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Cities: Special Edition CD/DVD [edit]
by Anberlin | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 20, 2007

While re-releases have become taxing, the option to grab an enhanced version of a brand new disc on release day is the ideal option for music fans. On February 20th, indie rockers Anberlin released their impressive third outing, Cities, along with a two-disc Special Edition that includes three extra tracks and a DVD. While it may seem obvious which route to go in with choosing between the two versions, let's take a look at the treats on Cities: Special Edition before you shell out the extra dollars. *For a complete review of the original twelve tracks on Cities, see my full review here.

The audio portion of Cities: Special Edition includes three bonus tracks in addition to the original dozen. The first is "Uncanny" (which is not a renaming of the iTunes EP-only release of "Haunting," which actually would have made a greater addition here than any of these three songs), a distinctly more stripped down and upbeat romantic track for Cities. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" is a rough demo-quality track, originally done by The Smiths, and lyrically delves into the bliss of love to the apathetic point of not caring if the lovers were to die together that very night. The bonus tracks end with a perfect cover of When In Rome's "The Promise," an 80's throwback that was most recently resurrected in the indie comedy Napoleon Dynamite. While none of the new tracks really fit with the vibe of Cities ("Haunting" would have, however), they are great extras for diehard fans of the band.

The DVD disc for Cities: Special Edition may be even more of a highlight for some. The meat of the disc is a 29-minute dockumentary on the making of the album, Cities, all filmed in black and white and presented in widescreen format. The feature shows how much each member plays a part in the band and in the creativity of the recording process - from Joeseph Milligan's intense writing techniques to Stephen Christian's honest, soul-baring lyrical process. We also get to meet producer Aaron Sprinkle and hear his take on working with the guys. It's also quite interesting to watch the guys discuss different ways of having Stephen sing the melodies for certain songs, specifically as they construct "Godspeed." The only thing that would have really made the making-of complete, however, would have been a little more insight to the meanings behind the songs (although Christian does touch on it slightly), and maybe more background on the production of the epic "(*Fin)." Apart from the half-hour feature, there are a few Bonus Features, including a two-minute studio slideshow, the teaser trailer for Cities that could previously be seen online, two minutes of "outtakes" of Joey goofing off in the studio, and a brief revisitation with drummer Nathan Young of the sidewalk where the cover of Blueprints For The Black Market was photographed. Another bonus feature shows Stephen calling a few fans while in the studio to discuss the new record with them and get some ideas, while yet another has Joey talking about the history of the studio where they recorded in. Finally, we're treated to a humorous but brief look at the guys recording the "Whoa-ho's" and "Hey-hey's" for "Godspeed" (which includes Project 86 guitarist and Cities engineer, Randy Torres).

Making a great, emotional rock record even better, and giving fans an insight into its production that will allow people to really appreciate what the band put into the album, Cities: Special Edition is the definitive edition of Anberlin's Cities. If you're a more casual listener of Anberlin, the trimmed version of the project will suit you just fine, otherwise Cities: Special Edition is ideal and well worth picking up.

Track Listing
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01. (Début)
02. Godspeed
03. Adelaide
04. A Whisper & A Clamour
05. The Unwinding Cable Car
06. There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss
07. Hello Alone
08. Alexithymia
09. Reclusion
10. Inevitable
11. Dismantle. Repair.
12. (*Fin)
13. Uncanny
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
15. The Promise

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Anberlin: Cities | Posted June 30, 2008
Cities definitelly took Anberlin into a whole new ball game! This was an AWESOME rock cd! It was almost perfect...The lyrics and music are amazing!!! You can tell that Anberlin put a lot of time and thought into this album. The themes of the songs are great: love, loss, regret, recovery, and so forth. The music is just incredible, it will make want to listen to the cd over and over again! Well done Anberlin! Cant wait till September for the next one!!!

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[: | Posted June 23, 2008
i love anberlinnn. this album is super fantastic; recommended highly. i also suggest the special edition over the original in part due to the dvd [: <333

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Cities | Posted February 21, 2008
Absolutely amazing album! This album is a huge leap for Anberlin. The music is great and fits each song greatly and is a big step from Never Take Friendship Personal in a new direction and is done well. And I can't wait until the next album comes out, mid 2008!

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username2 (378)

A Solid Album, A Not So Solid DVD | Posted January 27, 2008
Anberlin comes out with their 3rd album Cities. The album is really good. It has a different sound to it then their last 2 albums. Anberlin really mixes up diferent musicaL styles in this one. The Special Edition comes with 3 extra songs. The 1st is a new song called Uncanny. It feels like an ode to the band's older work. The other 2 tracks are cover songs. They sound amazing. The DVD is interesting but not that good. It's shot in black and white (why?) and is a making of Cities. All in all, a really good album.

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woah | Posted December 21, 2007
i absolutely love this CD. It's one of Anberlin's best

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cities | Posted September 09, 2007
Like the way anberlin makes music nrs: Godspeed Adelaide Hello Alone Are beuatiful songs

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Anberlin | Posted August 24, 2007
This is Anberlin's best record yet! The best songs on here are Godspeed and A Whisper & A Clamour. The DVD is all black and white, which is kind of annoying, but the DVD is worth the extra money!

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Timbo (13)

Nice Special Edition | Posted August 07, 2007
The increasingly popular "limited edition" released with the normal edition at the same time is really great. You can choose which one you want, without have to buy the album again if they re-release it.

Cities is an exceptionally good album. I don't listen to alternative that much, but I really like Anberlin.

The DVD is all in black and white, which is okay but can be annoying at times. It has a documentary, as well as of bonus features, like recording the backing vocals to Godspeed and stuff like that.

All up, excellent album. Well money spent (even though I got it for my birthday).

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skybo90 (177)

Great | Posted July 24, 2007
This album is awesome. But i don't think it's nearly as good as Never Take Friendship Personal.

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all4gsus (13)

Fantastic! | Posted July 23, 2007
I absolutely fell in love with this album. It is much more mature than their previous two albums, and I think it definately shows the progression of the band's identity. There is not one song on this album I skip when listening to it, it's been very cleverly put together and has a certain magic when listening to it. I would have to say, out of all of the tracks, my favorite would have to be *Fin, it's gorgeous... indescribable.

However, in saying that, I found the "There is a light that never goes out", one of the bonus tracks is rather repetative at the end, but apart from that, probably one of the best albums I own!

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