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Me In Motion [edit]
by Me In Motion | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 23, 2010

It’s not that there haven’t been other 3-piece rock bands capable of producing a towering barrage of sound. And it’s not there haven’t been other hard-touring indie outfits that racked up tens of thousands of miles and tens of thousands of fans before they stepped up to the majors and signed a label deal, either. In this particular case though, the thing that really sets Centricity Music's Me In Motion apart from their peers is the fact that none of it seems to have gone to their heads.

Even as they were grinding out show after show with artist like Newsboys, Pillar, Stellar Kart, Fireflight, and more, they were connecting with fans everywhere they went. The band was also honing their chops and defining their sound, ultimately staking their claim in that corner of the musical landscape that includes influences like Jet, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Oasis, The Killers, Weezer, The Bravery, and the Beatles.

A huge part of Me In Motion’s unique identity as a group is expressed in their first radio single "Losers." The aggressive, groove-based anthem instantly emerged as a huge crowd-pleaser and as a song with power to affirm and motivate listeners.

Track Listing
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01. Losers
02. The God I Know
03. Gotta Be Something
04. Seek Justice, Love Mercy
05. Leaving Here Someday
06. You Never Fail Me
07. Back To You
08. Welcome To Your Life
09. Here In The Middle
10. You Move Me

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IronJedi (112)

Forward Progress | Posted March 23, 2010

Centricity decided to hasten the end of Winter and skip Spring all together by releasing the more than temperate pop-rock of their latest acquisition: Me In Motion. Dropping in late March, the band’s self-titled debut is an intensely polished set that shamelessly crosses the rock line of pop-rock yet manages to maintain a radio-friendly vibe alá Audio Adrenaline, Relient K and Switchfoot.

Ernest Hemingway admonishes, “Never mistake motion for action.” Seth Mosley, Tim Wilson & Brian Dexter avoid any hint of “going through the motions.” This trio turns out Brit-inspired alterna-pop-rock that is memorably original, exceedingly catchy and lyrically sharp. Each song on the album has hit-potential. The band, under the skillful tutelage of Ian Eskelin, demonstrates an amazing maturity in pairing perceptive lyrics with engrossing rhythms.

The band should have no trouble garnering an increasingly larger audience. To give some idea of Me In Motion’s level of ability, these guys have been on three different tours over the last 12 months and played with headliners Newsboys, Pillar, and Red; and will join Sanctus Real on a Spring Tour! Comparisons to All Star United, The Afters, Our Heart’s Hero, Remedy Drive, and Ruth are definitely apt.

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piano89 (45)

Me In Motion | Posted March 23, 2010
Barely three months into 2010 and the Christian music scene is already welcoming the emergence of several new bands, including Centricity Music’s Me In Motion. With the guidance of Dove-award winning producer Ian Eskelin, Me In Motion has crafted an undeniably catchy debut that is sure to resonate with Christian music fans.

Me In Motion’s sound is fun, free-spirited rock, a perfect fit for Seth Mosley’s punk-influenced vocals (think Adam Agee or Jason Dunn). The band’s debut is chock full of sing-able, hook-laden melodies, each song having the potential to be a radio-hit.

Love is a constant undercurrent throughout the record. Through its songs, Me In Motion wants people “to realize that loving everyone, regardless of circumstance, is what it’s really about,” says Mosley. “Losers” is about just that- loving people, while “The God I Know” acknowledges that the act of love isn’t always easy or safe- “He touched my eyes and I can finally see/That love is a dangerous philosophy/You and me have been hurt before/But that doesn’t mean we keep closing the door.” Other topics that pop up include social justice on “Seek Justice, Love Mercy,” living life to the fullest on “Gotta Be Something,” and rejecting complacency on “Here In The Middle.”

While Me In Motion has solid debut on its hands, I do not believe its music will be the factor that separates the band from its peers. What will set Me In Motion apart are the characteristics this three-piece band wants to be remembered for- being “available and accessible” as Mosley puts it. Connecting with fans on a personal and spiritual level resonates far deeper than a great album or show any day.

