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Church Music [edit]
by David Crowder*Band | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 22, 2009

Church Music is arguably David Crowder*Band's their most innovative effort to date. Packed full with 17 tracks, the band's aim was for this album to serve as a reminder of the continual evolvement of music within the Church.

Track Listing
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01. Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)
02. Alleluia, Sing
03. The Nearness
04. Shadows
05. Eastern Hymn
06. SMS (Shine)
07. The Veil
08. We Are Loved
09. All Around Me
10. How He Loves
11. Can I Lie Here
12. Birmingham (We Are Safe)
13. Church Music - Dance(!)
14. What A Miracle
15. Oh, Happiness
16. God Almighty, None Compares
17. In The End (O Resplendent Light!)
18. David Crowder On "Church Music" (Not On Album)

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Top 10 Album Of 2009 | Posted January 04, 2010
Inventive. Daring. Artistic. These are not words typically used to describe a new album by a praise and worship band. Modern worship has fallen into a familiar rut as of late and while that's certainly not a bad thing (as a worship leader, worship music will always be an untouchable art form to me) there's certainly been a successful formula that many worship artists have followed. Hats off to David Crowder Band, one of the most successful praise and worship groups, for crumpling up the manual and drop kicking it out the sanctuary doors.

Lyrically, Church Music is a worship album through and through. The songs are filled with "hallelujahs," "praises" and "holies." Musically, Church Music is made for the dance floor. Think Nitro Praise (remember that series?) meets Passion. The result on paper almost certainly sounds disastrous, full of cheesy clich?s' and wannabe production aspirations. Neither is the case with this incredible collection of music. Songs like "Eastern Hymn," "The Nearness" and "The Veil" are some of the best electronic songs you'll hear all year. "All Around Me" takes a hit Flyleaf song (yes, a FLYLEAF song) and transforms it into an incredible worshipful experience. "How He Loves" is by far the best take on this modern worship song that has been recorded by many other artists this year as well. They hit it out of the park.

I give huge props to David Crowder Band by taking a giant leap forward in their music, forgetting about how many churches can pull off their songs on a Sunday morning or how their fans would react to what is an obvious progression, but still a bit shocking at first. They have produced an entertaining album full of vertical lyrics that never point anywhere else but up and created a subgenre that they can own all by themselves. Well done.

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David Crowder*Band [Church Music] | Posted September 09, 2009
David Crowder*Band, the Dove Award-winning six-piece band, crafts compelling, inimitably progressive electronic rock. They are back with their new release “Church Music” arguably their most innovative effort to date. Packed full with 17 full tracks, “It’s our stimulus package,” the frontman player jokes. “We’re doing our part.” The band hopes this album serves as a reminder of the continual evolvement of music within the Church.

One of David’s favorite selections from “Church Music” is “God Almighty, None Compares,” because he loves “the guitar harmony…the guitarmony, if you will, and shredding is involved, which always makes me smile.” The band is rounded out by guitarists Jack Parker and Mark Waldorp , bassist Mike Dodson, drummer Jeremy Bush and electronic violinist Mike Hogan. For the epic “Eastern Hymn,” which is the rest of the band’s favorite song on the disc, David commissioned the translation of an ancient Chinese prayer book which he’d found last summer while the band was on the Passion World Tour, and portions of the translated tome appear in the song’s chorus.

The album opens with “Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)”, which sets the tone for this excellent album, my top album of 2009 and my favorite overall album by this amazing band. If you liked “Illuminate”, “A Collision” and “Remedy”, then “Church Music” is for you. The album blends previous musical and lyrical styles with some new ethereal and ambient songs and an incredible cover of my favorite song of the year, “How He Loves”. To add to the uniqueness of the album, the 17 songs on the album play continuously from beginning to end with one song blending into the next. In order to accomplish this, the band poured an immense amount of work into the process, sequencing the tracks before anything had been recorded so keys and tempos could be finalized. The result: 73 full minutes of music. “Alleluia Sing” is next and has that signature David Crowder*Band praise and worship style similar to “Open Skies”. “The Nearness” and “Shadows” bring back the electronic feel from “Remedy” like “Everything Glorious” and “Can You Feel It?”. “Eastern Hymn” is truly epic and flows beautifully into the next few tracks “SMS (Shine)”, “The Veil” and “We Are Loved”. This section reminded me of the brilliant section of “A Collision” from “Do Not Move” to “Our Happy Home”.

