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Born Again [edit]
by Newsboys | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 13, 2010

The GRAMMY®-nominated and Dove Award-winning band newsboys has achieved what few artists have in their lifetime. They have sold over 6.5 million units, garnered five Gold albums and 26 #1 hits, and are renown for their heart-pumping live shows. Now, newsboys are more eager than ever to release their 15th studio project, BORN AGAIN, on July 13th courtesy of Inpop records.

When longtime members Jody Davis (guitar), Jeff Frankenstein (keys) and Duncan Phillips (drums) welcomed the vocal strengths, writing talents and boundless energy of Michael Tait (of the platinum-selling trio dc Talk) to the band in 2009, newsboys and their fans began to relish the positives and possibilities of this brand new start. Tait immediately, and easily, became part of the unique and tight newsboys unit. With headlining gigs across the U.S. and Canada along with a brand new stage show, the band is embarking on a momentous year with BORN AGAIN, a project chock full of fresh and innovative tunes. With songs penned by The Write Bros* (who also produced the project), newsboys, Mark Stuart, Steve Taylor and more, BORN AGAIN lives out its title with songs such as “When The Boys Light Up” and "Way Beyond Myself," as well as a new recording of "Jesus Freak" featuring KJ-52.

The project has already garnered its first No. 1 radio single with "Born Again," which is also one of the top-selling songs on iTunes' Singles chart. “Born Again” is also the project’s first music video and the perfect match to share footage of newsboys building houses in Mexico’s poverty stricken Baja Peninsula. The video, which can be viewed on the homepage of, has been seen by thousands thanks to its airing during the band’s past shows and is already impacting concertgoers on how they can do something for those less fortunate. For years now the band has been serving the people of this Third World setting by constructing hundreds of homes, and plans are set for more than 2,000 fans to join newsboys this summer for ministry efforts.

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Track Listing
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01. Born Again
02. One Shot
03. Way Beyond Myself
04. Impossible
05. When The Boys Light Up
06. Build Us Back
07. Escape
08. Miracles
09. Running To You
10. On Your Knees
11. Mighty To Save
12. Jesus Freak (feat. KJ-52)
13. We Remember (iTunes Digital Bonus)
14. Give Me To You (iTunes Digital Bonus)
15. I'll Be (iTunes Digital Bonus)
16. Glorious (iTunes Digital Bonus)
17. Born Again (Summertime Symphonic Mix) (iTunes Digital Bonus)

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newsboys [Born Again] | Posted December 28, 2010
Genesis, Van Halen, newsboys. They all did it. Many legendary acts have introduced a new lead singer amidst their career without missing a beat. So when newsboys announced that dc Talk vocalist Michael Tait would take over for exiting front man Peter Furler?after a natural period of surprise?the band and its fans alike began to relish the positives and possibilities of this fresh start. Some have forgotten that newsboys already changed lead vocalists from original singer John James after Take Me To Your Leader to Peter Furler starting with Step Up To The Microphone. This new album opens with ?Born Again,? the amazing title track which reflects how newsboys became a band completely renewed. ?We?ve all believed in lies at some point. I had some prodigal years in the past,? says Michael Tait. ?But I hope the song encourages others to make the same decision I did: ?I?m giving Him the best of everything that?s left of the life inside this man / I?ve been born again.? Crowd-rallying ?One Shot? is where Michael?s childhood dreams ("All I wanted was to do the rock thing") meet the newfound joys of being center stage with newsboys, helping spread their kingdom cause even further ("We say there?s one way / when push comes to shove we?re gonna sing of His love").

The musical hooks and Michael?s stellar vocals have raised the bar on what to expect from newsboys. From someone who has collected their entire catalog, this is without a doubt their best album in my opinion. My top 3 albums by newsboys are Born Again (2010), Go (2006), and Going Public (1994). ?When The Boys Light Up? is destined to be the album?s most celebrated track. A biographical anthem of reignited belief and purpose penned with longtime newsboys collaborator Steve Taylor, it puts every transitional issue anyone might raise to rest. ?I was feeling all overcome / Had a faith gone dim and then some / Got a call from a band of brothers . . . / All the doubters I heard them say ?now the band?s gonna fade away? / But the ?boys are back for a second act / No excuses. We?re lighting fuses.? ?Running to You? emphasize the change that must occur in a relationship with God: ?More than just emotion, my broken heart has chosen / Jesus, I?m running to You.?