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Music Review: Me In Motion | Posted March 23, 2010
By Kyle Kiekintveld & Thomas Jenkins


Kyke Kiekintveld’s Review:

Me In Motion is a self titled debut album and is worthy of a listen for any Christian Rock fan. It is a light album that does not lose its religious roots while remaining easily enjoyable. Few bands and albums can maintain that sort of balancing act but Me In Motion does it well and make it look easy.

“Welcome to Your Life” is an example of how to band can deliver a sincere emotional song while not sounding overly dramatic. It is one of the better tracks on the album and one of the most addicting as well. At the center of the track is the message we all need to change our lives and leave the negative behind through Christ.

Me In Motion excels in its simplicity. It is not over produced and it is not overly complex leaving the album feeling like a great live show. The softer tracks offer wonderful acoustic guitars and great drums and the hardest tracks still keep a mellow energy at its core. It is a hard album not to enjoy, offering sincere emotion lyrics without losing any momentum.

Me In Motion offers listeners an energetic debut album that is sure to win over fans of lighter rock. The lyrics are light but not superficial, deftly avoiding becoming a bubble gum pop album. The entire album is simply produced and executed leaving it feel like a good live show.

Author’s Note: Me In Motion’s debut achieves what any debut is meant to, it introduces a band in the best way possible, by being a really good album. It falls a little short of greatness merely because it just isn’t my choice of fair. I have no doubt this album will be well received and Me In Motion will be a band to watch out for in the future.

Thomas Jenkin’s Review:

All I knew about Me in Motion before I started listening to their self titled debut was that they were touring with Red and Pillar. Naturally, from the bit of information, I thus expected Me in Motion to be on the harder edge of the rock spectrum. As anyone who has ever listened to this band before would tell me though, this simply is not true, as Me in Motion delivers solid pop/rock, with enjoyable lyrics, and deliver an altogether satisfying debut album.

I didn’t have high expectations when I started listening to Me in Motion. I hadn’t heard anything from them, so maybe I was being a little unfair, but for some reason I expected that they would be another run of the mill pop/rock band with little to make them stick in from the proverbial crowd. After I heard the first song though, “Losers”, all of my expectations drastically changed. The song starts off routinely, but then as the chorus with its solid vocal harmonies kicks in, it turns into an album highlight, and a great song for the band to pick for a single. The following song, “The God I Know” also shines, with good lyrics, and yet another great chorus. These two first songs give a fairly good example of what’s to come on this album, as it’s almost entirely pop/rock anthems with only a few stops along the way. One of those stops comes in the form of the ballad “Seek Justice Love Mercy” which immediately follows “Losers” and “The God I Know”. Although it has an intriguing title and concept, it’s sadly tailored all too well for Christian radio, so there’s nothing special there, although I’m sure some will disagree.

Any other missteps that Me in Motion make in their debut come in the middle of the album. For example, the song “You Never Fail Me” which is entirely predictable and easy to forget. Fortunately for everybody though, Me in Motion picks themselves back up, and end the album solidly with the infectiously catchy “Here in the Middle” and “You Move Me”

Me in Motion does a lot of things right with their debut. It’s definitely not perfect, but if you like pop/rock it’s also definitely worth checking out. They’re clearly still learning, (“You Never Fail Me”), but they also know how to write fun pop/rock songs (“Losers”) and show a lot of maturity for such a young band. They’ve got a lot of potential, as well as a solid debut album, and should definitely be a band to look out for. Recommended

Review copy provided courtesy of Centricity Music

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Manifesto. Click here to visit today!

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JennW2 (5)

Woot! :D | Posted May 04, 2010
Go Me In Motion! First heard of these guys when I saw them live with Newsboys in November. They were lots of fun!
I've listened to this album and I am very impressed! They're songs have great lyrics, awesome messages and are very catchy!

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gizmodad (75)

Love this album! | Posted May 03, 2010
After I heard Track 1 "Losers" I started to like this album. I'm a big fan of Switchfoot and these guys kind of reminded me of them. Definetley recommend you pick up this album.

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2bethere (10)

love it | Posted April 14, 2010
i love this is one of the best CD i have heard they rock hard and i love that so it you don't like hard rock then this is not a band for you but they are great i love their song loser it is so true about everyone, everyone has a little bit of a loser in them

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