The band even tackles a cover on the disc that has to be heard to be believed: Flyleaf’s “All Around Me.” As if the album wasn’t impressive already, David Crowder*Band's beautiful cover of "How He Loves", originally written and recorded by John Mark McMillan, is spectacular. The band finds a unique balance of capturing the sweet lyrical moments of the song but continually crescendos the intensity of the song and the message as the simple chorus builds over and over again. The genuine sound of the song reminds us of the simplicity yet magnanimity of God's love for us. “Can I Lie Here” and “Birmingham (We Are Safe)” bridge to the final section of the album in the style of “…neverending…” and “Rain Down” before the title track “Church Music (Dance)”, one of the most fun tracks on the album. I can’t wait to see this song performed live as it has an electronic feel that will remind you of a 1970’s disco. The album closes with an amazing section from the unashamed praise of “What A Miracle”, and “Oh Happiness”, which reminded me of “We Win!”, the guitar-shredding of “God Almighty, None Compares” and the epic closer “In The End (O Resplendent Light)”.

This is my favorite overall album by David Crowder*Band and my top album of 2009. For me, this is truly a 5 star album! My favorite songs are “Alleluia Sing”, “The Nearness”, “Eastern Hymn”, “All Around Me”, “Church Music (Dance)”, “God Almighty, None Compares” and my song of the year “How He Loves”.

Rating: 10.0 out of 10 (100%, A+)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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2Bs (2)

Who Knew DCB could Dance!?!?! | Posted September 16, 2009
This is an AWESOME album from beginning to end. When I first read the title, I thought that these guys bowed to the masses and did a traditional praise and worship album like so many of their peers. Thank goodness they kept true to themselves and put out another album chock full of their unique stylings. These tracks cover the gamut from traditional DCB "pop" to a more dance-influenced club sound and even foray into an all-out rock fest. Through it all, the lyrics are definitely uplifting and encouraging. These guys constantly lift up praise to God and encourage their listeners to listen in and join the ride. This is one to listen to over and over and over...Enjoy!

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WARNING... you may hate this CD | Posted September 22, 2009
As much as it pains me to say this, chances are very good that you will not like this CD on your first listen, if ever. However this worship album, is possibly one of the best worship albums ever put together! It is groundbreaking and sadly controversial. As an employee at a small Christian bookstore in the North East, I hear alot of opinions about music, and in the nearly 24 hours that this CD has been on the shelves, I have heard more negative feedback about it than say Derek Webb's new (and more legitimately controversial) album, which I have heard a fair ammount of negativity around also! The general consensus is that "It's Techno, Dance, Electronic yuck! Not WORSHIP!" And as DCB redily points out, anything showing admiration and praise to our Savior and Creator is considered worship in His eyes. NOW that I have that out of the way, I would like to tell you why you WILL like the album.

Church Music, is a genuine and heart felt Electronic/Techno/Rock worship project that is sure to stun even some long time DCB fans. The songs on the album are sewn together with precision and is truly a delight to listen to. The album features guest vocals from five of Christian rocks most angelic voices, Lacey Mosley (of Flyleaf fame, and she brings a bit of Flyleaf along with her, her signature scream is subtly slipped into "The Nearness") and the four very talented young ladies from the band Eisley. And if for any reason their bands crash and burn, the ladies would be a very welcome addition to DCB in my opinion. The vocals as a whole from DCB members and non-members alike are ethereal. Musically the band has never been better, take The Nearness as an example. The song is a complex and up-tempo wonder that is tied together exquisitely.

From beginning to end (an epic 70+ minutes), Church Music delivers the goods, and again, in my opinion, is one of DCB's best albums, one of the best of the year for sure, and one that history will look on favorably.


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Compliments some of the same stuff | Posted September 15, 2009
I think this album is very much like A Collision. When I first heard it, all the techno and synth stuff reminded me of it. Of course I will buy this album, but I feel these songs will need to grow on me if I will really like it. Crowder became popular because he had songs people could sing in church. But with "Church Music" these songs are so difficult to reproduce due to its producing and most of the songs' lyrics are abstract enough that a congregation can't sing together. But besides using it, it could be a decent Crowder album.

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Redefining Church Music | Posted September 19, 2011
The David Crowder Band have always been one of the most innovating artists in the Praise and Worship genre. In September of 2009. the DCB released their most innovative record to date, Church Music.

Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladening Light) 3.5/5 Strong track with an epic soundscope, but just a little to short. The text is from an old hymn.

Alleuia, Sing 4.5/5 Much better track, a little bit more on the rock n' roll side. The drums are pounding as well and this is a great track about God's majesty.

The Nearness 4.5/5 Another better track, a nice mix of rock n' roll and techno/electronica. Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf screams and sings on this track. The song is about the nearness of God and the end times.

Shadows 4.5/5 Slower and only composed of synths, but a great track. The song is talking about how in the dark times, we will remember God is there with us.

