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Farewell Show [edit]
by Delirious? | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 18, 2010

On Sunday the 29th of November 2009, five thousand fans were wedged into the sold out HMV Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, ready to see history get made as a seventeen-year voyage of worship discovery drew to a close. This was the final gig for Delirious?, and there could hardly have been a better celebration of all that God has done through this band. Twenty-four hours later, Martin Smith had this to say:’ What can I say? It was awesome, sad, happy, and definitive. One can never correctly adjudicate ones emotions at times like this but I feel at peace. I feel joy. I feel like I’ve completed an assignment.’

And what an assignment it was. A Dove Award-winning, Grammy nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling assignment. Delirious? helped score a whole new soundtrack for the church around the world, bringing honesty, passion, intimacy and heavenly pride back to the church and beyond. And it’s not quite over yet…now we have the release of this live double CD capturing the final concert!

Track Listing
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01. All This Time
02. Bliss
03. Solid Rock
04. Sanctify
05. Obsession
06. Rain Down
07. Deeper
08. Paint The Town Red
09. Inside Outside
10. Majesty
11. Our God Reigns
12. Investigate
13. History Maker
14. My Soul Sings
15. I'm Not Ashamed
16. Happy Song
17. Shout To The North
18. Thank You For Saving Me / White Ribbon Day
19. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
20. Find Me In The River
21. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble / Dance In The River

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Delirious? [Farewell Show] | Posted May 17, 2010
Delirious? played its final, farewell concert at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo Nov. 29, 2009. The collection includes favorites such as the anthemic “History Maker,” “Deeper” and “Majesty” alongside offerings highlighting their stellar career including "My Soul Sings," “Obsession" and "Find Me In The River.” With Delirious? saying ‘farewell’ this is the last live project from one of the pioneers of the modern worship movement. Since 1997’s Cutting Edge I have greatly enjoyed the Brit-Rock music and lyrical worshipfulness of Delirious?. “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,” “My Glorious,” and “Majesty” have become staples in church services, and as a long-time fan of fellow British rockers U2, Coldplay, Radiohead and worship leader Matt Redman, I have eagerly anticipated every album by Delirious?.

Farewell Show begins with “All This Time” and the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd is infectious. I knew when I started singing and clapping along with the live recording that I was in for a real treat. The next 90 minutes and 20 songs kept me hooked with Martin Smith’s vocals, Stu G’s guitar playing and the amazing audience participation. This is what a live recording is all about. I also enjoy Now Is The Time: Live At Willow Creek and My Soul Sings and this album is a perfect complement to those amazing recordings. What especially impressed me about this collection was the inclusion of very early songs “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever,” “Thank You For Saving Me,” “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?,” “The Happy Song” and “Shout To The North” from their Cutting Edge albums.

Original drummer Stew Smith joined his replacement drummer Paul Evans for an eight-minute jam on the song, “Investigate,” which is an incredible display of the musical genius of this band which for me proves that Christian music and worship to our God and King can be loud and rocking. A legacy of this trendsetting band is how they have forever set the bar high on musical excellence that has completely transformed the genre. One of my favorite songs of the past decade is “Majesty.” This is now my favorite version of “Majesty.” The album beautifully builds to a 10 minute version of the classic “History Maker.” This amazing collection ends with the worship song “My Soul Sings” and has the sold-out crowd of 5,000 people singing “my soul sings” to close out the incredible career of one of my all-time favorite bands.

This is an amazing collection of songs from one of the greatest bands in Christian music. If you like Brit-Rock and praise and worship live albums, then you can’t go wrong with Farewell Show which is a touching and powerful concert. This is a keep sake that celebrates an incredible career. Have your tissues handy and bid 'farewell' to the most influential modern worship band in the history of Christian music.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 (95%, A)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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Same Ol' Wonderful | Posted May 18, 2010
Every since I first saw Delirious at a festival a long time ago, I hoped that they would one day lead us in worship in Heaven to our GOD eternal! From special moments at the first San Francisco Battle Cry where Rain Down became real and pure at the same time to Christ the Solid Rock on this new album, you can beat these Brits at praising our Lord and Saviour. This album is amazing and has a great selection of Delirious' classic songs that calls me to sing out again! Can You Hear the Mountains Tremble is an outstanding anthem of our faith. Majesty might be the best recorded song of our generation at provoking a sense of awe to our Creator. The only wrong thing about this being their last album is that this their last album. The boys have run well with the torch that has brightened the Christian spiritual music realm and hopefully touched their Designer's heart as well!

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