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Monster Monster [edit]
by The Almost | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 03, 2009

Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie’s side project, The Almost, is back to put out the highly anticipated sophomore album Monster Monster. Anticipation has built for over a year now after The Almost’s debut album Southern Weather, which sold over 240,000 units, went out on Van’s Warped Tour and got rave reviews. From hearing the super catchy single, "Say This Sooner" along with several other hit songs like “Amazing Because It Is” and “Dirty and Left Out”…Monster Monster is sure to come out with nothing short of some epic, refreshing, and stick-in-your-head tunes that will have everyone jammin’ out to. The Almost lets Gillespie put a different, more melodic side of himself on display.

Track Listing
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01. Monster Monster
02. Lonely Wheel
03. No I Don't
04. Hands
05. Young Again
06. Summer Summer
07. Hand Grenade
08. Books & Books
09. Souls On Ten
10. Want To
11. Get Through
12. Monster

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Ryan0111 (11)

monster monster | Posted March 15, 2011
Great album!  Packed with awesome fun songs (Hands, Monster Monster) and slower songs (Summer Summer).  This album has something for everyone!  Aaron's voice is getting better and better by the second.


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username2 (375)

4.5/5 | Posted June 08, 2010
Now that Aaron Gillespie has left Underoath he can now spend more time developing The Almost into a force to be reckoned with. The sophomore album, Monster, Monster, is a big step up from Southern Weather. Their sound is more polished and heavier here. The songs are arranged better as well. Southern Weather's songs started to sound the same after a while but this album's songs are different and unique. Aaron's vocals are still top notch as ever and his songwriting abilities are as impeccable as always. It's a very good album that does not suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump.

NOTE: Aaron has in fact left Underoath. The band officially announced it last month. Daniel Davidson, formal drummer for Norma Jean, has taken his place on drums.

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Fair Review, Amazing Solo Revival | Posted March 02, 2010
When Christian metalcore band Underoath recorded Define the Great Line in 2006, singer/drummer Aaron Gillespie had a lot of free time. So he made up a side project, called The Almost, and recorded an entire debut album single-handedly. This album, Southern Weather , showed that Gillespie could hold his own as a musician. However, his relatively unskilled guitar playing caused the album to be stylistically monotonous, the main emphasis of the album lying on Gillespie’s unique drum rhythms and trademark vocals.

Something big happened between then and now: The Almost became a band. Now backed by a group of established musicians, Aaron Gillespie returned to the studio with an onslaught on new possibilities. On this album, Monster Monster , Gillespie provides only the vocals and the drumming, both of which have improved. But the new players, Dusty Redmon, Jay Vilardi and Alex Aponte, add the true essence to this new album, bringing a high level of variety to the music’s sound. Whereas the debut was monotonous in scope and tone, the sophomore record contains large amounts of big harmonies, acoustic guitars, pop choruses, guitar solos and (most importantly) southern-country twang.

The album’s first two tracks, “Monster Monster” and “Lonely Wheel,” pull the listener in with the driving guitars of the debut. But everything gets better from here. Following are songs like the primarily acoustic “No I Don’t,” the single “Hands” with its gang vocal chorus propelled by a mass of layered guitars, and the uber-country “Hand Grenade” with its passionate lyrics Please let me find you / Please let me know just what you want / If you’re an ocean, I want to jump right in / If you’re a hand grenade, I’ll pull the pin / I’ll run right back to you. “Want To” has the best chorus of the bunch, holstered by powerful guitar riffs running beneath it. The album ends with the retrospective acoustic-and-steel guitar number “Monster” that turns into a lengthy and raging bluegrass guitar solo.

After such a linear debut, it is absolutely astonishing how The Almost have crafted an album of such a broad array of styles. Every addition to the band’s sound helps make them stronger, more unique and a whole lot more fun to listen to. Monster Monster has so much to offer its listeners, from thoughtful lyrics to strongly-produced sounds to rock-for-country-fans and country-for-rock-fans. I highly recommend you listen to this album.

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jcoker (5)

Top 2 Album of 2009! (Only behind that of Red) | Posted February 26, 2010
Can the combination of Aaron Gillespie and Aaron Sprinkle do anything wrong? After, "Monster, Monster" I dont think so. The only reason this reason gets the number two spot of best albums for 2010 is because I like their sound better.
However, this album starts with "Monster, Monster" which is typically Almost we have come to know and love, then followed by "Lonely Wheel" which contines that trend. But it is "The Almost" ability to reach across and tap into so many different markets that is amazing. For the worship songs, try "Hands", for country/folk try "Hand Grenade", to follow up where "Dirty and Left Out" and "Amazing, Because It Is" try "Monster" which is a stripped down acoustic song that closes the album perfectly. For those who prefer love songs or songs that you turn up, roll down the windows on a spring/summer day try "Summer Summer" or "West" (if you have the bonus song copy from Best Buy). No matter the mood, just put "The Almost" in and it will give a little bit of everything and have you singing along in no time.

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Amazing Album!! | Posted February 07, 2010
This album was absolutely amazing for The Almost's sophomore release! I loved all of the tracks on the CD. It had everything from rocking out songs like "Monster Monster" and "Want to," where Aaron really shows what his voice can do in the later. The album also has catchy slow songs which would touch the coldest heart like, "Hand Gernade" and "Monster." And of course you have the catchy "Hands" which one cannot help but sing-along with. Overall this album is balanced and very well done! One of my absolute favourites!

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sweet! | Posted January 12, 2010
this album is FANTASTIC!!! it's definitely different from "southern weather" but it's in a good way...the band and aaron have both greatly matured. "hands" could almost be sung as a worship song, and the vocals on all the songs are amazing! the only song on which aaron's vocals get kinda whiny is on "monster," but the lyrics to that song are awesome! my personal fave is "young again," where aaron's vocals just blow you away...i love his scream too! :D so...go buy this will NOT be sorry!!! :) the almost is a fantastic band, ministering to both the Christian market and the mainstream market, and aaron is an extremely talented musician!! they ROCK!

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gizmodad (75)

Impressive | Posted January 01, 2010
This is an awesome album by The Almost. If you were to buy one song I would recommend buying Monster. This is a great song with awesome acoustic guitar tunes.

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MonsterMonster | Posted December 29, 2009
When "The Almost" Released "Southern Weather" I didn't like any of there songs ( Amazing Because It Is ) was a song I hated the most. But I decided to try "MonsterMonster"

"Monster Monster" delivers some awesome vocals with rocking guitars. The other songs have great vocals and great riffs.

The almost have improved and I like it.

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sjgooch (11)

Great! | Posted December 25, 2009
This is an album that I honestly didn't expect a lot of depth from, but it has surprised me. I've had a couple of the songs stuck in my head on a few occasions. Definitely recommend it! I was also impressed that not all of the songs were hard rock. Its eclectic style can reach a broad variety of musical genres and fans.

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Awesome album! | Posted December 22, 2009
I was really surprised with this cd. I had never really gotten into The Almost until recently, when I got their EP. This album is packed with awesome songs, and awesome lyrics. While it is sometimes repetitive, it's an album I can listen to over and over again. The best songs are Lonely Wheel, Hands, and Want To. You should definitely check this album out!

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