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Turn the Tides [edit]
by 38th Parallel | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 02, 2002

Track Listing
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01. Hear My Cry
02. Turn The Tides
03. Higher Ground
04. Clouded
05. Who Am I?
06. Horizon
07. State Of Mind
08. You Are My God
09. Withered
10. 3 Times Denied

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Nathan (188)

Raw but good | Posted August 17, 2007
The under the radar 38th parallel released their debut album Turn the Tides, a CD with raw rock tunes and outstanding lyrics.

38th Parallel seems to be the Christian version of the mainstream band Linkin Park, but 38th parallel has a long way to go to reach that quality of music. The duel vocals is not done very well, making it sound raw, and the music has a lot of weak tunes where their music has almost no momentum. "wither" and "Clouded" don't sound that bad, but most of the album is not very impressive. The single "horizon" is a excellent sounding rock song as both the vocals and the music perform the best on the album.

Turn the tides has a rock solid foundation. Their lyrics are amazing some even taken right out of scripture ("who am I" and "3 times denied"). All the tracks have outstanding lyrics as 38th parallel is much more mature at song writing than at writing music.

Horizon is the pinnacle of a rough sounding album, but it also shows what 38th parallel is capable of. This band's lyrics are way ahead of their music.

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i liked it | Posted August 28, 2009
38th parallel is really good. I really wish they would make more music. My favorite song is turn the tides, others i like are 3 times denied, hear my cry, and horizon. This album is so different than anything else, but i really like. With the different singers and everything, I just really like it.

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Turn the Tides | Posted September 18, 2008
38th Parallel has a great sound. Their musical skills are superb. Unfortunately this is their only album because I really enjoyed this album. I wish that they could have come out with another one. They have a sort of underlining theme about Christ, but all in all the album is pretty good.

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Tanel (9)

Classic | Posted August 21, 2008
This album has surely been written into christian rock history. Aggressive rapcore similar to Linkin Park is just something that will get you hooked. I mean you just can't overlook "Hear My Cry" and "Horizon" Yet I've found that people who don't listen to much rock seem to enjoy the little bit slower "Higher Ground". Overall this album is a must have for a christian rock fan!

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Very Good!!!! | Posted August 20, 2008
I'm usually not into this type of music(I mean I like it but I have to be in the right mood) but this album is fan-freakin-tastic! I think it is amazing that they said everything they needed to say in one album. Most artists do several albums to say everything, but these guys did it all in one album. AMAZING!

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Pretty much awesome! | Posted March 09, 2008
I love these guys. They have kind of been an obscure band for their whole duration, but they have a great sound. Their song "Blue Horizon" is a really encouraging song for anyone who is struggling.

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fantastic album | Posted February 25, 2008
Turn the tides is an amazing album. The whole album has great rock tunes that i can listen to over and over again. My favorite song is "You are my God" and "Turn the tides". I for one have been hoping that this band would continue to grow and wow audeiences, but unfortunatly it has been many many moons since they released their first project and i think they are no more. I saw them in concert a while ago and they are fantastic. If the band does release a follow up album i for one will be lined up to buy it if it is the same quality.

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What happend? | Posted October 22, 2007
I love this cd.What happend to these guys,
did they decide that music just wasn't for them or what? It's been 5 years since their first album,and I want more. I love the lyrics, and the sound.Hope to see them come back.

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Awesome | Posted September 26, 2007

I can hardly say enough good about this album, it has to be in my top three records of all-time. No one else has ever blended two part vocals with driving guitars drum-beats the way these guys did. I always have thought that a band needs develop their own sound, while at the same time not having all of their songs sound the same. 38th Parallel pulls it off very nicely. It's too bad they won't be making anymore albums.

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aylaeh (203)

Great sound! | Posted August 22, 2007
i got this album for free when it came out. i very much like the sound. it's raw but true.

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