Eastern Hymn- 5/5 EPIC!!! While the song is six minutes long, the song is great, and the purcussion in the bridge is stellar. The song is taken from an acient Chinese prayer book.

SMS (Shine) 4.5/5 I like the radio version of this song better.

The Veil 5/5 Rocking track with a great synth pattern. The message is about rejoicing in God for what he has done for us.

We Are Loved 5/5 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this track!!! Crowder's anthemic vocals shine out on this track very much.

All Around Me 4/5 Great cover of the Flyleaf song, not a big fan of the original, though it is heavier, but this one is great. The piano line is awesome sauce.

How He Loves 5/5 One of the most powerful tracks on the album, originally done by John Mark McMillan. The song sings about God's amazing love for us

Can I Lie Here 4/5 Nice track, like the big drums on it.

Birmingham (We Are Safe) 5/5 Great song, I love the synth patterns used in it. The song talks about God's comfort.

Church Music-Dance(!) 5/5 Fav track!!! Not really sure this one has a message, this one is just to get up and dance to!

What  A Miracle 4.5/5 Nice song with a great drum and (I think) piano line.

Oh, Happiness 4.5/5 Great song, love the synths and gang vocals as they proclaim God's grace.

God Almighty, None Compares 5/5 Completely Rock n' Roll, stellar guitars, love the tempo change in the chorus.

In The End (O Resplendent Light!) 3.5/5 DCB could have chosen a better closer, but I like how the song ends with an instrumental version of Track 1

This is my favorite album in Christian music!!! Please add this one to your P & W collection!!!!

Album Rating: 10/10

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aylaeh (203)

good cd | Posted July 09, 2011
ok, i have to admit that the main reason that i bought this album is because the place i was buying from was going out of business and i got it for about 80% off.  i'm not a huge david crowder fan.  that being said, i can enjoy this album for what it is...  and it is a worship album.  it's not my favorite but it's good.

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Worship, Church! | Posted October 19, 2010
Crowder does it again; a record with a plenitude of songs that sequentially lift up the Head of the Church and your spirit as you listen/sing along. The band continues its unique and innovative musical styles, mixing traditional with the new, yet always staying focused on the mark, who is Jesus. If you like DCB even one bit, you will definitely find a song that will stay with you. I've had days when I listened to this album three or four times in a row. And if you can sleep to this stuff, then it's guaranteed to transport you to that sweet place of "resting in the Presence of the Lord," easy on the ears and bringing peace to the mind on the journey. Get churched!

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It is AMAZING!! | Posted September 03, 2010
Well, I got the cd at Rock and Worship Road Show (that's when I found that the friends I invited to go were christian and go to church. I never bothered to ask them). Anyways, I think that the album is really good. The songs, least to say make the album so amazing. These songs can get you through so much. Well they have gotten me through many things. I just can't help but smile and start singing every time I hear them. Some of my favorite songs are on here, witch makes it even better in my book.
All Around Me, Can i lie Here, How He Loves, Oh, Happiness, Shadows, The Veil, We Are Loved, and What a Miracle are the songs that I always find myself listening to and quoting them all the time.

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Redefining worship for our generation | Posted March 07, 2010
I had always heard of David Crowder*Band, but I never really got a chance to listen to his music. A friend recommended Church Music, so I gave it a listen; this album took me to the moon and back on my first listen through. Every song and every word just completely tore apart my view on what worship music was and what it was limited to. This CD really helped me see that it's more than just having a simple song with words that give praise to God; it's about making a connection between the listener and God. Dance/electronic music is beginning to be a very popular genre of music, but there are few believers that are taking a shot at incorporating dance/electronic music with Christian application. I give big props to David Crowder and his being unpredictable in his music; this album will have you really thinking, if not dancing. Some people see this as being secularly influenced music that doesn't glorify God, but the bottom line is this generation needs to hear the message in a way that is comfortable to them. God's message will always stay the same; how we as His followers present that message has changed with every generation. So David Crowder*Band really made a solid step in reaching out today's generation by creating an album that invites them to be comfortable while hearing the message of love. That's what it's all about.

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Their BEST work yet!!! | Posted February 22, 2010
Finally, a Christian Band that is "stepping up to the plate" when it comes to producing music to worship to that is also appeasing to the ears and the soul. I love this entire album because of the many different "genres" of music that it contains. This flavor of music is what I have been looking for for some time now..."Thank You" David Crowder Band for seeing this album through. My favorite songs are:
-Alleluia, Sing
-Eastern Hymn
-SMS (Shine)
-We Are Loved
-All Around Me
-Church Music,
followed by the other great songs on the album. Keep up the good work guys! See you in June @ the Big Ticket Festival!!!

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