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Life Is Not a Snapshot [edit]
by Josh Wilson | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 08, 2009

Josh Wilson has made a mark on Christian music with his catchy and emotional songwriting, his heart for God, his entertaining live shows and his one-of-a-kind skills as a guitar player and musician drawing many comparisons to the great players of Christian music’s history. September 8th Josh Wilson unveils his 2nd studio release featuring the hit radio song “Sing”. His sophomore release is already on pace to surpass the radio and industry success of his debut and with the lyrical depth intertwined with catchy hooks, this is sure to be fan favorite.

Track Listing
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01. Sing
02. Before The Morning
03. Listen
04. Do You Want To Know
05. How To Fall
06. Right In Front of Me
07. Amazing Grace (Instrumental)

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Josh Wilson [Life Is Not A Snapshot] | Posted October 08, 2009
Josh Wilson?s debut album Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup? included the Top 10 radio hit, ?Savior Please,? and also included stand-out songs ?3 Minute Song?, ? and ?Tell Me?. Josh?s great blend of personal lyrics and catchy music emerges as a focal point of Josh?s sophomore album, ?Life Is Not A Snapshot?. This seven-song collection reflects Josh?s great ability for framing questions of faith into musical expressions of trust. Opening song ?Sing? showcases Josh?s guitar playing and singing skills with a song that encourages listeners to ?sing to the One who is our King? with the bridge ?Jesus, Jesus, our Emmanuel, God is with us now?. The song gets me in the mood to start singing songs of praise in anticipation of the Christmas season, and is the current single from the album.

?Before The Morning? is another upbeat song and includes the album title in the lyrics ?And hold on, cause there?s good for those who love God, But life is not a snapshot, It might take a little time but you?ll see the bigger picture?. I also really enjoyed singing along with the great upbeat song ?Listen?, which reminded me of ?Something To Say? by Matthew West. The ballad ?Do You Want To Know? really reminds me of the great song ?A Million Raindrops? from Bebo Norman?s self-titled album last year. It is a very introspective song and makes you think about the needy we encounter all around us and challenges us ?If you want heart of sympathy then pray to God to help you see?.

I also really enjoy the song ?How To Fall?, another personal song and catchy melody similar to ?Tell Me? from Josh?s first album. Next is the intimate ballad, ?Right in Front of Me?, which really hit me with the great expression of faith ?I want a miracle, something impossible, So would you help me to believe, When You say everything that?s right in front of me, Is all the proof I?ll ever need?. The album closes with Josh?s excellent instrumental acoustic guitar performance of the world?s most famous hymn, ?Amazing Grace,? ?We may live in snapshot moments,? Josh says, ?but those moments are not Life. Life is not one point in time but all of the points in time between drawing our first and last breaths. Because we have experienced the faithfulness of God in the past we can be secure in the present and trust in the One who holds the future.?

Josh writes catchy folk-pop style melodies and story-songs and if you like Above The Golden State, Bebo Norman, Matthew West and Jason Gray, then you should really enjoy Josh Wilson. My favorites are ?Sing?, ?Before The Morning?, ?Do You Want To Know?, ?Listen? and the great instrumental version of ?Amazing Grace?.

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Music Review: Life Is Not A Snapshot | Posted October 15, 2009
By C.E Moore


Josh Wilson is back with 7 new radio-friendly tunes that is sure to blaze a trail across the saccharine saturated AC charts. His previous effort Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup didn’t exactly strike a chord with me. This project is a step down. However, if you like easy-to-swallow, part worship, part pop music, then you’ll find something to love in his second album, Life Is Not A Snapshot.

“Sing” begins the album and it’s pretty straight-forward and straight-laced. Actually, it’s so straight-forward and straight-laced it’s almost offensive. Nothing against the message of “God’s continuing presence and hope,” but if delivery is part of the package, then Josh Wilson’s public is going to be hovering somewhere around 40. (That is a sweeping generalization, of course. They could easily be much older than that.)

“Before The Morning” is the obligatory “God-is-there-even-when-life-is-dark-so-dare-to-believe-it” songs that seem to characterize CCM albums. You know how you’re going through hell and then you hear that song that captures how you feel or gives you hope in the midst of it? This isn’t that song. This is the trite, clichéd version of that song.

Remember Greg Long? He’s part of Avalon now. Before that, he was a solo artist. Decent at times. Not so decent at others. Anyhow, he had a particular sound. “Listen” captures that sound well. Wanna venture a guess as to what the song is all about? That’s right! Listening to the voice of God!

“Do You Want To Know” is a song that would make a great concept video and, subsequently, the only track on the album I liked. Wilson weaves a story about walking past a homeless/downtrodden person, imagining that person’s similarities to the passer-by.

The instrumental “Amazing Grace” ends the album. It’s decent, but the really amazing thing about it is that it ends such a terrible project.

Unfortunately, Life Is Not A Snapshot never rises to the level that so many reviewers seem to think it has. Josh Wilson certainly has a lot of potential, but he’s not saying anything that hasn’t been said before and he certainly hasn’t delivered a form of music that wasn’t conveyed by Michael W. Smith, Greg Long, PFR, and Steven Curtis Chapman in the late 90’s.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Manifesto. Click here to visit today!

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Love it! | Posted December 22, 2009
I love Josh Wilson and this new album is great. I love Before the Morning, Do You Want to Know, and Amazing Grace. Actually, I love all the songs. He has a unique yet somewhat laid back sound. It's good stuff!

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LauraCC (256)

Too short but awesome! | Posted November 11, 2009
Because of the way my MP3 player reads the song files, 'Amazing Grace" played first. I was thinking, 'when's he gonna sing?". He does a great job though with just the guitar. "Listen" hit home with me cuz I feel like I'm driving the conversation too.

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