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History Makers - Greatest Hits CD/DVD [edit]
by Delirious? | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 17, 2009

The final chapter in the Delirious? story closes with this – the release of a truly limited-edition and utterly spectacular compilation. Putting this definitive collection together was a difficult task, to properly reflect the true range and depth of one of the most influential worship bands of recent years, but it came together magnificently! With both contemporary and worship tracks perfectly represented across two CD’s, as well as a 52 page booklet that charts the journey and a DVD containing every single one of the band’s concept videos, History Makers is the ultimate parting gift.

If there was ever a definitive greatest hits limited edition collection to buy, this is the one by this history-making group!

Track Listing
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0. (DVD 1-8) Everything (video)
01. History Maker
02. Deeper
03. Rain Down
04. Majesty (Here I Am)
05. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
06. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
07. Shout To The North
08. Revival Town
09. Find Me In The River
10. My Soul Sings
11. Our God Reigns
12. My Glorious
13. Obession
14. Lord You Have My Heart
15. Paint The Town Red
16. (DVD 1-1) Deeper (video)
17. (DVD 1-2) Promise (video)
18. (DVD 1-3) Sanctify (video)
19. (DVD 1-4) See The Star (video)
20. (DVD 1-5) Gravity (video)
21. (DVD 1-6) Pursuit of Happiness (video)
23. (DVD 1-7) It's OK (video)
24. (DVD 1-9) Waiting For The Summer (video)
25. (DVD 1-10) Take Me Away (video)
26. (DVD 1-11) I Could Sing (video)
27. (DVD 1-12) Inside Outside (video)
28. (DVD 1-13) Love Will Find A Way (video)

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jtindie (10) Review of Delirious? - History Makers | Posted October 27, 2009
Artist: Delirious?
CD Title: Delirious?’s History Makers: Greatest Hits CD (2 disc limited edition)
Style: Worship
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Playlist Disc1
1. Did you Feel the Mountains
2. Raindown
3. History Maker
4. My Soul Sings
5. Happy Song
6. Shout to the North
7. Lord you Have My Heart
8. Obsession
9. Magesty
10. My Glorious
11. Find Me In The River
12. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
13. We Give you Praise
14. What a Friend I’ve Found

Playlist Disc2
1. Deeper
2. Inside Outside
3. Bliss
4. Sanctify
5. It’s OK
6. Love Will Find A Way
7. Heaven
8. Stronger
9. Take Me Away
10. Every Little Thing
11. Investigate
12. All The Way
13. Promise
14. There Is An Angel
15. Paint The Town
16. Solid Rock
17. God Is Smiling

Imagine going to worship and the band leading the music was U2. It would be great, wouldn’t it? That is how blessed we have been over the last 16 years by the music of Delirious?, a band that grew out of the youth revival in the UK in the early 90’s to become, arguably, the world’s best worship band. History Makers, named after the song on the King of Fools CD, is the band’s final release and its parting gift to their fans. The CD includes 14 of their hits, sampled from 6 CD’s. All of the music will be familiar to fans of Delirious? and not worth the upgrade. However, for those who do not have any music by Delirious? in your playlist, this is an excellent sample of the music that powers our worship, with THE definitive cuts of such contemporary classics as Did You Feel the Mountain Tremble, Majesty, My Glorious, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, and more. That makes this a must own CD for worship leaders and pastors.

For the true Delirious? fan, however, there will also be a limited edition release (12,000 copies) which includes a bonus CD with 17 more of your favorite cuts, a DVD with all 13 of the band’s music videos, and a 58 page booklet which covers the history of Delirious? The bonus CD includes a few surprises with which hardcore American fans may not be familiar (There Is an Angel and Take Me Away from Audio Lessonover, a CD that is not readily available in the US). The question, then, for the hardcore Delirious? fan: Is the $30 a worthwhile investment?

The first thing that impressed me when listening to the CD was the range of Delirious? While the band certainly gained popularity in the mid ’90’s due to their channeling of the aforementioned U2 (check out Bliss), it would be unfair to believe that they were a one note band. Delirious? developed their own sound, sampling from a broad spectrum of styles including Blue Grass (Happy Song), Celtic Rock (Shout to the North), pop (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever), Alternative Rock (God is Smiling) and more.

Second, the worship music of Delirious? is on par with the likes of Rich Mullins. So much of the worship music that is written today is “throw away” music, music which is used for a short time then discarded because the themes and music are dated and thin ( Does Lord, I Lift Your Name on High ring a bell, anyone?). Great worship music is difficult to write because it must be simple to sing, but must also stand up to repeated listening. Delirious? has given us many contemporary classics that we will still be singing in 20 to 30 years. They pack as much complexity into their words and musical themes as possible, all the while maintaining a sing-able melody for worship.

Lastly, the music videos give us a nice glimpse of the band, especially for those who never got the opportunity to see them perform live. (Their last concert is in London, November 29th. Lots of luck getting tickets, though… every concert is a sellout!) Especially poignant is the video Sanctify, filmed at a concert in a packed soccer stadium, showing the amazing popularity of the band in the UK that would rival the likes of The Rolling Stones… and, yes, I am serious about that assertion. Delirious?, however, has a touch that would make Mick Jagger jealous. Martin, the lead singer of Delirious?, comes to a dramatic, worshipful pause at the end of Sanctify, and for a beat of 5 seconds, 100,000 fans fall silent.

In conclusion, the quality and content of this limited edition CD/DVD is a must have for fans of Delirious? While you may own most of the music, complete your collection with History Makers and remember the band that transformed our worship.

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