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These Simple Truths [edit]
by Sidewalk Prophets | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

Produced by Ian Eskelin, These Simple Truths centres on the hope that Christ’s love provides. Like most of the band’s recordings, their ministry focus is to help people embrace the uniqueness God has given them.

Sidewalk Prophets’ first album single, "The Words I Would Say," is scheduled for release to radio June 19.

Track Listing
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01. Just Might Change Your Life
02. Show Me How To Love
03. You Can Have Me
04. The Words I Would Say
05. Moving All The While
06. For What It's Worth
07. You Love Me Anyway
08. All Things New
09. You Will Never Leave Me
10. Give It All Away
11. Lay Down My Life
12. Change This Heart

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Sidewalk Prophets [These Simple Truths] | Posted August 25, 2009
Sidewalk Prophets initially made a name for themselves at Indiana’s Anderson University where front men and main songwriters Dave Frey and Ben McDonald met. Although we don't consider ourselves to be a worship band, we probably do more worship music than our original music, and that's fine with us.” Integrating worship with real life - that is one of the simple truths Sidewalk Prophets has learned to live by.

“These Simple Truths” the debut album by Sidewalk Prophets, centers on the hope that Christ’s love provides. “The more we look at today’s problems the more we see that a lot of times people are fearful of being themselves,” explains Frey. “And finding our identity in Christ is one of the most crucial steps in loving others. Once people start realizing this and living confidently we’ll see a visible change from households to communities to ultimately the world. “That’s what we’re all about. The name ‘Sidewalk Prophets’ even means that we are common people speaking the truth about life from our perspective as followers of Christ.”

The album starts off with the upbeat song “Just Might Change Your Life”, a song that reminded me of “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts and “What Could Be Better” by 33Miles both in tempo and style of song. This song sets the tone for a very solid album which really challenges listeners to hear “simple truths” about our walk as Christians. Next song “Show Me How To Love” is one of my favorite songs on the album as the chorus calls out “I confess that I’ve been blind, Open up this heart of mine, show me how to love”. Personal confessions are throughout “These Simple Truths” as the band says the album is about “truth, hope and love”.

The next few songs continue the theme of showing true love to God and others with the heart-wrenching lyrics “So I will crawl upon my knees just to know the joy of suffering” in the song “You Can Have Me”. First single “The Words I Would Say” is already climbing the Christian charts and is the standout title song of the album as the chorus lists “these simple truths: Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope, You’re gonna do great things, I already know, God’s got His hand on you, so don’t live life in fear, forgive and forget, but don’t forget why you’re here, take your time and pray, these I are the words I would say”. The song is a letter to loved ones to let them know how much they are loved by the writer and by God. This amazing song is followed up by the incredible modern hymn and praise song “Moving All The While” with the worship response and chorus “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”, which is throughout the bible from Psalms to Revelation and translates as “praise God!”.

“For What It’s Worth”, “All Things New”, “You Will Never Leave Me” and “Give It All Away” are all nice personal songs of prayer and response to God proclaiming thanks and praise for our blessings and for God’s mercy and grace. “You Love Me Anyway” and closing song “Lay Down My Life” are the other standout songs for me and both are love songs to and from God. “You Love Me Anyway” moves me as I sing along in praise “I am the nail in your wrist, I am Judas’ kiss, but You love me anyway”. The bridge of “Lay Down My Life proclaims “give me all your pride, give me all your fears, give me all your secrets, give me all your tears” which causes me to break down in prayer as the song is written from the perspective of Jesus as His love song to us.

This is a very solid debut album and fans of Rascal Flatts, 33Miles and Julian Drive will greatly enjoy Sidewalk Prophets. My favorite songs are “Show Me How To Love”, “The Words I Would Say”, “Moving All The While”, “You Love Me Anyway” and “Lay Down My Life”. This is one of the best debut albums I’ve heard this year along with MIKESCHAIR and Revive. I expect a GMA best new artist nomination for Sidewalk Prophets.

Rating: 9.4 out of 10 (94%, A)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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Sidewalk Prophets - "The Words I Would Say" | Posted January 27, 2010
I heard these guys in a radio interview and liked what they were saying. They played their single "The Words I Would Say" and i really like the song. I decided to check out the rest of the album and was truly impressed.

Its somewhat rare these days that i enjoy and entire album and feel like the whole project was worth the money. I can honestly say that i like every song on this record. There is a great blend of 'pop' and also some harder stuff, all with great lyrics and incredible vocals from the lead singer Dave.

Having also seen them in the WinterJam tour, i can also attest that they ROCKED their version of "Man in the Mirror"

In a market filled with "OK" artists that have one good song and then a bunch of filler, these guys stand out at good songwriters and vocalist.

I definitely recommend this album.

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powerful | Posted December 22, 2013

This album has some very powerful songs on it. The words I would say is one of my favorites. Sidewalk prophets music has a way of connecting with people and songs on this album definitely show that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Positive and Uplifting | Posted December 05, 2013

I love this album and especially love the song You Love Me Anyway. Our local Christian radio station plays it frequently and it is such a great reminder of the unconditional love of God. This is a very positive, uplifting album and they have a smooth, beautiful sound.

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Just heard these guys on the radio and the album is amazing! | Posted August 25, 2009
This album is full of great songs. My favorites are You Love Me Anyway, Moving All The While, and Lay Down My Life.

I'm not an expert but I think that this album will find its way in to the hearts of many people.

Great work!

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Popular? | Posted August 05, 2009
I have never heard of this group before but their name sounds very interesting. I don't really have much else to say. I hate to write a kindof useless review but if anyone has heard of them, let me know how they are or what their style is.

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