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Fighting Instinct [edit]
by Fighting Instinct | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 27, 2006

Hailing from North Carolina, this rock trio grabs you instantly with thought provoking lyrics and a Southern swagger leaves you wanting more. Things have been a whirlwind since being discovered by Christian Music veteran Eddie DeGarmo and signing to Gotee Records. A mainstream radio promotional tour, system wide branch visits, major touring with Day of Fire and Family Force 5, performances at major summer festivals, and having their music included on everything from syndicated TV to Olympic Promotions have instilled a level of awareness that matches the intensity of their music.

Track Listing
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01. I Found Forever
02. You Don't Know
03. Crush
04. Light My Way
05. Back to You
06. My Heart Cries Out
07. The Call
08. You Found Me First
09. All Or Nothing
10. Just to Please You

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This Debut Deserves Your Attention | Posted June 10, 2007
The barrage of new rock acts hitting stores this year is pretty astonishing. Earlier this year, CCM reported that over 40 new rock acts are coming out by the end of the year. I don't care how much music you listen to, it's going to be a tough job to consume it all. Typically, quantity and quality don't play nice with each other, and what you get is a lot of sub-par releases trying to capture your attention with only a select few hitting the mark. Enter Fighting Instinct, whose debut project not only deserves your attention but crushes all other rock releases in its wake.

The debut release on Gotee Records (who seem to continually be pulling away from their hip-hop roots and embracing more of the rock acts) has the potential to become one of the best surprises of the year with radio friendly hits like "I Found Forever," "Back To You" and the energetic "You Don't Know."

The band, hailing from North Carolina, combines Southern roots and melodic sensibilities with a modern rock edge. Among their influences: classic rockers like Zeppelin and Hendrix, Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, and modern bands like Soundgarden and Foo Fighters. While their musical influences our founded in the mainstream world, their message contains something more. "[Our music is about] finding our way back to what's gotten us here, and not losing sight of that. That can mean not losing sight of life, music, faith, whatever." They sing about the call "of the great I Am" and crying out for more of God on "My Heart Cries Out."

Guitarist/vocalist TJ. Harris and drummer Dallas Farmer had played together for several years before they met up with bassist Jason Weekly in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area. The trio (yep, there's only three of them) scored a publishing deal with EMI that lead to cutting some song demos in Memphis with producer Skidd Mills, who's resume includes killer projects for Saliva, Sister Hazel and Skillet. That led to the record deal and six weeks in the studio that resulted in one of the tightest rock releases I'll be listening to for quite awhile.

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art10 (115)

Only OK | Posted July 26, 2007
When I first heard the song "Back To You" I fell in love. I loved everything about the song, the lyrics, the message, the singer, the melody, I give the song five stars. However when I heard the rest of the album, my interest in the band fell apart.

Disclaimer: I'm not a hard rock fan.

Since I don't like hard, or grunge rock, I didn't like the album. I thought all of the songs except for "Back To You", were only OK, nothing to write home about, nothing original or outstanding. Just OK. Nothing wrong with OK, but hey, it isn't five-star either. So get "Back To You", skip the rest of the album, and save yourself 45 minutes, and ten bucks.

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Great First CD | Posted January 24, 2008
TJ Harris's vocals are absolutely incredible and very unique. They are a band that is big time under rated and they deserve more credit then we give them. They love Jesus Christ and they love to rock. But both at the same time is like an icecream sundae.

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Fighting Instinct | Posted August 30, 2007
I love this CD! I was kinda suprised how good it is for a debut. They are a great band! Back To You is my favorite song off this CD. As soon as I heard it I had to get their CD!

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fighting instinct | Posted August 24, 2007
fighting instinct is a great band. They have awesome vocals and songs. Their music is rock/pop, but if you like either you'll love them. The song "Back To You" is a great got me hooked on the album!

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godawgs (65)

Good | Posted July 11, 2007
It suprised me just how good their debut album was, it was REALLY good.

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An Impressive debut! | Posted July 07, 2007
from Fighting Instinct, the latest of a literal swarm of rock acts. They play an impressive blend of Hard rock, Southern rock, and Grunge (Part of the reason I bought the cd was because of the mix of Southern rock and grunge...It interested me)
'I Found Forever' is the opening rocker on the disk, It's catchy, and serves its purpose well (interesting the listener)
Next up is hard rockin' "You Don't Know"
The grunge influence is more clear here...with clear vocals and great guitar work
'Crush' Is a a southern rock ballad, with a great chorus
'Light My Way' the first single, is an interesting song lyrically, as a call for God to guide our lives in all that we do.
'Back to you' slows things down, with an acoustic ballad, followed by 'My Heart Cries Out' which brings back the rock.
bouncing right back to ballad, we have 'The call' another song with great lyrics.
'You Found Me first' is another great song, one of my favorites with a radio ready chorus.
the final 3 songs close out the album with more mellowness.
Overall, A good though slightly uneven debut.
hope for more from this great artist!

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