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Pages [edit]
by Shane & Shane | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: August 28, 2007

Nearly two years since its last offering, Dove Award nominated duo Shane & Shane returns to the music forefront with Pages. Featuring the much-talked-about radio single "We Love You Jesus," Pages includes 13 songs, in addition to a bonus track, co-produced by the talented twosome alongside Will Hunt (Bethany Dillon, Shawn McDonald, Robbie Seay Band). Recorded at Shane & Shane's very own Spaceway Studios in Dallas, Texas, Pages promises impassioned pop-lacedworship, fueling expecting fans while winning thousands more.

Track Listing
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01. Vision Of You
02. We Love You Jesus
03. Burn Us Up
04. Over The Sun
05. Interlude
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06. Beg
07. Holiday
08. Psalm 62
09. Bad Days Better
10. In You
11. Embracing Accusation
12. Before The Throne
13. Wounded
14. Healed
15. When I Think About The Lord

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apage14 (12)

Pags | Posted October 21, 2009
Shane&Shane are incredible songwriters. I just bought this cd the other day because it was on sale for 5 dollars where I work. I absolutely love the words and harmonies of these songs. Before the Throne of God Above is probably one of my favorites, as well as Burn Us Up. HOwever, most of the time I just listen to the album straight through..most of the songs are excellent!

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Absolutely Phenomenal | Posted January 23, 2008
Pages is amazing! With the incredible harmonies of Shane & Shane and the guitar work that is not easily matched, they make listening easy.
With songs that range from joy to struggle, simple and complex, lyrically S&S have really opened a new door.
Bringing Bible stories to life, "Burn us Up" talks about Daniel 3 and talks about the fiery furnace in relevant language. "He is able to deliver from the fire of affliction, it's the declaration of our Lord... even if You don't, we'll burn!"

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dreambig (119)

pretty sweet | Posted November 06, 2007
ok, so I wasn't a big fan of Shane & Shane when I saw them in concert. so I knew I never wanted to get their CDs. but I won this CD in a contest, and I really like it. better than I thought I would. it's really neat. it's a great worship album.

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Pages is Excellent work | Posted October 19, 2007
I have all of Shane&Shane recordings and this is one of their best. Not the best but one of the best. Recommend for all fans of Shane and Shane music and their "type" of Christian songwriting style of music. A winner!

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Speechless | Posted September 23, 2007
This is one of the best worship albums ever. Shane and Shane are amazing. Embracing Accusations the most amazing song I believe I have ever heard. I get chills everytime I hear it, live or the CD. Truly great and inspiring CD.

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cmt06g (26)

Amazing! | Posted September 16, 2007
Pages is one of the best albums that Shane and Shane has done so far. This album is so inspiring and uplifting. The songs have deep meanings, yet are so simple. I saw them live and they are awesome guys. This CD won't disappoint.

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Let the creativity flow! | Posted September 12, 2007
Shane and Shane have really come into their own over the past year. There are several things that I think set them apart from the pack, and the frontrunner of those things is the fact that they are continually referencing scripture for their inspiration to write. A close second is that they continue to lead the way with new chord progressions, melodys, and rhythms.

Lets get to the songs.

Track 3 - Burn us up - probably my favorite song on the CD. What a great idea for a song, and what great chord work. Its not everyday that you hear a song that is written in Gm. Lyrically, its not easy to take a story like this and make it work, but they do a great job.

Track 6 - In You - I'm not sure if it a mistake or if they planned on using non-functional chords in this song, but it really makes the songs great. At the end of every first line of the verse they go to the flat 6 and flat 7 of the chords which really makes for a great melody line. Also great writting here.

I could comment on each track, but I gave this album full marks because they continue to make each track unique, special, and they never cop out and write filler songs. Every song on the album is a good song, if not, great song. the passion of Christ that comes through in their music, and the way that they continue to do everything so well makes great musicians love these guys. If you liek folk, bluegrass, blues, or anything inbetween, this is the album for you.

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1grlbnd (48)

Great CD | Posted August 31, 2007
I just saw them in concert last night and bought the CD. It was great to hear them tell about the inspiration for the various songs on the album. The songs come from personal experiences by the Shane's in the recent past.
It was also great to have them lead us in worship with some of these songs.
Overall it a great CD and hope to hear some of the songs on the radio in the near future.

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chaddr (14)

Worth the Wait! | Posted August 31, 2007
It seems like forever since S&S put out a new album, but it's so worth the wait! These guys are amazing and I think, next to their first album, this is their best. "Burn Us Up", "Over the Sun" & "Bad Days Better" are my faves.

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lta362 (26)

good songs | Posted August 23, 2007
we love u jesus is a rlly good song worth listening to good artist

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