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Undisguised [edit]
by Anthony Evans | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 26, 2010

Continuing in the soulful, worshipful stream that permeated 2007ís The Bridge, singer/songwriter Anthony Evans delivers his most introspective album to date, Undisguised. Packed with 12 unforgettable songs of deliverance, healing and surrender, Evans makes a powerful, personal statement of authentic faith that will resonate will people of faith from all walks of life.

Track Listing
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01. The Stand
02. Wait
03. Amazing God
04. Hallelujah
05. Mighty to Save
06. You Alone
07. Healer
08. Rejoice
09. All That Matters
10. Everything
11. Could It Be
12. Love Is

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The family pedigree is strong in the Evans family tree, but Anthony rises to the occasion on his latest album, Undisguised. After a few fine-enough releases like Let Go, Evans now provides the modern church with several stirring and impassioned vertical songs, moving from urban gospel to upbeat rock for a sonic palette more diverse than expected.

Three tracks will sound familiar to those already wading in popular worship music's waters. "Healer" is the popular track calling for God's physical help and healing, and Evans chooses an impressive acoustic/strings arrangement to buoy the lyrics of "Jesus, you're all I need." Recent Hillsong standards of "Mighty to Save" and "The Stand" are also present but do little to separate themselves from other versions you've undoubtedly heard.

Evans penned the rest of the 12 tracks on Undisguised (along with new friends such as Kari Jobe and Jason Ingram), and several highlights emerge from the pack. In fact, the strong melodies on songs like "Amazing God" and "Could It Be" have you believing you've actually heard them before. A soulful groove appears on "Everything," providing a welcome change from the straightforward pop dynamic. Album closer "Love Is" cranks the bass and stomps its way out of the sonic gathering, a thunderous end to a surprisingly terrific disc. -Matt Conner

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LauraCC (257)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
Only a few short months after releasing his first Christmas album, Anthony Evans gives us Undisguised.
As a direct response to his own lack of enthusiasm to perform one night at a concert, he made the choice
to go through with it anyway. It was a rewarding experience that made him see his own weaknesses and
hidden emotions. With this in mind, Undisguised is his honest confession to those of us who weren't
there to see it firsthand. 9 of the 12 songs included are originals, co-written with such names as
drowning-in-awards Jason Ingram, Michael Boggs, and Kari Jobe (who also sings along on "Rejoice").

What strikes you first about this album is the fact that you can hear what he's saying. Evans has a clear
voice which might be too quiet at times for some, but there are no dud songs on this album. Iíve always
appreciated the simple beauty of "Mighty To Save" since hearing Laura Storyís version, but Anthony
brings a new intimacy to these verses. The moment of surrender ("So take me as You find me, all my
fears and failures") seems less corporate, as though he was alone in a room save for angels. "You
Alone" is a spirited song of praise to God that I found myself liking instantly.

(Sidenote: is it just me or does he sometimes sound like Bart Millard in the chorus?)

Of course, the natural result of realizing you shouldn't hide your true self away is to affirm that only
Jesus's opinion of you counts. Anthony does so in the powerful "All That Matters". I'm pretty sure this one
is destined for a music video because of its testimonial nature. "Love Is" delivers the message that the
risks of loving completely are worth every cost imaginable.

Since the beginning of time, our humanity has been our greatest shame. We make every attempt to hide
our weaknesses not only from other people just like us, but from a God who already knows our failures
and frailties. He is waiting on nothing more than our confession. Combining praise with complete
honesty, Undisguised is surrender in poetry, submission set to melody; an altar call for the broken in

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