What worked for both Go and Going Public is in full effect on Born Again which is that this is a complete album with no filler songs. ?Be Still? is an amazing album track from Going Public and ?The Mission? is an example from Go. As great as the ?hits? are from Born Again, the songs ?Impossible,? ?Build Us Back? and ?On Your Knees? are stand-out album tracks that really complete this album in my opinion. The themes are all relatable and I keep coming back to the album tracks which are rich both lyrically and vocally. As if the 10 new songs aren?t enough to make this a stand-out album, Born Again also includes 2 surprises at the end, ?Mighty To Save? and ?Jesus Freak.? As arguably the most influential songs of the 1990?s (?Jesus Freak?) and the 2000?s (?Mighty To Save?), what a great way to cap off this excellent album.

Born Again is the HOTTEST album of the year! In comparing top albums this year from former dcTalk members Michael Tait versus TobyMac, advantage Tait and newsboys. If you are looking for musical hooks and lyrics that are not ashamed of the Gospel, you need to get Born Again, hands-down the best album ever by this legendary band. Newsboys already have over 20 #1 hit songs. I expect a few more #1 hit songs from this incredible album, one of my top 5 albums of 2010. ?Born Again,? ?One Shot,? ?Impossible,? ?Build Us Back? and ?On Your Knees? are among my favorite songs ever by this incredible band.

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#1 Album Of 2010 | Posted December 21, 2010
Christian music, for the most part, lives controversy free. There are few announcements that stir up instant and heated reaction in our community, but in March of 2009, Christian music fans were stunned to learn that Peter Furler of the Newsboys was stepping down as frontman and was being replaced by Michael Tait, formally of dc talk. The news set off a firestorm of conversation and left the band's hope of dominating Christian music up in the air. Thankfully, the boys not only conquered the difficulties of replacing an iconic lead singer, but have rode the challenge to yet another career high album. Despite my low expectations, Born Again quickly replaced 2006's Go as my all time favorite Newsboys release, and if you've followed my Top 10 throughout the years, you'll know this is my second time placing Newsboys at the top. I'm not a rabid fan boy, I just like great music, and Born Again has some of the best you'll hear all year.

From the infectious first single and title track to the instant crowd pleasers "When The Boys Light Up," "Escape" and "Miracles" to the deeper cuts on the album like "Build Us Back" (an incredibly moving ballad) and "Impossible" (one of the best songs from the 12 cuts, if not the entire year), Born Again never fails to disappoint. Even the final two tracks on the album are enjoyable, although, I'd argue unnecessary. "Mighty To Save" continues the group's latest trend of remaking popular worship songs but adds little to the arrangement, and the way-to-obvious inclusion of a remake of "Jesus Freak" is a fun fan nod-and-wink acknowledging that two of Christian music's most iconic groups have merged together.

The fact that the band quickly overcame the challenges of switching gears while in full force (they remain once of the most active touring bands in Christian music, and their new live show with Tait is stellar), integrating seamlessly a powerhouse vocalist and personality in Michael Tait with grace, style and substance and putting together a career album that rarely, if ever, misfires, is simply incredible. For that, they deserve to be right where they are. On top.

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5 Stars Isn’t Enough… | Posted July 06, 2010
When Newsboys announced the departure of longtime band member and lead vocalist Peter Furler, no need to say just how shocked fans were, but not nearly as shocked as they were when they announced who would be ?stepping up to the microphone? this time around? none other than dc Talk-er himself, Michael Tait. The initial response from Christian music was welcomed, yet fans weren?t so sure, even going as far saying that the band should have just called it quits --the boys weren?t going for it.

Everyone who has ever had the privilege of sharing the stage as a Newsboy has left their mark on the band. From the spirited John James, savvy Paul Coleman,. and quirky Phil Joel, each member of the group has left their imprint on the band, and in his last year and a half as Newsboys front man, Tait is no exception. Not only have fans been pleasantly surprised by the fresh sound, but I think everyone else was somewhat blown away by what the ?new Newsboys? could accomplish together. This being proven in their first album back since Furler?s departure, the aptly named ?Born Again?.

Your going to hear right away that this album has a heavier vibe than any of their pervious material (think more along the lines of ?No Grave? from their 2009 release, ?In The Hands Of God?), obvious by songs such as the solid title track and ?One Shot?, one of the hookiest songs on the entire album. ?When The Boys Light Up? will no doubt become a beloved fan favorite for this group of guys, sharing the story of Michael?s invitation to join the band, with the classic whimsical Newsboys lyrics everyone has come to love so much.

As fun as these guys lyrics can be at times, they also know when it?s time to get down to business, this being one of their most lyrically deep albums together. ?On Your Knees? covers the topic of a prodigal returning to their faith, while ?I?ll Be? is a reminder to the listener that even when the whole world has forsaken you, God hasn?t and He never will. ?Build Us Back? will remain one of the memorable tracks on this album for me, the perfect anthem for anyone in the middle of a storm, sharing the hopeful message of restoration and unfailing love.

