is full of great guitar solos among its ten songs. Best Days, Reaching For You, So Good, I Belong to You and Shout For Joy have excellent guitar work. That's half the album, folks.

The Track Listing:
Best Days
Reaching For You
More Than Amazing
Real Life
So Good
I Belong to You
Whom Shall I Fear (Featuring Kari Jobe)
Loved By You
Made For More
Shout For Joy

For my initial quick hit via Twitter (you can follow me at @WENCDJ) I said he had a unmemorable voice more than made up by great guitar work. By unmemorable, I don't mean bad, I just mean he sounds like a lot of other people. I referenced John Cooper of Skillet and Mac Powell of Third Day by way of comparison. You easily recognize them by their voice. Even Kari Jobe, who accompanies him on Whom Shall I Fear. While I initially blanked on her name, I immediately knew who it was.

Real Life, which releases September 28, is a good modern worship album, though some might find it a tad hard for their taste. As a guitar rock album, it is great. I'm giving it 4.5 stars. Don't be fooled by imitations, only real life will do.

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Simply amazing | Posted September 19, 2010
After streaming this album this morning, and having previously listened to 'Today Is The Day' many times over the last 2 years, I have to admit, that 'Real Life' is a big improvement. I'm not however, saying that 'Today Is The Day' needed much improvement, as in my opinion, it pushed the boundaries that the Christian worship genre had up to now. Lincoln Brewster's guitar work on 'Real Life' is simply stunning, and adds power to a group of songs that already have incredible meaning and strong lyrics. Lincoln's subtle guitar work behind the melodies gives the album something different to most other worship albums. However Lincoln's, not-so-subtle guitar solos within these songs, (and the shredding at the finale of two songs) adds something far different than really any other Christian worship album. For those who are fans of the Classic Rock genre, or the fast re-emerging Blues scene, they really have something to get very excited about - fusing worship songs with incredible, talented guitar work. Brewster's vocals on this album are far stronger than 'Today Is The Day', and his voice particularly sounds good on 'Amazing' and 'Real Life'. The entire album is refreshingly different, powerful and very uplifting. I, not only look forward to purchasing my copy of 'Real Life' when it's released, but also to hearing Lincoln's music for many, many years to come.

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Half-Country, Half-Rock | Posted September 18, 2010
Real Life is actually two mini-albums combined together to form one whole album. The first five tracks has LB channel his inner country musician to produce songs that come across like Steven Curtis Chapman or Chris Tomlin songs. That is not necessarily bad, but it is different from his previous work especially from his last album Today Is the Day. Then the last five tracks has LB settling into his similar rock-and-roll style and coming across more natural.

I was disappointed that Lincoln Brewster did not do all of the songs in his normal rock style. I can only imagine what tracks like Reaching For You and So Good would sound like if he opted for more of the same style as heard on his versions of Everlasting God and Salvation is Here. LB did not sound as comfortable vocally on the first five tracks as he does in the last five. It makes the songs not as inspiring as they could have been, in my opinion.

Overall it is not a bad album. It is definitely worth checking out if one is interested in it. But if you are familiar with Lincoln Brewster through his previous work then keep in mind that the first five tracks are a departure from his normal style. I will probably only get the last five tracks myself, but can at least recommend the album without hesitation.

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