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For Those Who Wait [edit]
by Fireflight | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 09, 2010

For Those Who Wait, the anticipated follow-up to Fireflight’s breakout sophomore album Unbreakable, once again delivers Dawn Michele’s soaring vocals and the band’s signature melodic rock. Produced by Rob Hawkins, For Those Who Wait introduces new musical elements coupled with vulnerable lyrics, offering hope and recovery to recharge listeners. A dynamic progression with songs like “New Perspective” and “Proof Of Our Love”, Fireflight encourages fans to reach out to a world eager to find healing and strength in the waiting, stating “the hard lessons make the difference, and the difference makes it all worth it.”

Track Listing
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01. For Those Who Wait
02. Desperate
03. Fire In My Eyes
04. Core Of My Addiction
05. What Ive Overcome
06. Name
07. New Perspective
08. You Give Me That Feeling
09. All I Need To Be
10. Recovery Begins

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piano89 (45)

For Those Who Wait | Posted June 13, 2010
For most bands, the dreaded sophomore slump is almost inevitable. However, Florida-rock act Fireflight conquered this hurdle handsomely with Unbreakable, which was considered by some to be the best Christian rock album of 2008. Two years later Fireflight is back with their follow-up album, For Those Who Wait.

For Those Who Wait opens with Dawn Michele’s gutsy vocals belting out the album’s title, before being embraced with a satisfying mix of lush strings and distorted guitar riffs. Following the epic title-track is “Desperate,” a rock anthem with lyrics that battle hopelessness, “I know You’re my only hope, the only one who truly knows/How it feels, what it’s like when it all starts to fall/You’re the one I can trust, who
hears when I call.”

Going into the studio, guitarist Justin Cox made a point of wanting this record to sound “bigger” than the last. This was accomplished with an enhanced rhythm section, namely huge sounding drums. These ‘80s-esque beats are especially prominent on “Core Of My Addiction” and the acoustic-based “All I Need To Be.” Fireflight also changes up its usual rhythms in the groove-driven “Fire In My Eyes.”

Piano-driven ballads like “Name” and “Recovery Begins” give the album balance and dynamic while also offering honest, empathetic lyrics. “Name” gives hope to those who feel God has abandoned them, “He sees you, He’s near you/He knows your face, He knows your pain.” The album’s closer, “Recovery Begins” waits on God’s voice, “It all comes down to this, the quiet in the end/I listen for Your voice, recovery begins.”

Most Fireflight fans are probably wondering how For Those Who Wait compares to the highly touted Unbreakable. Musically, Fireflight has progressed by incorporating piano in ballads and mixing it up rhythmically. Lyrically, different themes are presented yet the overall message remains the same- hope.

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For Those Who Wait: It's Worth The Wait! | Posted February 02, 2010
Upon first listening, Fireflight's For Those Who Wait sounds different, which makes me jump for joy, as many bands stick with the sound that helped them make it big. Unbreakbale was an incredible album, and at first I was worried that it would be hard to top, as many bands peak musically at their sophomore album.
Alas, I was wrong.
Their sound has matured, while their songwriting is simplistic, but, as always, solid. Overall, it is a meeting between a revised Healing of Harms and Unbreakable with a touch of strings that really works for them as a band. I am pleasantly surprised and as long as listeners appreciate it as the next step up from the bellowing guitars and hard rock sound of Unbreakable, it will be seen as it's own piece.
Right now, Fire In My Eyes, For Those Who Wait, New Prespective, and Name are the most notable tracks.
For some, it may take more than one listen, as I know Unbreakable was well recieved in comparison to Healing of Harms, but I plead with you, skeptical reader, do give it a good listen.

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Fireflight is awesome! | Posted June 28, 2012
I love Fireflight's music. One of my favorites is definetly "For those who wait". I know the former drummer, Phee. He goes to my church and I get to play on the worship team with him. Really cool dude.

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<333333 | Posted March 11, 2011
I totally LOVE this album! It's AMAZING. Fireflight's best work to date. I love each and every one of the songs so very much. ;P Fireflight ROCKS!

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Whoa! | Posted January 26, 2011
I gotta say that this is Fireflight's best album. All their music sounds so original. I love it. I don't get tired of listening to them. Compared to their other albums "The Healing of Harms" and "Unbreakable" (which are also very good)"For Those Who Wait" has to be their best work so far. I encourage everyone who has a taste for good Christian rock music to buy this album. You will not be disappointed. :) My favorite song is "What I've Overcome" but all the songs are awesome!!!

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Worth Waiting For | Posted October 20, 2010
This summer I purchased Fireflight's new album, "For Those Who Wait".
I Loved it!
Fireflight never ceases to amaze me with the messages they pour into their music.
The song, "For Those Who Wait" reminds us as Christians that we need to wait on God's timing and wait on Him to make a move in our lives. Even if we're in a tough spot and it feels like it's lasting forever, God is working and when He moves, the wait is definitely worth it.
The song "Desperate" is a heart cry to God. Sometimes we feel like God is so far away and we become desperate just to hear from Him. The lyrics in this song are obviously a yearning to draw closer to God.
"You will seek Me, and find Me, when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13.
Fireflight's newest album is definitely an up-lifter for our hearts. I encourage everyone to really listen to these songs and let them speak to your heart and be encouraged, because God is in control.

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username2 (375)

4.5/5 | Posted May 26, 2010
Fireflight's third album feels a lot like their previous album Unbreakable. That's not to say it's worse in any way, I actually thought this album was quite good. The choruses and hooks are catchy as always but, like with Unbreakable and the Healing of the Harms, it just feels to short. This album and Unbreakable only have 10 songs that fill up around 35 minutes. Healing of the Harms has the same length but with 11 songs. If you enjoyed Unbreakable, you might enjoy this one as well because it sounds the same, and I'm okay with that.

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I waited, and it was worth it! | Posted May 05, 2010
Yet another album full of the awesome that is Fireflight. I was hooked from the first time I heard their music, and this newest album is no exception to the great gift God has given to this group.

From the title track that starts off this album with huge energy, all the way to something as quiet as 'Name', every song proclaims and recognizes the glory of God and reminds us that no matter how broken we are, we are loved and will be made whole.

Awesome, awesome album!

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EXCELLANT CD | Posted February 20, 2010
I just bought the cd last Sunday. It rocks out from begining to end. I highly recommend this cd to anyone who like female fronted rock bands. The only down fall i can say for the cd was the sound quality. The bass was a bit to heavy in the recording. Which causes the music to sound compressed especially when the bass drum hits. But for the music itself A++.

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LauraCC (255)

All the way through! | Posted February 10, 2010
Fireflight didn't once hit a sour note! All the songs were awesome. I liked that they had some soft ones too. You could almost worship to some of the songs. No use picking favorites. :D

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