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Attack of the Wolf King [edit]
by Haste The Day | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 29, 2010

Indianapolis-based Christian metalcore band Haste the Day specialize in precision-cut machine gun beats and tight, Iron Maiden-inspired “guitarmonies” paired with traditional angst-fueled screamo choruses that skillfully bring the room together. Attack of the Wolf King, the band’s fourth long-player, treats that formula like dogma. Album highlights like “Wake Up the Sun,” "The Un-Manifest,” and “Crush Resistance” benefit from strong vocals and the occasional deviation from the script, as well as a healthy respect for brevity (no epics here).

Track Listing
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01. Wake Up The Son
02. Dog Like Vultures
03. The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
04. Travesty
05. Merit For Sadness
06. The Un-Manifest
07. The Place Where Most Deny
08. White As Snow
09. Crush Resistance
10. Walk With A Crooked Spine
11. My Name Is Darkness

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted March 16, 2011
 What a time it is turning out to be for fans of Haste The Day.  The band just recently played their final show.  It's a good thing that they left us with a fantastic final album.  

Attack of the Wolf King manages to appeal to new and old fans alike.  New fans will be blown away by how well the sound bounces off each other and forms a really well written piece of music.  Brutal guitars, killer bass and drum beats, and well difined lyrics screamed by Stephen Keech are what truly makes this album very special.  Haste the Day also manages to break away from the cliched "epic" sounding song that seems to be on most metal albums.  Here, none of the songs feel very epic, although there is a hint of it in the last track "My Name Is Darkness."  

Attack of the Wolf King is a great sendoff to the fans that anyone, old or new, can enjoy time and time again.

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Awesome! | Posted August 12, 2010
I have always loved HTD, but ever since I purchased AOTWK, I cannot stop listening to them. Every song is incredible, with something great about it. The song that sticks out the most to me is "Dog Like Vultures", just the infectious chorus of this song is enough of a reason to buy this album. The clean vocals are amazing along with the screaming. Definitely an album I recommend.

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Amazing! | Posted July 24, 2010
I become a recent fan of Haste the Day in the last few years, after Stephen had taken over vocal duties and have enjoyed fallen Haste the Day and considering them one of my favorite metalcore bands. I had never really been too blown away with the days with Jimmy Ryan. He had a good voice and the band sounded awesome, but I like the more melodic, yet still heavy and brutal, direction Stephen took the band. Pressure the Hinges and Dreamer I both really enjoyed, but they still had a bit of sameness and just had their few select gems, yet something about both of them I couldn't stop listening.
So enter Attack of the Wolf King, I was very excited and went to purchase the cd release week at Walmart. I was blown away, with the addition of the two new guitars, the guitar work in the band has never sounded better. Their are some amazing riffs and breakdowns,with some amazing songs. The whole album as a whole is really solid. It is overall rather heavy as too be expected of Haste the Day, but their are also some extremely catchy choruses with most of the songs. Crush Resistance is easily my favorite song, that just comes off as a strong brutal anthem and has some awesome screams. Another highlight is The Place Most Deny, where Micah from Oh Sleeper adds in his vocals through out the song, making a very enjoyable song. But this is one great album truly made for early Haste fans or new Haste fans, either way you can't deny they made one incredible album. Like I mentioned earlier guitars were better, the drumming has strongly improved, and Stephen has expanded his range even more and its hard to believe it is him at some parts. The bass unfortunately you can't notice too well, but it does give a nice back drop for the songs.
I guarantee you will be drawn in from start to finish, starting off with Wake Up The Sun and only get a slight break from the choruses and White As Snow, which is an enjoyable quieter song. If you have enjoyed anything by Haste The Day, with Jimmy Ryan or Stephen Keetch as vocalist, get this album! You won't regret it and any fan of metal should check this out also, highly recommend this.

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