Other highlights on this album include the upbeat and witty ?Miracles? (one that is sure to become a favorite to hear live), and ?Escape?, co-written by longtime Newsboys songwriter, Steve Taylor. ?Born Again? comes to a close with their powerful rendition of renown worship track ?Mighty To Save?, and, to the surprise of Newsboys and dc Talk fans alike, a remake of 1995?s ?Jesus Freak? with KJ-52 on the rap end. As a HUGE dc Talk fan, and someone who thinks ?Jesus Freak will always remain untouchable, I am giving the band some serious credit? they nailed it flawlessly and I am VERY impressed. It?s a fun way to end an amazing album, and no doubt 90?s Christian music fans will enjoy the new mix.

I had high expectations for ?Born Again?, and they were all met, if not surpassed. Michael Tait has certainly left his stamp on the group, and they will defiantly not be the same after this album. This is by FAR one of my favorites of 2010, and catalog wise, it ranks up there with the likes of instant classics such as ?Going Public? (?94), ?Take Me To Your Leader? (?96) and ?Go? (?06). 5 starts just isn?t enough for this smashing album, more like a well deserved 10.

Duncan, Jeff, Jody, and Michael have proven to the ?doubters? that the Newsboys have still got it. Longtime fan or not, give this album a shot? your in for a treat.

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Born Again Album Review From Newsboys | Posted October 30, 2010
This is a awesome album from Newsboys. I loved every single song on this album. I have say Born Again, Mighty To Save, and Jesus Freak with KJ-52 were my most favorite songs on this album. It is a awesome album from the Newsboys with Michael Tait as the lead singer. If your a fan of the Newsboys or you love the music from Newsboys check out this album as you will love it as much as I did. I know I would have Born Again, Mighty To Save, and Jesus Freak with KJ-52 on repeat a couple of times on this album and I am sure you would too after you listened to this album. Check it out as soon as you can.

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gizmodad (75)

One of the best | Posted July 28, 2010
Newsboys return on this album with a new look. Last year, the band’s Aussie lead singer Peter Furler retired from the job, leaving the door open for former DC Talk member, Michael Tait. Tait comes into this album providing the Newsboys with not only a new voice, but a new sound as well. Born Again was definetley an appropriate title for the album. Two super groups have combined, but does this connection produce a super album?

This is clearly not the same Newsboys as we saw on their previous albums. This album is still a traditional Newsboys pop/rock album with a lot of possible radio hits, but one thing that is clearly noticeable is that the DC Talk influence brought in from Michael Tait has made their sound a lot heavier than other albums. Newsboys has explored a whole new world of sound on this album.

Alright now let’s talk about the songs. Right from the start, Born Again hits you in the face with an explosive beginning in the title track, Born Again. This is my favourite and arguably the stand out on the album. This song is a call to take action in this world to believers of Jesus. The song is also obviously about being Born Again as Christians but it is also about the Newsboys being born again as a band. It says that because Jesus has saved us from our sins, we need to give him our best. As Christians we all need to be “born again” in Christ and celebrate what God means to us. This is the stand out song on the album and I recommend you check it out.

Another song that I found myself enjoying was Track 8, called “Miracles”. This song is all about believing in miracles and faith and that if you believe you will receive. This is another one of Newsboys’ heavier rock songs that Tait has influenced and it’s a great song. “Miracles” along with Track 7 “Escape” are the highlights of the middle section of the album.

Newsboys aren’t all just edgy rock songs. They also have a few softer, reflective songs to keep the balance. These songs include Track 6, “Build Us Back”, Track 9 “Running To You” and Track 10 “On Your Knees”. My favourite out of the softer songs is “On Your Knees”. This song quotes that when you lose hope, your heart is breaking and your dreams are out of reach all you have to do is get back on your knees again and pray. This song is the perfect conclusion to what is an extraordinary first 10 songs.

I say first 10 songs because there was a actually a part of this album that I was disappointed in, There are actually 12 songs on this album and I was disappointed with the last two songs. Newsboys do another cover of a worship song in “Mighty To Save” and also do a cover of a DC Talk hit, “Jesus Freak”. First let’s talk about “Mighty To Save”. This is one of my favourite worship songs and Newsboys does an excellent cover of it, but it just seemed unnecessary to put it in the track listing when another original song such as “I’ll Be” could’ve gone there. I don’t know, maybe Newsboys were trying to continue the tradition of putting a worship song on their albums, just like they put “Lead Me To The Cross” on In The Hands Of God.

