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Beauty Will Rise [edit]
by Steven Curtis Chapman | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: November 03, 2009

Beauty Will Rise is a collection of 12 new and profound songs from Steven Curtis Chapman. Created in the past 18 months in the walk through the darkness of the loss of his daughter Maria, and while God continues to meet him there on the journey. Part lament, part praise, part grief, part hope, part wrestling, part pondering; these tracks resonate as Steven’s personal Psalms. It is a desperately hopeful, raw, personal, and honest recording that is likely the most important of his already incredible 20 plus year ministry.

Track Listing
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01. Heaven Is the Face
02. Beauty Will Rise
03. SEE
04. Just Have to Wait
05. Faithful
06. Questions
07. Our God Is In Control
08. February 20th
09. God is It True (Trust Me)
10. I Will Trust You
11. Jesus Will Meet You There
12. Spring Is Coming

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Top 10 Album Of 2009 | Posted January 04, 2010
My heart is broke for the Chapman family. Tragedy in any circumstance is never easy to understand, yet it's something that most of us will face in some form or another. The loss of a child, as the Chapman's experienced in 2008 with the death of his five-year-old daughter Maria, is simply unspeakable. As a father of two young children, my emotions overtake me when I think about where I was when I heard the news.

For Steven, life and music have always been inextricably intertwined so it's no surprise that this project is defined by the process of healing. Beauty Will Rise is filled with raw emotion song, after song. A longing for a daddy to once again play with his daughter. An overwhelming sadness of trying to move forward without Maria by his side. An expectation of rejoining his daughter in Heaven in a joyous embrace. This is Steven's personal Psalms. They are cries to heaven that Steven has decided to share with the public.

Songs about tragedy in Christian music is nothing new. Artists like Casting Crowns and Mark Schultz have made a career out of singing about the more challenging times we face and the hope that tomorrow brings. But hearing about personal tragedy from an artist so respected is certainly a jolt to the senses and a part of me wishes this album would never have seen the light of day.

Many of these songs will never make it to the radio, which is probably a good thing since tears flow freely whenever I put this album on. It's possible this will not be a commercial success for Steven. I doubt we'll see a Beauty Will Rise tour. But I guarantee this album will do more for more people throughout the years than most of the albums on this Top 10 list ever will. The reality of losing a loved one, in any circumstance, is something we will all face, and Steven could have done what so many people do in this circumstance--retreat, hide and let anger set in. Instead, we find a broken man, much like the one we read about in Job, walking on the dark side of God's Sovereign purposes and plans. And in the process of being made whole, Steven leans hard on the biblical truths that he's been singing about since he released his first album twenty-two years ago.

I strive for that faith every day, in the good times and the bad. On the mountain tops and in the valleys. And now I won't have to look far when needing an encouraging song to remind me the path built on pain also leads straight to the heart of God.

I simply wish it were not so heartbreaking to listen to.

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"Heaven is a sweet, maple syrup kiss / And a thousand other little things I miss with her gone" ("Heaven Is the Face").

Though Steven Curtis Chapman has always related to his fans, he's never gotten as personal with his extended family of listeners as he does on Beauty Will Rise, his first recording since his daughter, Maria Sue, died in a tragic accident last spring. Battling out his doubts, grievances and despair with a pen and a guitar, the 20-year veteran singer/songwriter records his wrestling with God, holding nothing back and making this release his most-anticipated to date—though surely not for reasons he would have intended.

Chapman tracked more than half the album in makeshift rooms across the country while on the United Tour with Michael W. Smith last year, and the tracks are raw, exposing every nuance of the songwriter's intimate retelling of his family's 2008 nightmare. Mimicking a family stripped by grief, Beauty Will Rise is easily Chapman's most acoustic offering yet. And quite likely his greatest.

The bare-bones structure incorporates musical gestures of hope, using a colorful glockenspiel, bellowing chimes and triumphal timpanis to convince listeners Chapman's spiritual testing is not countering his steadfast faith. Even dissonant strings haunt the famous father's melancholic intimations, but without deterring the album's blunt beauty.

Melodically, these tunes are basic Chapman. But lyrically, each song is in stark contrast to his typical "up" fare. The realities of a sin-stricken world hit hard last year for the grieving father, and Beauty will Rise is a journal born from surviving dark nights of the soul. And though the last track is hopeful for a season of rebirth, it is apparent for Chapman, spring has not yet sprung. —Andrew Greer

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Music Review: Beauty Will Rise | Posted November 09, 2009
By C.E. Moore


I believe Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest album Beauty Will Rise is going to be absolutely review proof. For years I have argued that Speechless was his greatest work and the story behind it makes that hard to argue with. Those songs came from such a deeply contemplative place, nothing could replace that. However, with the recent tragedy that befell the Chapman family, I don’t think Steven could have written a more beautiful, questioning, tear-jerking album if he tried. Years ago, Chapman wrote a song titled “Rubber Meets The Road,” that talks about faith being tested by the fires of life—that faith meeting real life will reveal its mettle. Well, this album is a testament to the fact that Chapman’s faith, despite the longing and questioning and confusion, is a deep and abiding one. Though from a place of intense sorrow and loss, Beauty Will Rise offers a sense of hope amidst the questions that plague us when bad things happen to good people.