The other song I was disappointed in was the DC Talk cover of “Jesus Freak”. It was obviously Michael Tait’s idea to do that and I love the song. But one thing that I don’t like about it is the rapping of KJ-52. I just don’t think he can compare to the rapping of tobyMac on the original version.

Leaving the ending aside, Newsboys’ “Born Again” is an excellent album. However, it may have been the biggest release in their history but I still don’t think it was as good as In The Hands Of God. With tonight’s review I’m going to give it a 3.5/5. But don’t panic you die hard Newsboys/ DC Talk fans that is not a bad score. Born Again had a weak ending, it wasn’t as good as other albums and their were also some other weak tracks that didn’t hit the mark. Other than that this is one of the hottest releases of 2010 , 2nd to “Tonight” by tobyMac. I think this is a must have album for this year and I definetley recommend you get it because it’s awesome.

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Awesome! | Posted July 08, 2010
I've been waiting for this album since February. I have to say it's been well worth the wait. It's definitely one of the must get albums of the year. Michael Tait has taken Newsboys to a different level. Peter will never be forgotten, his talent was amazing, but this transition from Peter to Michael is flawless. The remake of Jesus Freak is great. There's not a single song on the album that gives the feeling of, "I'll skip this one." There are those albums that have that aspect where every song fits in with the others and yet stands out for itself. Born Again is one of those rare albums that just flawless!

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Not What You'd Expect | Posted July 08, 2010
After over 20 years the front man, Peter Furler, left the band to be with his family. The band could either quit or get a new front man. None of the guys were ready to quit, so they got Micheal Tait (of DC Talk)! A lot of the fans, including me, thought this would be the end of the band, but I know now that is wrong for I have just listened to their latest album, Born Again. This is their first album with all Tait's vocals.
It surprised me. It was really good! The hit song, 'Born Again', was already no. 1 on iTunes and a no. 1 radio hit and that is just the beginning! 'One Shot' and 'When the Boys Light Up' have those quirky lyrics that the fans love, for example, 'things change, just like the twitter that you update, like the facebook status on your front page, but there's no comment you can leave to change my mind!' There are also some awesome worship songs and pop songs. My personal favorite is 'Way Beyond Myself', although I heard some ladies' BGVs (background vocals). I thought, 'isn't this suppose to be newsBOYs?' But that didn't change how awesome the music was! It's not what you expect! All the tracks rock. And at the end of the album there is a surprise, 'Jesus Freak'! Of course it is redone by newsboys.
As a fan of the classic 'boys, I still love this album. The newsboys have been Born Again, in more than one way! If you're not sure you'll like this album, well, you will!

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sethamin (12)

Born Again | Posted July 05, 2010
After a long wait following the departure of the great Peter Furler, we now get a good look at the direction the Newsboys are now headed with Michael Tait and their new sound. So far, I'm lovin' it! I have been a fan of Tait since he sung with DC Talk, and the Newboys have altered their style just enough to sound great with him, while not losing their awesome ability to create music. Born Again is definitely a must have for any Christian rock fan.

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leeps139 (30)

One of the Best Newsboys Albums Ever | Posted July 05, 2010
This album has so many great songs on it. Michael Tait really fits in so well. I know a lot of people said they would never be The Newsboys without Peter Furler but I feel they have really come onto some of the best stuff they have ever done with Born Again. They are using real life experiences to write songs. Build Us Back Up came out of the floods in Nashville and One shot mentions Facebook and Twitter (which Drummer Duncan Phillips is always updating his status) so it is cool to see they are as human as me and you and struggle just as we do. =)

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afield (1)

Pretty Good | Posted February 08, 2012
 This album is pretty amazing! The only thing I don't like is that they took music from the group "The Cast and Crew" and used it as their song "Escape". But it's still pretty good. I love their version of Jesus Freak

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Love it | Posted November 08, 2011
 I really love this cd. love their style of music and their songs have great meaning to them. And I especially love their songs born again, escape, and When the boys light up. Get the album, you won't regret it!

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted August 29, 2011
Born Again couldn't be a more appropriate title for the latest Newsboys album.  With longtime member Peter Furler leaving the band, Michael Tait steps in and delievers a fresh boost of energy to a band that, I felt, was growing stale.  With many great songs like "Born Again," "Way Beyond Myself," and "Escape," the Newsboys feel as relevant as they were many years ago.  I can't wait to hear more in the future.

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Ryan0111 (11)

Born Again | Posted March 31, 2011
This is probably their best album!!!  And they have had plenty of albums. The songs "Born Again" and "One Shot" really get me going.  Awesome band, 10/10

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