“Heaven is the Face” is the album’s opening track and the one you have likely been hearing played at AC radio. You could say that the song is the first of many prayers that Chapman prays throughout the project, beginning with hard questions and ending with expectant peace.

Title track “Beauty Will Rise” follows with a nice pairing of piano and cello, creating a dark and ominous intro before Chapman’s light acoustic strumming and vocals rise to the fore. Chapman sings, “Out of these ashes beauty will rise…” and you can almost envision the artist sitting like Job, covered in sackcloth and ashes, declaring God’s goodness through unimaginable bereavement.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around Chapman’s ability to pen a song like “Our God Is In Control” after everything he and his family have gone, through. But, write it he does. And sing it he does, with the resolute conviction of a man tried by the fires of life. He sings, “This is not where we planned to be/When we started this journey/But this is where we are/And our God is in control/Though this first taste is bitter/There will be sweetness forever/When we finally taste and see/That our God is in control.” How? How can a man sing those words when chaos moves in and takes everything that a person finds precious, leaving them breathless and impoverished? I’m not going to even posit an answer to that question.

If you do not get chocked up over “February 20th,” then I question if you have a heart. I could hardly listen without getting misty eyed. It recounts the story of Chapman’s daughter, Maria Sue wondering if God’s house has lots of rooms and how badly she wants to go there to see Him. All I could ask was, “Would I be able to call God ‘faithful’ if I lost my daughter like Chapman lost his?”

These are but a sampling of the sad and hopeful songs that characterize Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest record. I have not even spoken of the depth of such songs as “God Is It True (Trust Me),” “Jesus Will Meet Me There,” or the magnificent “Spring Is Coming.”

This is easily the saddest album I have ever listened to by a Christian artist. But, it gives language to those thoughts and heartaches that defy description. For anyone who has experienced loss—and that is all of us—Chapman offers not just one song touching on the topic, but an entire album. Both Jesus and Chapman’s little girl seemed to have reached out of heaven and touched each track, leaving their fingerprints.

Beauty Will Rise is a gorgeous tapestry—woven together with threads of indescribable pain, unspeakable joy, deep sorrow, unfathomable anticipation, profound loss, and stunning hope. This is Steven Curtis Chapman’s finest work. There is no returning to the shallow end for the artist. Like hymnist Horatio Spafford penning “It Is Well With My Soul” upon hearing that his four daughters had perished and only his wife had survived, Chapman has looked into the chasm of death, looked up into Heaven’s Face and still declared, “You are faithful.” Beauty Will Rise is a modern day “It Is Well.”

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beauty will rise | Posted November 06, 2009
this is a great album get it i love all the music steven pits out he is very inspirital and love his music i will pray for him and his family and say god be with each and everyone of you

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Solid Album | Posted November 03, 2009
I'm not a huge fan of Stephen's music but I've always been impressed by him personally. The tragedy involving his daughter was so horrible yet he handled it with grace and humility. His writing in this album reflects that. The album seems to have a mellow, laid back feel and his lyrics and music are solid. A good album.

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Such Depth, Honesty, and Truth | Posted November 03, 2009
Since being introduced to Steven Curtis Chapman's music in the late 80's, I have always been impressed with the down-to-earth, real messages in his music. His musicianship is amazing, but more than that, it's how he shares the message. He brings the reality and Truth of Jesus in each project. "Beauty Will Rise" is no exception. Out of the pain of the tragedy in their family, Steven presses in to our Lord Jesus' mercy and grace, receiving strength and hope. This is clear in each song: In hard times and good, The Lord is True and Good, worthy of our praise. Through His Lord, Steven has done it again...communicated in song a life lived in this real world by His grace alone.

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ruthw7 (55)

Steven Curtis Chapman, Beauty Will Rise | Posted November 03, 2009
This is the most heart felt and sincere album that I have heard in a long time. Because of the albums intensity, I think you listen to the lyrics more closely.

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Raw | Posted November 02, 2009
Beautiful. Full of raw emotion. Thank you to Steven Curtis Chapman to sharing his lyrics and raw emotion on how his own personal tragedy has impacted his life as well as his faith.

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So Touching | Posted November 02, 2009
Wow, Steven Curtis Chapman's newest album (Beauty Will Rise) is a challenge to us all. After the loss of his youngest daughter he still continues to praise the Lord with all he has. He even continues to make music and testify to the good that God has done in his life through the horrible accident. My hat is off to you Mr. Chapman. Your words is still as thought provoking as ever and your voice still rings out praises to our King.

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SCC does it again | Posted November 02, 2009
Well, I didnt think I could cry any harder to a Steven Curtis Chapman song than Cinderella, but there were several on this release. Brought me to tears but also brought me hope. Steven so poured out his heart in these songs that you couldnt help but feel the love of God that comes with deep suffering. It helps us to remember that he is always with us, no matter what in times of great joy and unimaginable sorrow. Thank you Steven for letting us share your grief and grace.

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